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Want To Watch a Movie Under The Stars? Build Your Own Movie Screen



Drive-in theatres are a cool concept and if you want to build one for your personal use, you can easily do so. You can now turn your backyard into an outdoor theatre and enjoy your evening with your friends and family watching your favourite movie under the stars. All you are going to need are PVC pipes and a drop cloth.

OUR EXPERT ADVICE Did you really think it is going to cost you a lot? Well, the best part about this DIY movie screen is that it is pretty easy on your pockets.

It will just take you a few hours to put up your screen together. With the help of a hacksaw, cut the PVC pipes into two seven-foot and two three-foot sizes and fix a pipe elbow to one of the seven-foot pieces on each side. Now, take the five-foot PVC pipe and attach at both the elbows. The next step is to add a T-joint to the five-foot sections and attaching the other seven-foot piece to the other side to complete the square frame.

OUR EXPERT ADVICE Really easy! You don’t need to be an engineering genius to create this. We created this in no time and even the kids could help you set it up.

Now, at the bottom of each T-joint, attach the three-foot PVC pipes. You screen frame is ready and it’s time for you to put up the screen. Cut the drop cloth into a 6×7 foot rectangle and fix on the square frame of the PVC pipes. Make sure that the cloth is not wrinkled. Fix the cloth with the help of an adhesive or you can also sew the edges.

Fix the screen on the ground with the help of U posts and your personal outdoor movie theatre is ready.

OUR EXPERT ADVICE We followed the same steps and the size of the pipes but you can choose to build a screen of the size you want.

All you need to do now is send an invitation to your friends, select the movie you want to watch throw in a packet of popcorn into the microwave. Enjoy your movie under the stars!