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You Can Now Rent These Quirky, Beautiful Treehouses To Enjoy A Life in Solace



Unwinding your soul and mind away from the hustle-bustle of the city and connecting with nature – Doesn’t it sound like a dream? No more a dream. You can leave behind the virtual world to live a few days in these beautifully built treehouses in the middle of the forests. While you get to experience life away from the noisy city life, you don’t have to compromise on the luxuries. There are a plethora of options available today which are specifically designed to cater to every need of the customers. These treehouses have all the important amenities that you are used to, a few of them also have a spa and a sauna. Read on to find out the best treehouse hotel that you actually book at affordable rates today.



Balian Treehouse, Bali, Indonesia




If you are planning to visit Bali to enjoy the natural beauty of the place, then this might be the perfect location for you to book your stay. Apart from all the luxury, the place is located just 3 minutes from the beach. You have the hut to yourself and you can enjoy watching the sunrise every morning from the windows of your bedroom.


Summit Prairie Lookout Tower, Mountaintop Lookout Treehouse 




Located amidst the beautiful Umpqua National Forest, this unique treehouse stands 40 feet above the ground. Although the place lies secluded in the jungles, there are all possible amenities present here – hot and cold running water, a working stove, oven, a bonfire and a hot tub.


The Mirrorcube, Sweden 




Imagine living in a mirror house suspended between the trunks of trees. This treehouse provides for an exciting hideout place that is camouflaged by the reflective glass. The place also has its own rooftop terrace and the space is big enough to accommodate two people. There are six windows in this treehouse that provides a panoramic view of the surroundings.



The UFO, Sweden


Sci-fi geek or not, you will love to stay in this UFO-like treehouse. Don’t worry, you won’t be sharing the space with any extra-terrestrial guests here. The interior of this place is modern and spacious enough for five people. There is free wi-fi and the shower and sauna are in a separate building nearby The UFO.


Mahali Mzuri, Kenya



The magic of the wildlife in Masai Mara attracts many tourists each year and if you are looking for a perfect African escape, Mahali Mzuri is the place for you. There are 12 luxury tents here, an infinity pool and a view of the wildlife that you could never have imagined. You can go stargazing, take your partner for romantic candlelit dining while you enjoy the beautiful views of the jungle life from your balcony.


Pacuare Lodge, Costa Rica




This treehouse is accessible only by a raft or a cable car. If you wish to experience forest life in the Central American rainforest, this is the perfect place for you. You can either spend your time lying under a tree lost in deep thoughts or you can go for a spa that offers locally-inspired treatments. To quench your thirst for some adventurous outing, you can go river rafting and zip-lining.


Winvian Farm 


The farm has 18 beautiful cottages which are located in the Litchfield Hills. Ranging from rustic to the feels of the 18th-century style, each cottage here is unique and beautifully done. Surrounded by nature, you can cleanse your soul and connect with the natural beauty around you.


Bird’s Nest, Sweden 



A gigantic bird’s nest, this treehouse camouflages itself with its surroundings. Wanted to experience living like a bird? Here is your chance to fulfill that childhood dream. The interior of the treehouse is quite spacious and the room has separate bedrooms and a living room. You can enter the nest with the help of retractable stairs.


Whispering Wind Treehouse, New York 




Tucked beneath a canopy of trees, this rustic treehouse turns more beautiful during the fall. The place has no electricity, heat or wi-fi – so, it is only for those who are looking to connect with nature and get away from the chaotic city life. The place is whimsical and offers an experience that you will never forget.


Secluded Intown Treehouse, Atlanta, Georgia



This treehouse hotel looks straight out of a fairy tale book. The two beautiful treehouses are connected with swinging bridges. These treehouses have often been featured in many magazines and TV shows. There are three separate rooms each connected by rope bridges. There is a hammock too under a 15-year old pine tree. Sounds like a perfect romantic getaway with your partner.


Go ahead and book your favourite one today. We really love The UFO. Imagine living inside a spaceship with all the present-day amenities. Wow!


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