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You Will Be Blown Away By Oprah’s Mansion That is Worth $88 Million


She is the undisputed queen of the television and her show has run for over 25 seasons. After wrapping up The Oprah Winfrey Show, she started her own network, OWN. She is one of the richest women in the world. Her show ran for 25 years and she was dubbed as the “Queen of all Media”. Born in rural Mississippi, she has been through a traumatising childhood. But she made her way fighting all odds to become the richest African American of the 20th century. We have seen her on her show and the chat shows, but do you know how many properties she owns and what does her house look like? The most successful self-made woman calls Montecito, California as her home and her mansion there costs $88 million. Let us take a tour of her giant mansion. 

The Promised Land


Oprah bought this mansion for $56 million and today, its worth is $88 million. The mansion has 14 bathrooms, 6 bedrooms and 10 fireplaces. There is a home theatre, a swimming pool, a wine cellar and a pond in the garden, among many other features. The mansion also offers breathtaking views of the Santa Ynez Mountains. The house is built in typical Gregorian architecture. After a lot of brainstorming, she named her new abode as the ‘Promised Land’.


Oprah’s Reading Room


Oprah loves to read and this is no secret. Look at that majestic collection of books in the beautiful living room. Looks at how marvellously they have been arranged on the shelves. The decor of this room includes a wingback chair and couch, a large doll, and this corner of the room centres on two paintings by Harry Roseland, Rent Day (left) and The Writing Lesson (right). Just perfect!

The Foyer


The main entrance hall of her mansion and the creamy yellow walls with a beautiful painting next to the main staircase adds a classic look to her mansion. One thing that catches your eyes as you enter this space is the beautifully framed photographs of her friends and family that are kept on the tables.  

The Living Room with the Checkered Walls


The couch and the oversized cushions have already been sold and we guess she might also have done the renovation for this room by now. Though there are no new pictures of how the room looks now, we are pretty sure that Oprah would have got it done as perfectly as the other spaces in her house. 

The Tea House


A space was initially built to serve as a place to cut flowers but then Oprah decided to turn it into a tea house. The room has an arched doorway and there is an elegant copper fountain outside the room. She has selected every little detail inside the tea house herself.


The Massive Closet


If you are thinking that this one is the biggest closet space you have seen, then let us tell you that this is just a small portion of her massive closet. Her impressive shoe collection is stored in the oak cabinets. A dream of any woman we would say. 

The Dining Space


The dining room is just outside the kitchen and the table fits 10 people featuring two unique candelabras, serving as a focal point. On the floor, you will notice that the hardwoods have been covered by a large rug that appears somewhat faded, though you can almost rest assured that this expensive rug was meant to look this way.

The Large Bathroom


Oprah’s interview with Vogue in 1998 was all about her love for opulent bathtubs. So, that explains the giant bathtub in the picture above. She has plenty of room here to sit back, relax and enjoy the green view outside her window.  

The Pond in Her Garden


Oprah’s backyard garden is called a “sanctuary” and there are perfectly manicured topiaries. The most attractive part of this space is the Koi pond that provides her the relaxation that she wants during her free time. Also, she can enjoy a view of the Pacific Ocean from the garden. 

The Pool


Just behind the ranch house, there is this huge pool and though we are not sure how much it is used by her, the pool just looks majestic. The turquoise coloured water and the palm trees surrounding it makes it the perfect space to sit and relax. 

Winfrey is a true inspiration. Looking at this beautiful house, we can only imagine how much hard work and effort might have gone in to enjoy a life like she has today. More power to her!


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