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Use Bubble Wraps To Keep Your House Warm and Cosy This Winter



We all love playing with bubble wrap. Best stress buster ever. It is also great to wrap your precious items to keep them safe. But did you know bubble wraps can also trap heat and can help keep your house warm during the winters? OUR EXPERT ADVICE We could not believe it either but then we tried it ourselves. And blimey! it works.

Winters are tough time trying to keep the house warm and cosy with the radiators and the heaters and the electricity bill shoots up too. Insulating your house with bubble wrap will not only keep your electricity bills down but will also help you keep the heat trapped inside your house. OUR EXPERT ADVICE Trust us, our electricity bills did come down and the house remained warm for a longer time.   All you are going to need is a sheet of bubble wrap and a water spray bottle.

Cut the bubble wrap sheet to the size of the window where you want to fix it. Spray the window with some water and place the bubble wrap on it, thus sticking it on the glass pane. OUR EXPERT ADVICEThis is the simplest and cheapest trick ever to keep your house warm. It increases the isolative value of the window, thus trapping the heat inside the house. We hope this trick helps you stay warm and cosy this winter and keeps your electricity bill under check.