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Simple Steps To Build a Copper-Pipe Towel Ladder at Home



If you want to add a royal charm to your boring bathroom, a copper-pipe towel ladder sounds like a great addition. Don’t worry, you do not need to spend a lot to buy it online, you can easily build one for yourself at home.

OUR EXPERT ADVICE We just created one for our empty corner in our bathroom and it sure turned out to be a great decor piece for the space.

Take two pieces of 60-inches copper pipe and cut it into four pieces measuring 10 inches; two pieces measuring 18 inches; two pieces measuring 2 inches and two pieces measuring one inch.  OUR EXPERT ADVICE Just let the hardware shop owner know what you need and you can get them cut at the hardware store. You will also need three two-foot pipes. Before you start assembling, clean the pipes and polish it.

OUR EXPERT ADVICE In case you feel that you might need a hand to fix it up, you can also hire a plumber and he can do this task in no time. 

Take the flanges and spray paint it with copper paint. Assemble the vertical sides with the help of adhesive and now attach the vertical sides with the horizontal pipes. OUR EXPERT ADVICEPretty easy! Now, add the male adapters and flanges too with the help of adhesive. With the help of screws, fix the top flanges to the wall and the bottom flanges to the floor. The fixing method on the floor will vary depending on the kind of floor you have.

Tip: Make sure you work quickly when you apply the adhesive as it dries out fast.