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Craziest Home Interior Designs That You Will Be Shocked To See


You must have seen so many cool home designs and each day architects come up with something new to impress their customers. But have you ever seen a real-life snail house or a glasshouse hidden among the trees? Architects and designers leave no stone unturned to get creative and you will be surprised to see how creative some of them actually got. A home inspired by Fred and Wilma’s home, a house built on the sand dunes – imagine how cool it must be for the owners who live here. These might seem too cool to be true, but they exist. Read on and find out the weirdest home interior designs that actually exist and plan on designing your dream house in a unique way. 


Flintstone House Inspired House, Malibu, California


This Flintstone inspired house belonged to TV personality Dick Clarke. The rocky interiors of this house are very much similar to Fred and Wilma’s house from the cartoon series. Clarke’s house has one bedroom and two bathrooms, glass windows that give you an amazing view of the city, mountains and the ocean. The only things missing here are animal gadgets! 

Giant Seashell House, Mexico


Imagine living life in a seashell. Located in Mexico City, this seashell house is named as ‘The Nautilus’. Built-in 2006 for a family who wanted an unconventional house, the walls of this particular house are made of giant mosaics and gives out a stunning rainbow effect. 


The Mirrorcube


The Mirrorcube is a part of the Swedish Hotel, Treehotel. If you are looking for a hideout in the woods from your busy life. The little cube is by mirrored walls that reflect the surroundings. The interior is made from plywood and is big enough for two people. It has toilets, a lounge and a rooftop terrace. The place also has free Wi-Fi. What else do you need?


Dune House


A house built inside an existing sand dune! Yes, that’s true and it exists. Built by architect William Morgan, these two identical earth-sheltered houses are built into a mass of sand. This is why the house remains warm in winter and cool in summer. The ground floor of the house has a living room with large window and kitchen with dining area. The upper level has a loft bedroom and a bath. 


House of Sarcasm 


This house designed by Artist Christine Claringbold and her husband Charles is a kaleidoscope of bright colours and beautiful patterns that will leave you mesmerized. The colourful mandalas from the ceiling have a unique rich colour scheme. This space is also available for rent on Airbnb. 

Palais Bulles—Lunar Palace


The Palais Bulles or The Palace of Bubbles was once owned by designer Pierre Cardin. This cave-inspired villa is made of mesh and rods. Currently used as a hotel, there are 10 bedroom suites with circular beds and arched bookshelves. The place is now usually used for film parties and big events. 

Verner Panton’s Home


Strange shapes, bold colours and crazy textures – this is how you describe the house designed by designer Verner Panton. As soon as you enter his house, you will be welcomed by walls and ceilings completely covered in round lamps. The centrepiece in his living room is a bright-coloured amoeba-shaped upholstered lounging space. A living tower with a geometric wall, upholstered stairs are the other few unique features of his house. Quite bold we must say. 


Skateboard House


This house is designed in a way that you can skate around the house freely, both outdoors and indoors. This house built in Malibu even has furniture that is skatable. The sitting area, kitchen and the bathroom are all made in a curvy design and the other standing objects serve the purpose of the props. A really fun house to live in. 


Extreme Transformer Home 


Chinese architect Gary Chang became famous for building a 344-square feet apartment that looks like just another studio apartment. But wait. You can pull the walls and furniture of the place and can create over 24 different rooms, a kitchen and a gaming room. 


Jean-Paul Gaultier’s Home


Fashion icon Jean Paul Gaultier is a renowned name in the world of fashion and decor. Known for creative curious designs, his furniture designs are quite peculiar. Look at this one. Stripes on the furniture and walls, this minimalist home design makes our brain go a bit dizzy.

What does your dream house look like? Get the plans rolling and one day you might also have a house as unique as these.

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