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Create A Colourful Step Stool Your Kids Will Love


As your kids begin to get older and are no longer reliant on you to bring them to the toilet or wash their hands for them, they will move on to bigger responsibilities. This will include going to the bathroom by themselves and being able to wash their hands, burhs their teeth and do their business. But they aren’t fully grown yet to be able to use these so they will need a helping hand or a helping step in this case. A step stool around the house and specifically the bathroom will be your kids’ best friend as they try their best to be independent.  Find out how to create the perfect step stool that your kids will love.

What You’ll Need

  • Box already made at a suitable height
  • Sandpaper
  • Premium Paint
  • Painter’s Tape
  • Hardware Store Playground Sand

OUR EXPERT ADVICEThese products are handy to get and are not expensive, and also very easy to use. 

Step1- Sanding Down

Before you get to painting you will need to sand down your step box to make sure it is a smooth and clean surface to work off as well as softening the sharp edges to make it safe.

OUR EXPERT ADVICESanding down the product is almost as important as anything else, we live by it. 

Step 2- Applying the Painter’s Tape

To make sure that no paint blends into an area that you don’t want and to ensure a crisp line, apply painters tape to each corner along with the wood.

OUR EXPERT ADVICENever paint anything without first applying Painter’s Tape, we made this mistake once before but never again.

Step 3- Painting

This is where the fun and creativity starts as you should have premium paint in the colours that you want and design in mind to start working. Work one side at a time with one coating and leave to dry, apply a second coating if needed.

OUR EXPERT ADVICE We love nothing more than to paint, big or small, it is like a release from everything and clears the mind. 

Step 4- Applying Playground Sand

To keep the surface firm and eliminate the risk of slipping, grab some hardware store playground sand to get a firm grip on the step to make it slip-proof.

OUR EXPERT ADVICEThis is often forgotten, but it is for the safety of your children, we always finish off products with this.

Your kid’s step stool should now be complete and looking incredible that your kids will look forward to hopping onto it every day. This is going to be extremely useful and helpful for them and will give them their much-needed independence.