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Take A Trip Down Memory Lane With The Most Popular Comic Book Series’ Of All Time- These Bring Back Some Memories

Comic books are one of our favourite pastimes in America that enthralled our childhood from the moment we could read. They captivated us and gave us an imagination we never knew we had. Some of the most popular ones were superhero comics which every child on the street would have and there would be a race to see who could get the latest issue of the comic. Our earliest memories of comics could probably come from the old newspaper sketches that would have their own little section in the local paper that would make us laugh. We would sneak the comics under our pillows and try and read them past our bedtime when all of the lights went out. This was a time before electronic gaming took over, and it was a great time. Let’s take a trip down memory lane and look at the greatest comic book series’ ever created. 


Micky Maus



This is considered to be the greatest comic series of all time that featured all of our favourite Disney characters since its start back in 1951. The German comic was published by Egmont Ehapa and was originally a monthly publication before becoming a weekly occurrence in 1957. There have been over 3,000 issues created that have sold over 1 billion copies. 


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