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Learn How To Turn Your Boring Mirror Into An Artistic One


If you are wondering how to turn those simple looking boring mirrors into something artistic, you need not worry any more. There are some simple steps with the help of which you can transform any simple mirror into an artistic one.

OUR EXPERT ADVICE There is no need to throw away those sad-looking mirrors anymore. Just follow these simple steps and jazz it all up. We turned our old round boring one into something really creative.

Take a round mirror and mark the centre of the mirror and its circumference on the wall where you want to hang it.  You might have to apply a bit of maths here. But do not worry. It is quite simple. You need to divide the circle into 16 sections equally marking each section on the circle with alphabets between A-P (in a clockwise direction).

OUR EXPERT ADVICE Don’t worry, it might look a bit complicated but once you mark it all, it is really simple to make. You can either choose to mark them with numbers or alphabets just like we did.

Now, using a yardstick, mark a 16-inch vertical line outside point one; a 12-inch line outside point 2 and continue this process for each of the 16 points (alternating between 16 and 12 inches). Now, the outer points must be marked between alphabets a-p in a similar clockwise direction and hammer nails at all these points.

OUR EXPERT ADVICE Trust us, it is really fun once you start working on this. Just follow these steps really closely.

Now, take the twine and start wrapping around the nails with a knot at the first and the last nail. Beginning with the nail I, you need to wrap the twine around nails K, m, O, a, C, e, G, ending at i.       OUR EXPERT ADVICE Once you start tying the twine around the nails, you will see the pattern that you are creating around the nails. It is really fun to watch it shape up.

Then, tie a knot at j and wrap the nail around L, n, P, b, D, f, H, ending at j. Now, tie a knot at k and wrap around M, o, A, c, E, g, I, ending at k. Similarly, start with tying a knot at l and wrapping twine around N, p, B, d, F, h, J, ending at l.

OUR EXPERT ADVICE This is the perfect way to add a glam effect to the simple decor of your house. It did change the way our drab walls used to look. 

The next step is to tie the twine around i and then wrap around I, j, J, k and K, e and continue this as you keep wrapping the twine alternatively till to reach i in the clockwise direction. Now, skip I, and wrap it around nails J, j, k and K, and continue wrapping till you reach J again. The final step would be wrapping the twine around all the inner nails completing a circle at I.

OUR EXPERT ADVICE And it’s done! Click a picture of what you have created and share it with your friends. We got a lot of queries on how we built this one and we are sure your friends are going to ask you this as well.

Now, place the mirror at the circle. Your DIY designer mirror is ready.