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The World’s Most Expensive Watches Will Have Your Head Spinning Like The Clockface

Watches are a statement of power as much as a fashion look. The bigger and flashier the watch, the wealthier the person. There are different watches for different occasions such as casual wear, events and sports, all made to suit this specific occasion. The prices of watches are incredibly different depending on the key factors that determine the wealth of the watch. These include technology, craftsmanship, materials used and brand which plays a major factor. These variables all function together to determine the watches value, with top brands like Rolex, Audemars Piguet and Patek Philippe as the leading brands. The bigger the brand, the dearer the watch and this also means the fancier the watch as it will be the have the best of everything that goes into a watch. These watches may be out of your budget, but they aren’t for some people, find out what the most expensive watches in the world are.

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