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These Ten Patio Design Ideas Are So Unique and Affordable That You Would Want To Try Them Now

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Patios are an extension of your indoor living space. They can also be viewed as a space that provides you a break from the daily monotony of your life where you can sit, unwind yourself and relax. So, when you are deciding to redo your patio design, it is important to add a bit of personal touch to it. Also, you need not worry about the money that you would be spending on revamping the space. They are the easiest spaces to redecorate and revamp. You can use your old furniture and add a bit of twist to it or put up some decorative lighting as an accessory. Read on to find out the various affordable ways to redesign your patio. 


Patio with a Fireplace

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Sometimes less is more. You might have heard about this and it is time to put it into use. A simple, elegant seating arrangement with the semi-open wooden roof-life design decorated with minimal lights creates all the magic. Spend some happy family time with your loved ones here. There is also a fireplace for the colder days.


Minimal Decor

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Connect with nature during the morning and the evenings over tea. While the oval-shaped wall here is painted in a striking yellow colour, there is not much effort taken in doing any much decor. Four simple, yet elegant chairs with a round table with a removable shade overhead are all you need to spend on to create this kind of space. 


Connect With Nature

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Patios work best when connected with nature. This is the best kind of arrangement when having a family game or to spend some quality time with your group of friends. This antique-style wooden chairs arranged in a circular form under the open sky is the easiest DIY option that could add a touch of style to your patio space.


A Cost Sitting Area

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This cosy sitting area in your patio creates an atmosphere of comfort in your patio. A space that will invite you to sit down, relax with a hot cup of tea and connect with nature. Easy to make. All you need to spice up the area are colorful mini cushions. 

Cane Furniture

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This one is an elegant way to convert your patio area into a space that you neighbours would feel jealous of. The cane furniture, a colourful rug and the beautifully planted flowers make up for the perfect and pocket-friendly setting in the patio area. 

A Swinging Bed

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While furniture is a quick fix to spruce up an empty space in your house, a swinging bed could be a wonderful option too. This charming white swing bed is a relax-worthy seating. You can add as many small cushions you want to make it look more cosy. A perfect area to sit with your book and a hot cup of coffee. 

Try Placing Two Tone Furniture

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This arrangement is for a slightly larger area. The two-tone furniture adds an elegant touch to the space. The large centre table with a large candle holder and a vase works its magic in the area. The perfect space to invite your guests for brunch. 

Decorate the Entrance With Vines

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This beautiful space looks like the perfect spot to sit back and relax on a weekend while you also keep an eye on your kids. Have a family picnic here or invite a few friends over, this is the space with minimal decor and yet looks the cosiest. You can also decorate the patio entrance with flowering vines.

Add Colorful Furniture


The beach-like set up can help you unwind yourself every time to walk to this part of your house. You can opt for those colorful small tub chairs from IKEA or go for a two-seating option. Place a colorful rug underneath and you can also put up some simple lights above. A hanging garden chair completes the look of this space. 

The Minimal Way


The most affordable way to redesign your patio – Place a wooden bench amidst the plants and the water features. Buy some garden decor or garden figurines and let nature works its magic. You can also paint the back wall of the patio in a bright contrasting colour to add a soothing effect to the space. 

Share with us if you have redone your patio in a unique way or if you have any other unique idea to give a fresh look to your patio.

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