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Install An Electric Water Heater Timer Yourself And Save Money


Warming up water for a shower or bath can cost, especially because water heaters run all the time.

To avoid this and save money, the best solution is to get an electric water heater timer.

This way, you can just program your water heater to work only during specific hours, in the morning and the evening only for example.

It is very simple to install as well, here’s our guide.


  1.  Start by turning off the power off of your electric water heater from the circuit breaker to be safe.

OUR EXPERT ADVICEThis is a very important one, and to be honest, we almost forgot to do it, so be careful!

2. Think well before placing your electric water heater timer. You’ll need to be able to reach it easily and the wires need to be able to reach the power source. It would be best to install it on the wall, checking that it is level and plumb.

OUR EXPERT ADVICEWe put it in a wrong spot and it was actually really annoying trying to reach it so we had to move it.

3. Check that you have enough cord before installing it. Cut the power wire to the water heater. Take the wire and strip back its insulation, then connect it into the timer control. Make sure that you mark clearly the screws to be able to connect the wire. Take the other wire and connect it toward the water heater to the timer’s screws where it’s written “To Water Heater”.

OUR EXPERT ADVICE This step is actually a bit complicated so we advise you to it with someone.

4. You’re all sorted and ready to save money!

OUR EXPERT ADVICEWe tried this at home and it’s actually great if you take showers everyday at the same time, but a bit annoying when you take unexpected showers in between these times and have to turn the water heater on again.