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How To Build A House For Your Dog


Even if your dog enjoys the cosiness of your home, if you have an outside area, he will love spending time outside as well

As a shelter or just to rest outside, your dog will need his proper little house, that you can easily build yourself in a few steps.

By doing iy yourself, you can make your dog a very unique and customized house and he will love it!


What you need:

– Jigsaw

– Carpenter’s pencil

– Seven 1/2 inch exterior grade plywood sheets (4ftx4ft)

– Circular saw

– Roofing nails

– One 1/2 inch long nails

– Straight edge

– Hammer

– Carpenter’s Square or Speed Square

– Roofing materials like three-tab composite shingles or rolled roofing

– Primer

– Exterior latex paint

– Caulk and caulking gun

– Paintbrush

– Eye and hearing protection


Start by marking and cutting the rear and front panel of the dog house.

Also, don’t forget to think about your dog’s size when making measurements!

Then, you’ll need to cut the door. If you want a rectangular shape, take two of the panels and cut off a 1-foot strip on each of them. A 3-foot by 4-foot section will remain from each of the panels after this process.

Be careful not to make the door too low as it doesn’t appeal to a dog to enter in the house, 24 inches is a good average height.

OUR EXPERT ADVICE We did and we couldn’t understand why our dog didn’t want to go inside his house!

Draw two parallel vertical lines for the door width.

Finally, cut the door using your jigsaw.

OUR EXPERT ADVICEBe very careful with the jigsaw.

Take your front panel and build your triangular shape for the roof. Mark a mid-point at the top of this panel, that will be the top of the peak.

Put the straight edge on the board: one end on the mid-point mark that you’ve done just before, and the other 20 inches further down the side of the board.

Do the same thing on the other side to get your inverted V-shape, and then cut your panel with the circular saw.

OUR EXPERT ADVICEThe circular saw is also dangerous so use it carefully.

To make the rear panel, use a sheet of plywood. Put your front panel on the top of your rear one and draw the shape all around, as a template. Cut your rear panel using your circular saw.

To make the side panels, take two more plywood sheets and cut them in order to make sheets of 20 inches by 48 inches (dog house length).

To create nailing surfaces, cut four two-by-fours at 20 inches long. You’ll need to put these on the sides of the panels and to nail them from the other side.

OUR EXPERT ADVICETo be honest we were to during this process and it helped a lot.

For the roof peaks nailing surfaces, cur four boards at 15 inches each. Nail these boards along the roofline.

For the floor nailing surfaces, cut two two-by-fours boards at 29 inches each. Nail them along the front and rear panels bottoms.

For the side panels nailing surfaces, on the top and the bottom, cut four two-by-fours each at 36 inches long and nail two on each side panel horizontally.

OUR EXPERT ADVICEBe very precise with the measurements, and don’t do like use and be approximative. We had troubles during the process then and had to go back to the previous steps to fix our mistakes.

Put the front and rear panel together and also the side panels to create your rectangle. Nail them together with the one 1/2-inch nails.

Cut and join the floor by putting the house on the top of a plywood sheet, mark the footprint on the sheet and cut with the circular saw.

To cut the roof panels you need to lay one of the plywood panels and make a mark on the board at the right size. Then cut with the circular saw. Do the same on a second plywood board. Nail the two on the top of the house.

OUR EXPERT ADVICEYour dog house is taking shape now, if it doesn’t look like a house, then there’s a problem!

If the house has gaps, especially the roof, you can fill them with caulk to avoid water to go inside for example.

For the finish touches, you can add shingles to the top of the dog house and paint it (don’t forget to prime before!).

That will be one happy dog!

OUR EXPERT ADVICEOur dog house had quite a few gaps that we had to fill with caulk, and it didn’t look as perfect as on the picture, but our dog was quite happy at the end of the day!