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Grow Your Own Vegetables And Fruits In Your Garden


Have you ever dreamt of growing your own vegetables, fruits and herbs?

Well it’s within everyone’s reach! You just need an outside space, big or small, there’s no problem.

You can’t compare eating your own vegetables, but it’s also a way to save money and the environment.

Follow our advices to create your Garden of Eden!


  • The space

If you have a big space, well, you’re lucky! You can either go big and use all of it or just allocate only a short plot in your garden.

For smaller spaces, you’ll need to get pots and planters, by being careful with their shapes. For example, square pots are wider and are more used for salads and herbs.

OUR EXPERT ADVICEWhat is not written is that big pots and planters are expensive! So you’re actually more lucky if you already have a big garden!

  • The tools

If you’re a beginner, no need for complicated tools. Buy only what you need, mostly basics to start with. Your tool collection will grow at the same pace as your gardening experience. Don’t rush and trust us!

OUR EXPERT ADVICEWe started by buying basics as well, and to be honest it was enough, unless you really try and do complicated stuff some day.

  • Prepare the ground

Anyone know that our dear greens need sun and a bit of water to be happy (just like us!). So before planting or placing your pots outside, have a look at your garden and choose the brightest spot!

Also, check the soil: stones or thin soil aren’t great to plant. If needed, build raised beds before planting and you can also add some soil improver or manure.

To avoid dampness, check the drainage before planting. And last but not least, always read carefully the instructions when buying a plant, to be sure to build your garden in optimal conditions.

OUR EXPERT ADVICEIf your soil is not great, you’re going to struggle a bit to be honest because you will have to fix this building raised beds.

  • Plan

You can’t plant anything anytime of the year unfortunately! Plan everything by building your own calendar and search what plants would work best for your space. You can also check seed planners online.

OUR EXPERT ADVICEWe’ve tried the seed planners and it’s actually great and helps you a lot!

  • Select

Here is some help to choose the easiest vegetables and fruits to grow:

– Vegetables : spinach, leeks, onions, courgettes, radishes potatoes, tomatoes, lettuce

– Berries: raspberries, strawberries, blackcurrant, blueberries

– Fruits: plum, cherry, apple, pear

OUR EXPERT ADVICEThey actually are the easiest and really don’t need a lot of care, so it’s a good way to start with these.

  • … and the most important advice: enjoy!

OUR EXPERT ADVICEWe had no experience in gardening and these few tips have been really useful. The only thing is that as many hobbies it’s a budget, especially paying for some plants or trees.