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Transform Your Bedroom With These DIY Decor Ideas


Creating a cosy and warm environment in your bedroom is all part of making a house a home, as well as showing your personality through your four walls.  You can create anything on these walls or putting anything in this room that makes it unique to any other part of the house as it is yours.  Looking at the same drab bedroom every night can get quite depressing so shake it up with some incredible DIY decor ideas to really liven it up. Take a look at the best ways to transform your bedroom and make it Insta-worthy.

Make Your Wall Inspiring

Your walls are what you will see the most and stand out the most in your room, and with four of them to get creative with, anything is possible. Placing some inspiring quotes on the wall or having pictures of idols will give you moments of inspiration and never get dull.

OUR EXPERT ADVICE We love to get creative with our walls, it adds your own personality to it and looks amazing. 

Incorporate A Canopy

A bed without a canopy can be so dull and boring, make your room like any fairy Princess by making your very own canopy and hang it surrounding the bed. This is a very romantic and feminine addition that adds a bit of extra glow and class to the room.

OUR EXPERT ADVICEYou won’t know yourself until you get a canopy in your room, we have adored ours and it makes the room look so much better. 

Paint The Ceiling

If you’ve had a bad day and are glaring up at a bland white ceiling, it won’t make you feel much better so spruce up your ceiling with a bit of colour. Your room will feel warmer and add a bit of life to it with unlimited colour to choose from as well as designs.

OUR EXPERT ADVICE We can’t stand a drab ceiling, get creative people, use your imagination, we have stars on ours. 

Shake Up Your Furniture

If you are getting bored of the same old room, it’s not just everything around it that you can change, re-arrange everything from your bed to wardrobes. This will give your room a whole new feel and create extra space as you shift and dispose of unneeded objects.

OUR EXPERT ADVICE A simple change in the position of your furniture can open up your room to more opportunities which is why we always chop and change our room. 

Install Shelves

You can make so much more room by installing shelves to place all of your belongings neatly that will make your room look very organized. Don’t be afraid to shake things up by getting creative with what goes on the shelf.

OUR EXPERT ADVICE You don’t realise how much extra space you have until you get shelves installed, we can finally see under our bed again. 

Your room will have an entirely new feel when you get creative with it and add a few DIY methods to re-create a unique and personalised feel.  Never settle for bland when there is so much room for creativity.