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  If you want to add a royal charm to your boring bathroom, a copper-pipe towel ladder sounds like a great addition. Don’t worry, you do not need to spend a lot to buy it online, you can easily build one for yourself at home. OUR EXPERT ADVICE We just created one for our empty corner in our bathroom and it sure turned out to be a great decor piece for the space. Take two pieces of 60-inches copper pipe and cut it into four pieces measuring 10 inches; two pieces measuring 18 inches; two pieces measuring 2 inches and two pieces measuring one inch.  OUR EXPERT ADVICE Just let the hardware shop owner know what you need and you can get them cut at the hardware store. You will also need three two-foot pipes. Before you start assembling, clean the pipes and polish it. OUR EXPERT ADVICE In case you feel that you might need a hand to fix it up, you can also hire a plumber and he can do this task in no time.  Take the flanges and spray paint it with copper paint. Assemble the vertical sides with the help of adhesive and now attach the vertical sides with the horizontal pipes. OUR EXPERT ADVICEPretty easy! Now, add the male adapters and flanges too with the help of adhesive. With the help of screws, fix the top flanges to the wall and the bottom flanges to the floor. The fixing method on the floor will vary depending on the kind of floor you have. Tip: Make sure you work quickly when you apply the adhesive as it dries out fast.
To avoid a dull living room or bedroom, you can play with accessorizes like throw pillows on your sofa and bed. There are several block-print ones that you can buy already made, but a lot of people will probably have the same in their living rooms! To be more unique, you can block-print your pillows yourself, it’s so easy!   What you need: – Pillow – Paintbrush – Paper plate or a painter’s palette – Rubber stamps – Water-soluble block-printing ink   Start by pouring some ink into your plate or painter’s palette. OUR EXPERT ADVICEA plate is actually better than a painter’s palette, this way your ink will not be spilt everywhere. 2. Apply the ink onto the stamp and try to do it evenly. OUR EXPERT ADVICE The first tries are not going to be evenly but try until it does. 3. Apply the stamp onto your pillow’s fabric. OUR EXPERT ADVICEDo it in a confident way because on our first try it didn’t really look great. 4. Paint the ink as much as you need. OUR EXPERT ADVICEThat’s actually a good trick to make your pattern look better. 5. Leave your pillow’s fabric away for 48 hours, the time to let it absorb the ink and dry. OUR EXPERT ADVICEDon’t be impatient like us and leave it for 48 hours minimum, the result will be the best possible. OUR EXPERT ADVICEThis tutorial is a great one, but you honestly have to be good at creating patterns to have nice cushions.
Cleaning is one of the most dreaded tasks that you have to do in your home that can take hours to do properly, but what if there was a way to be more efficient in less time? It turns out that we’ve been cleaning all wrong and are taking more time to do so with less to show for. Instead of cleaning every corner of each room that can take hours alone, clean your full house in the same time with these simple steps. You’ll never clean the same again after seeing this. Step 1- Have A Plan In Mind Too many people just aimlessly start in one room and stay there until everything is done with no plan in mind of where to go next or what needs to be done. Focus on the most spaces in need of cleaning and what is seen the most by visitors. OUR EXPERT ADVICEWe have saved endless hours by having a simple plan in mind.  Step 2- Set Time Allocations You can easily spend a couple of hours in the same room cleaning it head to toe, but this is only slowing you down. Allocate time for each room and get what needs doing first. This will make you fly throughout the house cleaning. OUR EXPERT ADVICE We admit that we have spent hours in the one-room but once we realised the importance of allocating time, we have spent less time while it looks just as good.  Step 3- Use The Right Products If you aren’t using the right products for each object and area you are cleaning, then you are prolonging your cleaning time. A dry or wet cloth and tissue is probably your best bet for making everything sparkly clean. OUR EXPERT ADVICE Using the right products is more important than you think that we wish we knew sooner but we now have the perfect set up for cleaning.  Step 4- Dust Down+ Clean Furniture Dusting everything down is a very important and underused cleaning technique that will really change the complexion of your room. Dry-dusting all furniture and cabinets, as well as the TV and picture frames, will give them life again. OUR EXPERT ADVICE We can’t stress enough how important dusting is, it leaves our house looking a thousand times better.  Step 5- Clean Mirrors + Glasses Mirrors and glasses should be sparkling, but they are very prone to gathering dust fast so it is important to wipe or fully clean these regularly to keep them lively and sparkling. They will reflect the light and light up the room. OUR EXPERT ADVICEIf you want your house to sparkle, you need to make sure the mirrors and glasses are well cleaned, trust us.  You are now efficient at cleaning after following these very simple steps that will have your house looking cleaner than ever in half the time. You can thank us later, we hope you didn’t forget to dust and vacuum.  
Paint chips are the best things that can be used to add a pop of colour to any boring part of your house. They work like magic and the best part about using paint chips is that any amateur artist can do that. You can create, art frames, wall art, lampshades and many other decor items with its help. OUR EXPERT ADVICE Also to create art with the help of paint chips, you do not have to splurge any money on buying them. You can get it for free or for a minimum price from your nearest store.  If you are looking to add some colour to your apartment, paints chips is a great idea. This does not need you to be an artist to create something interesting. To create wall art, grab some paint chips and stick them on your drab wall with different patterns, making sure everything is aligned well. OUR EXPERT ADVICE All you need to do is think of a beautiful colour combination. We just changed our entire living room and it just looks so lively now. To make an art piece, take some paint chips, paint and glass. Cut out the paint chips in the shape of chevron and stick it to your canvas. Frame your masterpiece once you are done sticking all the chevron pieces to create a perfect pattern. OUR EXPERT ADVICE You can either hang your master on your favourite wall or place it o the table. Be ready to get a lot of compliments for your art piece. It might be simple to create but it sure looks really a complicated one. Do not share this secret with your friends.  In order to create a heart-shaped paint chip wall art, just cut the paint chips in the shape of a heart and glue them on a white background. You can add as many hearts as you want in various shades of colour. OUR EXPERT ADVICE We would suggest that while making this art piece, you should probably stick to the shades of red but you can get as creative as you want to play around with different shades of colour.  Using paint chips to decorate a nursery room is also a great idea. It can also be a great gifting idea. So, buy some paint chips and create something fun with your friends this weekend.
If you’re looking for some minimal style, floating shleves are probably the best option to display your favourite books or vases. It looks super clean on a wall, and trust us, it’s not very complicated to hang! Here is the very simple process.    The first step is to choose which shelves you are going to hang on your walls. You have different styles, and it’s up to you to choose the one you prefer. But what the floating shelves all have is an invisible system, a wall-mounted bracket which is going to be hidden in the wall after the installation. OUR EXPERT ADVICEWe choose very modern and minimal ones to suit our apartment. Black and white tones were good and clashed with the colour of our walls. 2. Once you got your shelves, you need to know where to hang them! You can chose any placement you like, depending if you have one or several ones. Take the measurements using a level depending on when you’re going to place them and hold your shelves while drawing a line on your wall as a mark. OUR EXPERT ADVICE We did this together and it was more handy to take the measurements and draw the lines. 3. Place your shelf brackets on the line you traced on the wall and mark the screw holes also on the wall. OUR EXPERT ADVICE Don’t forget to mark the screw holes, because then you’re going to be lost. 4. Drill the screws through the brackets into the wall. Tip: start with the middle screws and make sure they are level when you finally attach the last ones. OUR EXPERT ADVICEThis is a good step to do at two persons, to make sure your shelves are level. 5. Now you just need to slide the shelves over the brackets to attach them. You might also have securing screws included, that you’ll need to attach. OUR EXPERT ADVICEWe didn’t have securing screws included and we think that it would have been better to have some! That’s it! We told you it was more than easy! Now you can use your shelves to display your favourite things in a stylish way! OUR EXPERT ADVICEOur shelves really look like they’re floating on our walls! It’s not great to put a lot of heavy things but it’s good for the style.
As your kids begin to get older and are no longer reliant on you to bring them to the toilet or wash their hands for them, they will move on to bigger responsibilities. This will include going to the bathroom by themselves and being able to wash their hands, burhs their teeth and do their business. But they aren’t fully grown yet to be able to use these so they will need a helping hand or a helping step in this case. A step stool around the house and specifically the bathroom will be your kids’ best friend as they try their best to be independent.  Find out how to create the perfect step stool that your kids will love. What You’ll Need Box already made at a suitable height Sandpaper Premium Paint Painter’s Tape Hardware Store Playground Sand OUR EXPERT ADVICEThese products are handy to get and are not expensive, and also very easy to use.  Step1- Sanding Down Before you get to painting you will need to sand down your step box to make sure it is a smooth and clean surface to work off as well as softening the sharp edges to make it safe. OUR EXPERT ADVICESanding down the product is almost as important as anything else, we live by it.  Step 2- Applying the Painter’s Tape To make sure that no paint blends into an area that you don’t want and to ensure a crisp line, apply painters tape to each corner along with the wood. OUR EXPERT ADVICENever paint anything without first applying Painter’s Tape, we made this mistake once before but never again. Step 3- Painting This is where the fun and creativity starts as you should have premium paint in the colours that you want and design in mind to start working. Work one side at a time with one coating and leave to dry, apply a second coating if needed. OUR EXPERT ADVICE We love nothing more than to paint, big or small, it is like a release from everything and clears the mind.  Step 4- Applying Playground Sand To keep the surface firm and eliminate the risk of slipping, grab some hardware store playground sand to get a firm grip on the step to make it slip-proof. OUR EXPERT ADVICEThis is often forgotten, but it is for the safety of your children, we always finish off products with this. Your kid’s step stool should now be complete and looking incredible that your kids will look forward to hopping onto it every day. This is going to be extremely useful and helpful for them and will give them their much-needed independence.  
If you are wondering how to turn those simple looking boring mirrors into something artistic, you need not worry any more. There are some simple steps with the help of which you can transform any simple mirror into an artistic one. OUR EXPERT ADVICE There is no need to throw away those sad-looking mirrors anymore. Just follow these simple steps and jazz it all up. We turned our old round boring one into something really creative. Take a round mirror and mark the centre of the mirror and its circumference on the wall where you want to hang it.  You might have to apply a bit of maths here. But do not worry. It is quite simple. You need to divide the circle into 16 sections equally marking each section on the circle with alphabets between A-P (in a clockwise direction). OUR EXPERT ADVICE Don’t worry, it might look a bit complicated but once you mark it all, it is really simple to make. You can either choose to mark them with numbers or alphabets just like we did. Now, using a yardstick, mark a 16-inch vertical line outside point one; a 12-inch line outside point 2 and continue this process for each of the 16 points (alternating between 16 and 12 inches). Now, the outer points must be marked between alphabets a-p in a similar clockwise direction and hammer nails at all these points. OUR EXPERT ADVICE Trust us, it is really fun once you start working on this. Just follow these steps really closely. Now, take the twine and start wrapping around the nails with a knot at the first and the last nail. Beginning with the nail I, you need to wrap the twine around nails K, m, O, a, C, e, G, ending at i.       OUR EXPERT ADVICE Once you start tying the twine around the nails, you will see the pattern that you are creating around the nails. It is really fun to watch it shape up. Then, tie a knot at j and wrap the nail around L, n, P, b, D, f, H, ending at j. Now, tie a knot at k and wrap around M, o, A, c, E, g, I, ending at k. Similarly, start with tying a knot at l and wrapping twine around N, p, B, d, F, h, J, ending at l. OUR EXPERT ADVICE This is the perfect way to add a glam effect to the simple decor of your house. It did change the way our drab walls used to look.  The next step is to tie the twine around i and then wrap around I, j, J, k and K, e and continue this as you keep wrapping the twine alternatively till to reach i in the clockwise direction. Now, skip I, and wrap it around nails J, j, k and K, and continue wrapping till you reach J again. The final step would be wrapping the twine around all the inner nails completing a circle at I. OUR EXPERT ADVICE And it’s done! Click a picture of what you have created and share it with your friends. We got a lot of queries on how we built this one and we are sure your friends are going to ask you this as well. Now, place the mirror at the circle. Your DIY designer mirror is ready.
Even if your dog enjoys the cosiness of your home, if you have an outside area, he will love spending time outside as well As a shelter or just to rest outside, your dog will need his proper little house, that you can easily build yourself in a few steps. By doing iy yourself, you can make your dog a very unique and customized house and he will love it!   What you need: – Jigsaw – Carpenter’s pencil – Seven 1/2 inch exterior grade plywood sheets (4ftx4ft) – Circular saw – Roofing nails – One 1/2 inch long nails – Straight edge – Hammer – Carpenter’s Square or Speed Square – Roofing materials like three-tab composite shingles or rolled roofing – Primer – Exterior latex paint – Caulk and caulking gun – Paintbrush – Eye and hearing protection   Start by marking and cutting the rear and front panel of the dog house. Also, don’t forget to think about your dog’s size when making measurements! Then, you’ll need to cut the door. If you want a rectangular shape, take two of the panels and cut off a 1-foot strip on each of them. A 3-foot by 4-foot section will remain from each of the panels after this process. Be careful not to make the door too low as it doesn’t appeal to a dog to enter in the house, 24 inches is a good average height. OUR EXPERT ADVICE We did and we couldn’t understand why our dog didn’t want to go inside his house! Draw two parallel vertical lines for the door width. Finally, cut the door using your jigsaw. OUR EXPERT ADVICEBe very careful with the jigsaw. Take your front panel and build your triangular shape for the roof. Mark a mid-point at the top of this panel, that will be the top of the peak. Put the straight edge on the board: one end on the mid-point mark that you’ve done just before, and the other 20 inches further down the side of the board. Do the same thing on the other side to get your inverted V-shape, and then cut your panel with the circular saw. OUR EXPERT ADVICEThe circular saw is also dangerous so use it carefully. To make the rear panel, use a sheet of plywood. Put your front panel on the top of your rear one and draw the shape all around, as a template. Cut your rear panel using your circular saw. To make the side panels, take two more plywood sheets and cut them in order to make sheets of 20 inches by 48 inches (dog house length). To create nailing surfaces, cut four two-by-fours at 20 inches long. You’ll need to put these on the sides of the panels and to nail them from the other side. OUR EXPERT ADVICETo be honest we were to during this process and it helped a lot. For the roof peaks nailing surfaces, cur four boards at 15 inches each. Nail these boards along the roofline. For the floor nailing surfaces, cut two two-by-fours boards at 29 inches each. Nail them along the front and rear panels bottoms. For the side panels nailing surfaces, on the top and the bottom, cut four two-by-fours each at 36 inches long and nail two on each side panel horizontally. OUR EXPERT ADVICEBe very precise with the measurements, and don’t do like use and be approximative. We had troubles during the process then and had to go back to the previous steps to fix our mistakes. Put the front and rear panel together and also the side panels to create your rectangle. Nail them together with the one 1/2-inch nails. Cut and join the floor by putting the house on the top of a plywood sheet, mark the footprint on the sheet and cut with the circular saw. To cut the roof panels you need to lay one of the plywood panels and make a mark on the board at the right size. Then cut with the circular saw. Do the same on a second plywood board. Nail the two on the top of the house. OUR EXPERT ADVICEYour dog house is taking shape now, if it doesn’t look like a house, then there’s a problem! If the house has gaps, especially the roof, you can fill them with caulk to avoid water to go inside for example. For the finish touches, you can add shingles to the top of the dog house and paint it (don’t forget to prime before!). That will be one happy dog! OUR EXPERT ADVICEOur dog house had quite a few gaps that we had to fill with caulk, and it didn’t look as perfect as on the picture, but our dog was quite happy at the end of the day!
Manufactured homes often use vinyl wall panels that have a shiny finish that includes some patterns printed on the paper under the coating and over the gypsum. Giving your walls the best makeover is vital to making your house a home and giving it that lively and warm feeling when you walk in. A single change of colour to the walls of your home can change the entire look of the home. This is the best way to get the best finish from painting your vinyl walls. What You’ll Need Paint Brushes And Rollers High-Quality Primer + Paint Long Sheets or Rugs Sponges and Cleaning Solution Painters Tape Spackle OUR EXPERT ADVICEWe had so much fun doing this, so we hope you get the same enjoyment, once you have the items the fun begins. Step 1- Prepping The Room You will need to have the room set up perfectly before you begin making so you don’t make a mess.  You’ll need to clean the walls before starting with a rug and fill in any gaps with spackle before letting dry. OUR EXPERT ADVICEWe have rushed into painting jobs before and they’ve been a disaster so make sure a plan is in mind, it will be less messy.  Step 2- Applying the Painter’s Tape  Painter’s Tape is a painters’ best friend as this is almost just as important as anything else because it covers the areas where the paint should not be. This is placed over skirting boards as well as the corners of the walls and any light switches. OUR EXPERT ADVICEPainter’s Tape is a vital part of the process that some people ignore, but trust us, you need it for the perfect job.  Step 3- Priming The Wall Applying the primer before the paint is pivotal to this process. You will use a roller brush to prime the walls with a light coating. Adding the undercoat will ensure the durability of the paint and protect the surface. OUR EXPERT ADVICEPriming the wall with the roller is one of our favourite parts and we think you’ll enjoy it too.  Step 4- Painting The final process is getting down to the painting itself by choosing the right colour to add to the walls with the right premium paint brand. You can add one coating and then wait for it to dry and add another for the best finish. OUR EXPERT ADVICE Our favourite part of all is getting down to the painting with whatever colours you’ve selected, it is so fun. You now have the perfect guidelines to create unique and lively walls in your home to really stand out and give it that cosy and warm home feeling.  Getting the right colour is vital so choose wisely.  
Lamps do not just add some warmth to your room but if you have a quirky, bright lampshade, it can also add an instant character to the decor of your room. If you are bored with the plain, old looking lampshades in your house, here is a simple and quick way to transform them into a beautiful decor piece and uplift the look of your room. OUR EXPERT ADVICE We just took an old lampshade that was no longer in use and decided to turn it into something interesting. Some fun, floral printed fabric would be a great choice to start with. You can also go any other print of your choice or anything that matches the colour or design of your furniture.  To begin with, measure the dimensions of the lampshade and then mark these dimensions on the fabric. Cut the fabric as per the marked measurement and make sure that it is not wrinkled. Spread the fabric on a work surface with the printed surface facing the floor and spray the exposed side with adhesive. OUR EXPERT ADVICE Make sure that you have ironed out all the wrinkles from the fabric. We almost destroyed our piece by placing the lampshade on a wrinkled piece of fabric.   Now, without wasting much time, put the lampshade at the short edge of the fabric adjusting the height and wrap the fabric around it. Keep smoothening out any wrinkles that forms and the remaining fabric can be folded towards the inside using some glue. Your quirky, designer lampshade is ready. Just attach it to the lamp base and place it at the designer corner of your room. OUR EXPERT ADVICE We chose an abstract design for our lampshade. We are sure you can find a plethora of options in the fabric design.  This DIY idea to give a makeover to your old lampshade is not only easy to make but is also easy on your pockets.  You can create any patterns or designs with this idea. Isn’t it fun?
Creating a cosy and warm environment in your bedroom is all part of making a house a home, as well as showing your personality through your four walls.  You can create anything on these walls or putting anything in this room that makes it unique to any other part of the house as it is yours.  Looking at the same drab bedroom every night can get quite depressing so shake it up with some incredible DIY decor ideas to really liven it up. Take a look at the best ways to transform your bedroom and make it Insta-worthy. Make Your Wall Inspiring Your walls are what you will see the most and stand out the most in your room, and with four of them to get creative with, anything is possible. Placing some inspiring quotes on the wall or having pictures of idols will give you moments of inspiration and never get dull. OUR EXPERT ADVICE We love to get creative with our walls, it adds your own personality to it and looks amazing.  Incorporate A Canopy A bed without a canopy can be so dull and boring, make your room like any fairy Princess by making your very own canopy and hang it surrounding the bed. This is a very romantic and feminine addition that adds a bit of extra glow and class to the room. OUR EXPERT ADVICEYou won’t know yourself until you get a canopy in your room, we have adored ours and it makes the room look so much better.  Paint The Ceiling If you’ve had a bad day and are glaring up at a bland white ceiling, it won’t make you feel much better so spruce up your ceiling with a bit of colour. Your room will feel warmer and add a bit of life to it with unlimited colour to choose from as well as designs. OUR EXPERT ADVICE We can’t stand a drab ceiling, get creative people, use your imagination, we have stars on ours.  Shake Up Your Furniture If you are getting bored of the same old room, it’s not just everything around it that you can change, re-arrange everything from your bed to wardrobes. This will give your room a whole new feel and create extra space as you shift and dispose of unneeded objects. OUR EXPERT ADVICE A simple change in the position of your furniture can open up your room to more opportunities which is why we always chop and change our room.  Install Shelves You can make so much more room by installing shelves to place all of your belongings neatly that will make your room look very organized. Don’t be afraid to shake things up by getting creative with what goes on the shelf. OUR EXPERT ADVICE You don’t realise how much extra space you have until you get shelves installed, we can finally see under our bed again.  Your room will have an entirely new feel when you get creative with it and add a few DIY methods to re-create a unique and personalised feel.  Never settle for bland when there is so much room for creativity.
Are you tired to buy products that are bad for your health and also the environment? If you need to remove old paint on metallic elements in a natural way, here’s the answer: boiling water. It’s also a cheap, easy and fast way to do it without damaging your items. Here’s the simple process.   What you need: – metal scraper/putty knife – disposable aluminum tray – lint-free cloth – boiling water   Start by putting your piece of metallic hardware in your pot or aluminum tray. Make sure to put something under to protect from the heat of the boiling water next. OUR EXPERT ADVICEWe forgot to do it and we ruined our table underneath! So be careful. 2. Heat the water. Once it’s boiling, pour it over your piece of metal. OUR EXPERT ADVICE Always be careful with boiling water as well. 3. Wait until the paint on your item starts to bubble, for about five minutes. OUR EXPERT ADVICEWe really advise you to wait five minutes, it is the right amount of time for it to start bubbling. 4. If the paint doesn’t bubble, drain the tray and repeat the process with boiling water until it starts bubbling. OUR EXPERT ADVICEIt happened to us and we had to do it again, and it worked the second time. 5. You can start to scrape the paint in the tray while it’s in the water. To protect your hands, wear gloves and make sure the water is not boiling anymore not to burn yourself. OUR EXPERT ADVICEWe were too impatient and didn’t wait and it hurt! So don’t do the same. 6. Take your metallic item out of the tray and scrape the paint leftovers with your scraper. OUR EXPERT ADVICEYou don’t have to scrape too hard, the paint will go away itself! 7. Most of the time, the metal underneath the paint of your item is tarnished. To remove any dirt or tarnish, use your lint-free cloth to remove it. OUR EXPERT ADVICEOurs was very tarnished and we used the lint-free cloth which helped a lot. If you want an old effect, you can also leave some of the tarnish. OUR EXPERT ADVICEWe did the same process and it worked very well, some paint was left on some corners thought but we managed to take them off.
We all have unnecessary junk lying around the house that we are too lazy to sort out so we ignore it for the next person to deal with. This can be anything around the house that has no use for anything and is lying idle for quite some time. You will be amazed at what you can do when you get creative with some of these objects, they can completely transform your home. To make your house a home, you need to get creative and the best way to do that is through DIY.  ‘Doing it yourself’ is the cheapest and most convenient way to get things done around the home, so grab your junk and let’s get started. Make A Vase With Your Unused Coins  Grab your unwanted pennies that are left around the house and get some glue.  Take a bland vase and get to sticking your coins to the outside of it until your vase is now a bronze masterpiece. OUR EXPERT ADVICEWe had so much fun making this, it takes some time but is very enjoyable and looks great.  DIY Colander Planters Colanders are excellent planters as they already have plenty of holes similar to a flower basket. If there are any going to waste at the back of the press hang them up outside and get to planting. OUR EXPERT ADVICEYou won’t believe how many unused colanders we had at the back of our press, so we thought we were geniuses when we starting using them as planters. Wine Corks For Keychains How many corks have you thrown out in your time after opening a bottle of wine?  It’s time to save these and use them as a keychain by sticking a small screw into the side and connecting the chain. OUR EXPERT ADVICEWe are no longer losing keys around the house as a cork stands out around the house and is easy to identify our keys now.  Shoebox For Organizing Cords  For every pair of shoes, we have bought there has been a perfectly good shoebox thrown out. If you have any left or get one soon, cut some holes in it to organize your cords and stop them from getting tangled. OUR EXPERT ADVICECords getting tangled does our head in so we didn’t realise the huge release of stress when we put them through a shoebox organizing them neatly, phew.  Turn Rolled  Newspapers Into Light Fixture If you are feeling extra creative get a bunch of old papers or magazine and roll them up. Stick them together one across the other in the shape of an octagon and place across light to illuminate the room. OUR EXPERT ADVICEWe have so much more room in our bins now that we aren’t throwing out newspapers anymore and started to use them as light fixtures.  You’ll never want to throw out your old junk again in case of what you can do with it. With a creative mind and a bit of initiative, you can create something from nothing. and transform a useless object into something spectacular.
  Drive-in theatres are a cool concept and if you want to build one for your personal use, you can easily do so. You can now turn your backyard into an outdoor theatre and enjoy your evening with your friends and family watching your favourite movie under the stars. All you are going to need are PVC pipes and a drop cloth. OUR EXPERT ADVICE Did you really think it is going to cost you a lot? Well, the best part about this DIY movie screen is that it is pretty easy on your pockets. It will just take you a few hours to put up your screen together. With the help of a hacksaw, cut the PVC pipes into two seven-foot and two three-foot sizes and fix a pipe elbow to one of the seven-foot pieces on each side. Now, take the five-foot PVC pipe and attach at both the elbows. The next step is to add a T-joint to the five-foot sections and attaching the other seven-foot piece to the other side to complete the square frame. OUR EXPERT ADVICE Really easy! You don’t need to be an engineering genius to create this. We created this in no time and even the kids could help you set it up. Now, at the bottom of each T-joint, attach the three-foot PVC pipes. You screen frame is ready and it’s time for you to put up the screen. Cut the drop cloth into a 6×7 foot rectangle and fix on the square frame of the PVC pipes. Make sure that the cloth is not wrinkled. Fix the cloth with the help of an adhesive or you can also sew the edges. Fix the screen on the ground with the help of U posts and your personal outdoor movie theatre is ready. OUR EXPERT ADVICE We followed the same steps and the size of the pipes but you can choose to build a screen of the size you want. All you need to do now is send an invitation to your friends, select the movie you want to watch throw in a packet of popcorn into the microwave. Enjoy your movie under the stars!
Do you have an old window and don’t know what to do with it? Well, we got you sorted: why not making a stylish coffee table with it? It’s an easy process, here it is! What you need: – a large window pane – pieces of wood for the box – hinges – 4 leg braces – 4 legs To begin, take the dimensions of your old window that you are going to use to make this coffee table. OUR EXPERT ADVICE We used a round window and it was actually very difficult, it’s better to use a square one. 2. Then, to make the box, you need a square piece of wood for the bottom, and four 1×6 trimboards. OUR EXPERT ADVICEYou should really respect theses proportions, because then your table is going to be very, very deep! 3. Nail these elements together. OUR EXPERT ADVICEBe careful with the hammer while nailing them. 4.Put your window on the top of you box. OUR EXPERT ADVICEThe top of your box is the empty part, don’t do like us! 5.Take your chest hinges and screw them to connect your window part and box part. OUR EXPERT ADVICEWe connected them the wrong way and then we couldn’t open the top part of the table. 6.Take your leg braces and screw them in on the back of your box, in each corner. OUR EXPERT ADVICEScrew them well or your table is going to be wobbly. 7.Then take your table legs and put them on the braces. OUR EXPERT ADVICESame here, place them well on the braces if you don’t want to spill your coffee while using this table! You have one unique coffee table now! OUR EXPERT ADVICEWe made this coffee table as well and it looks very nice but it’s not very handy  to put anything on it with the window panels!