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Create Cool DIY Decor Ideas With Paint Chips


Paint chips are the best things that can be used to add a pop of colour to any boring part of your house. They work like magic and the best part about using paint chips is that any amateur artist can do that. You can create, art frames, wall art, lampshades and many other decor items with its help.

OUR EXPERT ADVICE Also to create art with the help of paint chips, you do not have to splurge any money on buying them. You can get it for free or for a minimum price from your nearest store. 

If you are looking to add some colour to your apartment, paints chips is a great idea. This does not need you to be an artist to create something interesting. To create wall art, grab some paint chips and stick them on your drab wall with different patterns, making sure everything is aligned well.

OUR EXPERT ADVICE All you need to do is think of a beautiful colour combination. We just changed our entire living room and it just looks so lively now.

To make an art piece, take some paint chips, paint and glass. Cut out the paint chips in the shape of chevron and stick it to your canvas. Frame your masterpiece once you are done sticking all the chevron pieces to create a perfect pattern.

OUR EXPERT ADVICE You can either hang your master on your favourite wall or place it o the table. Be ready to get a lot of compliments for your art piece. It might be simple to create but it sure looks really a complicated one. Do not share this secret with your friends. 

In order to create a heart-shaped paint chip wall art, just cut the paint chips in the shape of a heart and glue them on a white background. You can add as many hearts as you want in various shades of colour.

OUR EXPERT ADVICE We would suggest that while making this art piece, you should probably stick to the shades of red but you can get as creative as you want to play around with different shades of colour. 

Using paint chips to decorate a nursery room is also a great idea. It can also be a great gifting idea. So, buy some paint chips and create something fun with your friends this weekend.