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Your Life At Home Is Going To Change With These Insanely Easy Home Hacks- Check These Out


Some hacks have been in front of us the whole time, leaving us kicking ourselves when someone finally uncovers them. They are there to make our everyday life easier, with the everyday objects that we use. You won’t use these items the same again when you see how they can be used. Prepare to be mind-blown and hate us for pointing out the simplest of hacks that were right in front of you the entire time. In 3…2….1….


Brush The Filter



Household filters can get very dirty, very easily. Not many people know how to clean them properly and generally just replace them when they become unusable. Now you know how to clean it by using a toothbrush to scrub the dirt from the filter leaving it brand new.


Toothbrush Holder



Use pegs to hold your toothbrushes in place and stop them from being placed in a drinking glass like so many do. This is an incredibly simple, yet a genius idea for holding our toothbrushes that will save the confusion of whos toothbrush is whos.


Remove That Stain



If You’re sick of Juices And Sauces staining your surfaces, slice a lemon in half and rub it over the stain. This is to get most of the stain out, and then you simply rinse it with hot water and give it an extra scrub.


Two Bowls In Microwave



What sounds like a magic trick is actually a very easy thing to achieve. For years, we have endured countless hours waiting for one bowl to finish before you put in another one. But this is no more as you can see above. How have we never thought of this!


Pool Noodle



Pool noodles aren’t just for the swimming pool you know. They can be a great addition around the house for numerous objects. Shown above is a great example of its use as it will stop the overflow of water and also stop you from hitting your foot off the steel.


Bottle Holder 




Stacking bottles in the fridge is an impossible task when you have an odd number of bottles and nothing to lean them against. Say goodbye to that problem with this genius idea involving a paper clip. The paperclip will keep the bottles in place and stop them from falling.


Tub Of Spaghetti



Instead of struggling to reseal your packet of spaghetti, once opened, place the remainder of the spaghetti into an empty tub of Pringles. They fit perfectly and are easy to pour for the next use. When’s your Dolmio day?


Air Freshener



Mindblown! Who knew that there was an extension for the freshener on the inside. Never have we noticed this before and will be running home to see if this is true. If it is we are the biggest idiots going.


Cold Beer




If you want to get your beer cold in town for the big match, rather than placing it in the freezer, wrap wet tissue around it. Yes, you heard that right. Placing the wet tissue around the bottle and putting it in the fridge will speed up the freezing process of the bottle having it ready in town for kick-off.


Pour It Right


Another everyday thing we have been doing wrong our whole life is pouring juice apparently. Instead of pouring the carton with the lid first, the carton should be reversed with the lid closest to your hand. This is to avoid splashing from the glass. We can’t process this.


By now, you have probably tried all of these hacks to see if they actually work or not. You are amazed to find that they do work and you are forever in our debt. The pleasure is all ours.


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