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We Bet You Didn’t Know These Movie Sequels Are Currently In The Works- Get Excited!

Some movies that are brought out have absolutely no intention of creating a sequel so everything is tied up in the first film, or so you would think. Some of the biggest films of all time couldn’t just leave it after the first instalments due to popular demand from fans demanding a sequel. This can ruin quite a lot of films, especially if there is some time between the films which may lead to the movie not working in the new decade. Some of our favourite movies from the 90s and 00s are making a return after our crying for the past 20/30 years for them. They are either direct sequels to the original or further follow-ups to instalments. Our inner child is getting excited just looking at some of these titles as we are prepared to relive our childhood again. These films sound incredible, bring them out already we’ve waited long enough!

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