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Give Your Boring Lampshade This Quirky Makeover


Lamps do not just add some warmth to your room but if you have a quirky, bright lampshade, it can also add an instant character to the decor of your room. If you are bored with the plain, old looking lampshades in your house, here is a simple and quick way to transform them into a beautiful decor piece and uplift the look of your room.

OUR EXPERT ADVICE We just took an old lampshade that was no longer in use and decided to turn it into something interesting.

Some fun, floral printed fabric would be a great choice to start with. You can also go any other print of your choice or anything that matches the colour or design of your furniture.  To begin with, measure the dimensions of the lampshade and then mark these dimensions on the fabric. Cut the fabric as per the marked measurement and make sure that it is not wrinkled. Spread the fabric on a work surface with the printed surface facing the floor and spray the exposed side with adhesive.

OUR EXPERT ADVICE Make sure that you have ironed out all the wrinkles from the fabric. We almost destroyed our piece by placing the lampshade on a wrinkled piece of fabric.  

Now, without wasting much time, put the lampshade at the short edge of the fabric adjusting the height and wrap the fabric around it. Keep smoothening out any wrinkles that forms and the remaining fabric can be folded towards the inside using some glue. Your quirky, designer lampshade is ready. Just attach it to the lamp base and place it at the designer corner of your room.

OUR EXPERT ADVICE We chose an abstract design for our lampshade. We are sure you can find a plethora of options in the fabric design. 

This DIY idea to give a makeover to your old lampshade is not only easy to make but is also easy on your pockets.  You can create any patterns or designs with this idea. Isn’t it fun?