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Clean Your House More Efficiently With These 5 Simple Steps


Cleaning is one of the most dreaded tasks that you have to do in your home that can take hours to do properly, but what if there was a way to be more efficient in less time? It turns out that we’ve been cleaning all wrong and are taking more time to do so with less to show for. Instead of cleaning every corner of each room that can take hours alone, clean your full house in the same time with these simple steps. You’ll never clean the same again after seeing this.

Step 1- Have A Plan In Mind

Too many people just aimlessly start in one room and stay there until everything is done with no plan in mind of where to go next or what needs to be done. Focus on the most spaces in need of cleaning and what is seen the most by visitors.

OUR EXPERT ADVICEWe have saved endless hours by having a simple plan in mind. 

Step 2- Set Time Allocations

You can easily spend a couple of hours in the same room cleaning it head to toe, but this is only slowing you down. Allocate time for each room and get what needs doing first. This will make you fly throughout the house cleaning.

OUR EXPERT ADVICE We admit that we have spent hours in the one-room but once we realised the importance of allocating time, we have spent less time while it looks just as good. 

Step 3- Use The Right Products

If you aren’t using the right products for each object and area you are cleaning, then you are prolonging your cleaning time. A dry or wet cloth and tissue is probably your best bet for making everything sparkly clean.

OUR EXPERT ADVICE Using the right products is more important than you think that we wish we knew sooner but we now have the perfect set up for cleaning. 

Step 4- Dust Down+ Clean Furniture

Dusting everything down is a very important and underused cleaning technique that will really change the complexion of your room. Dry-dusting all furniture and cabinets, as well as the TV and picture frames, will give them life again.

OUR EXPERT ADVICE We can’t stress enough how important dusting is, it leaves our house looking a thousand times better. 

Step 5- Clean Mirrors + Glasses

Mirrors and glasses should be sparkling, but they are very prone to gathering dust fast so it is important to wipe or fully clean these regularly to keep them lively and sparkling. They will reflect the light and light up the room.

OUR EXPERT ADVICEIf you want your house to sparkle, you need to make sure the mirrors and glasses are well cleaned, trust us. 

You are now efficient at cleaning after following these very simple steps that will have your house looking cleaner than ever in half the time. You can thank us later, we hope you didn’t forget to dust and vacuum.