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How To Make A Lovely Coffee Table With An Old Window


Do you have an old window and don’t know what to do with it?

Well, we got you sorted: why not making a stylish coffee table with it?

It’s an easy process, here it is!

What you need:

– a large window pane

– pieces of wood for the box

– hinges

– 4 leg braces

– 4 legs

  1. To begin, take the dimensions of your old window that you are going to use to make this coffee table.

OUR EXPERT ADVICE We used a round window and it was actually very difficult, it’s better to use a square one.

2. Then, to make the box, you need a square piece of wood for the bottom, and four 1×6 trimboards.

OUR EXPERT ADVICEYou should really respect theses proportions, because then your table is going to be very, very deep!

3. Nail these elements together.

OUR EXPERT ADVICEBe careful with the hammer while nailing them.

4.Put your window on the top of you box.

OUR EXPERT ADVICEThe top of your box is the empty part, don’t do like us!

5.Take your chest hinges and screw them to connect your window part and box part.

OUR EXPERT ADVICEWe connected them the wrong way and then we couldn’t open the top part of the table.

6.Take your leg braces and screw them in on the back of your box, in each corner.

OUR EXPERT ADVICEScrew them well or your table is going to be wobbly.

7.Then take your table legs and put them on the braces.

OUR EXPERT ADVICESame here, place them well on the braces if you don’t want to spill your coffee while using this table!

You have one unique coffee table now!

OUR EXPERT ADVICEWe made this coffee table as well and it looks very nice but it’s not very handy  to put anything on it with the window panels!