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Need To Remove Paint From Metal? Here’s How To Do It Without Chemicals


Are you tired to buy products that are bad for your health and also the environment?

If you need to remove old paint on metallic elements in a natural way, here’s the answer: boiling water.

It’s also a cheap, easy and fast way to do it without damaging your items.

Here’s the simple process.


What you need:

– metal scraper/putty knife

– disposable aluminum tray

– lint-free cloth

– boiling water


  1. Start by putting your piece of metallic hardware in your pot or aluminum tray. Make sure to put something under to protect from the heat of the boiling water next.

OUR EXPERT ADVICEWe forgot to do it and we ruined our table underneath! So be careful.

2. Heat the water. Once it’s boiling, pour it over your piece of metal.

OUR EXPERT ADVICE Always be careful with boiling water as well.

3. Wait until the paint on your item starts to bubble, for about five minutes.

OUR EXPERT ADVICEWe really advise you to wait five minutes, it is the right amount of time for it to start bubbling.

4. If the paint doesn’t bubble, drain the tray and repeat the process with boiling water until it starts bubbling.

OUR EXPERT ADVICEIt happened to us and we had to do it again, and it worked the second time.

5. You can start to scrape the paint in the tray while it’s in the water. To protect your hands, wear gloves and make sure the water is not boiling anymore not to burn yourself.

OUR EXPERT ADVICEWe were too impatient and didn’t wait and it hurt! So don’t do the same.

6. Take your metallic item out of the tray and scrape the paint leftovers with your scraper.

OUR EXPERT ADVICEYou don’t have to scrape too hard, the paint will go away itself!

7. Most of the time, the metal underneath the paint of your item is tarnished. To remove any dirt or tarnish, use your lint-free cloth to remove it.

OUR EXPERT ADVICEOurs was very tarnished and we used the lint-free cloth which helped a lot.

If you want an old effect, you can also leave some of the tarnish.

OUR EXPERT ADVICEWe did the same process and it worked very well, some paint was left on some corners thought but we managed to take them off.