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If You Love Your Afternoon Tea Then You Need To Visit These London Locations For The Perfect Tea And Snacks

Name a better love story than the British and their tea, there isn’t one. The English are obsessed with their tea almost as much as the Irish with the great battle of Lyons Vs Tetley’s  an everlasting debate between the two countries. Lunchtime tea with cakes and scones have become almost as popular as an evening meal for Londoners with countless amounts of locations hosting the midday social event. Afternoon tea has become one of the more popular forms of meet ups with friends and have almost taken over from the pub scene. If there is one thing that the English love more than pints, it’s tea and a sweet treat. These luxurious locations in London are considered to be the best places around for sitting down for afternoon tea with an incredible selection to choose from for your gossip discussion topics. Find out where the best places in London are for afternoon tea. 


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