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Make Your House A Home Free Of Charge With These Excellent Ideas


Everyone wants to make their new house a home, but not everyone knows how. This is where we come in to give you some changing ideas free of charge to give you the perfect home that will be your own unique living space.  You’re going to kick yourself that you never thought of some of these ideas, they’re so simple and don’t cost a penny, check them out!

Add Mirrors

The addition of mirrors into each room will not only look great but it will also open up your space and brighten up the entire room as it reflects the light. There is nothing worse than a dark and dull room, this will change that.

OUR EXPERT ADVICEAs well as brighten up the room, you can never have enough of looking at yourself from all angles with mirrors. 

Move Furniture

The position of your furniture can really make a difference to a room just by moving the cabinets, tables and couches or beds. It will give a different feel to the room and should generally be centred around facing the television with extra space.

OUR EXPERT ADVICEWe’ve been guilty of moving the furniture too often with those who don’t like change, but it brings a new feel to our house.

Decorate Walls 

Bland walls can be very dull as they make up most of the room, so a dull wall means a dull house. Decorating the walls with art or photo frames will put your own feel into the room and make it unique and truly a home with family photos.

OUR EXPERT ADVICEWe received endless compliments about our wall designs that are packed full of family portraits as well as colourful wallpapers. 

Go Green

Plants and Flowers aren’t just for outside, they can have a huge impact inside and bring a sense of life to the house. They are known to positively impact our mood and will give off a delightful smell. Invest in some well-known houseplants.

OUR EXPERT ADVICEWe were a little hesitant about this but we could not be more wrong as it completely changes the feel for a room, we highly recommend.

Keep It Clean

One small thing that can make your house a home is simply keeping it clean and tidy and not letting it get messy with clutter thrown everywhere. You’ll be surprised at how many houses are like this, so don’t let yours join the list.

OUR EXPERT ADVICEThere is nothing worse than a dirty house, we cringe at the thought of our home gathering dust, so you could class us as clean freaks. 

With these easy and free additions, your house will become a home in no time and add a completely different look and feel that you and your visitors will love every time entering the house.