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You’ll Die Laughing At These Drop Dead Funny ObituariesThat We Can’t Believe Got Published- Number 6 Is Outrageous!

Losing a loved one or a close friend is one of the hardest times in life that can take quite some time to recover from. Not having someone around who you have been so used to is challenging, but we must get through this tough period, especially the funeral and aftermath. Many people have different ways of coping with this process, some grieve, others stay positive. Finding the bright side in any dark situation is the best way to overcome this tough time. One way of overcoming this is adding a funny memory of the deceased into their obituary that they are fondly remembered for. This can be your favourite memory of them or something that they were recognized for by others. This can normally be lighthearted, but these obituaries take it too far. You’ll die when you see these, we’d come back and haunt whoever wrote this about us. Take a look at the funniest obituaries ever written. 



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