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Even if we only open the faucet when we need and never let the water running, we’re wasting water and money if we don’t have the right faucets aerators. A low-flow faucet aerator is a solution to save water and money. When you fully open it, the rate is of 4 gallons per minute with a classic faucet aerator, whereas if you place a low-flow faucet aerator, it will be 2.5 gallons per minute. Follow our super easy steps to install one and save a lot.   Use a wrench to unscrew the old aerator of your faucet OUR EXPERT ADVICEHopefully it is not too full of limescale, because it was for us!  2. Take your new low-flow faucet aerator and place it on the of the spout 3. Screw it on OUR EXPERT ADVICE Be careful while screwing it on and do it well for the water not too leak when you’re going to open the faucet. … That’s all! OUR EXPERT ADVICEWe change for a low-flow faucet aerator recently and the savings are amazing, the flow is lower so it can be annoying sometimes but you get used to it.
One of the toughest things to do is save money, especially when you can’t figure out where you are going wrong.  A lot of it can come down to what you are buying for the kitchen which is probably where the most overspending is done. It is almost too easy to spend money on food with convenient takeaways at your service and eye-catching deals in shops. Find out five simple ways to avoid overspending and save yourself a life-changing amount of money like never before. Meal Prep For The Week Most people when they go shopping will pick up whatever looks appealing and they think will last them the week. This is where you are going wrong as you should have an idea in mind of what you will eat every day. This will make you buy specific products instead of needless pickups. OUR EXPERT ADVICEBuy for the week and no longer, trust us, it works and you’ll feel better about yourself because of it. Buy Reusable Kitchen Items One thing that is making your budget take a hit is buying one-off products that never get a second use. Replacing these with items that are reusable will make a huge difference and save you money during your shopping spree each week. OUR EXPERT ADVICEThese items include paperless towels, cloth napkins and sandwich bags which are great additions that have saved us hundreds. Mind Your Kitchen Appliances Your kitchen appliances are the most important thing in your kitchen that you use on a daily basis and need to cook your food. It is important that you take care of these not only for this reason but also that home appliances can be quite dear. OUR EXPERT ADVICEYou want your appliances to last years, not months, we still have the same pots and pans for 8 years.  Stock Up On Coupons  Coupons are arguably the best way to save money when it comes to food from excellent deals that supermarkets are offering through coupons. Building these up will save you a lot of money on your next shop, especially if they are the product that you are looking for. OUR EXPERT ADVICEWe can’t count how many times these have saved us money on our weekly shopping spree. Watch Leftovers The amount of food that is thrown out each year in homes is outrageous and accounts for millions, hundreds of which you will have contributed to. Try at all costs to avoid throwing out leftovers, instead cook a bit extra to use for lunch the next day leaving no wastage. OUR EXPERT ADVICEThis will encourage a healthier lifestyle as we constantly use leftovers for lunch the next day. You will start to notice little by little each week the money that you are saving which really does add up. This money can be put towards a family holiday or almost anything if it is built up long enough. Try your best to remain strict by following these steps.  
The holiday season is here. We all wait for the magical month the entire year. The season of good food, gifts, lights, decorations, and get-togethers with friends and family. But there is just one thing that leaves us worried – the expenses. OUR EXPERT ADVICE We are always left scratching our heads after the festivities are over and our bank balance is low. No matter how much ever you have planned, you always end up spending all your money on a lot of unnecessary things and regret later.  This year, let us plan carefully and budget our Christmas celebrations. To start with start budgeting your gifts. Prepare a list of people for whom you have to buy gifts. OUR EXPERT ADVICE It is always good to prepare a list keeping in mind the likes and dislikes of people and making sure you are not crossing your budget limit. Plan how much you will be spending on buying gifts so that if one or two items go above the budget, it can be balanced while buying the other gifts. There are also a lot of great discounts available online. Do proper research and shop ahead. You can also make gifts at home. There are a lot of DIY gift ideas available on the internet that help you with it. OUR EXPERT ADVICE This is not complicated at all. We created a lot of fun stuff for our friends and everyone loved it. Instead of splurging on buying stuff for decorating your house, you can either upcycle last years’ decorative items or create new ones at home. You can create a lot of interesting stuff with ribbons and colourful papers and even gift boxes. OUR EXPERT ADVICE Save a lot of fo money on buying wrapping papers and gift boxes. To buy food and drinks, prepare a list of items that you would need. Do not buy anything that you are doubtful about using for the Christmas dinner. Also, buying in bulk also gets you great offers at the grocery storesOUR EXPERT ADVICE A small tip: Do not spend much on sweets and chocolates. You might receive a lot as gifts from your family and friends.  If you don’t have a lot to buy, you can go grocery shopping with your friend and avail the offers available. Stick to the list you prepared and do not waste money on things you do not need. These simple hacks will help you save a lot of money that you might have been spending unnecessarily all these years. Hope you have great holidays. Merry Christmas!
LEDs are good not only for the environment, but also for your bank account! It’s getting more and more popular in houses, but have you switched yet for LEDs? Here are basic things to know before making the move! It’s an easy move You only need to replace your incandescent bulbs with screw-in LED bulbs that have a close performance to the incandescent bulb. OUR EXPERT ADVICEThe thing is that we didn’t know that they’re more expensive than the incandescent bulbs! They use less energy To sum up the idea: the LED lighting system converts 95% of the energy consumed into light, whereas incandescent bulbs convert only 10% of it. The 90% left is just heat. OUR EXPERT ADVICEThis is something crazy that we didn’t know either, ad it is so much energy wasted. They last The whole point is to save money, right? Well, buying the LED bulbs will be more expensive than buying incandescent ones, but prices tend to drop lately. At the end of the day, it is a long term investment: some LED bulbs can last up to 20 years, whereas incandescent bulbs last approximately 2 years. Also, your energy consumption is reduced to 70-90% with LED bulbs, making you save between $30 and $80 on your bills over the bulb’s lifespan. OUR EXPERT ADVICEIt’s true that we bought our LED bulbs maybe three years ago and they seem to be lasting so far! They’re flexible with light direction Did you know that LED lighting was directional? Well, your incandescent bulbs send light at all angles and don’t direct in where you want or need it. Another bad point. OUR EXPERT ADVICEWe have them at home and it’s actually really cool to be able to direct the light where you need it, when you’re reading for example. They have a range of color temperatures Each LED lightbulb has what is called a Correlated Color Temperature (CCT), corresponding to a Kelvin (K), which is a temperature scale. If the number of Kelvins is low, the light will be warmer and more yellow, and if it’s high the light will be colder and bluer. This choice depends on your preference and the ambience you want for each room. It’s another kind of customisation that LEDs allow you to do. OUR EXPERT ADVICELEDs can seem a bit cold, but we chose a different colour to have a warmer atmosphere at home and we’re delighted. They’re kind of dimmable When switching for LEDs, check that they’re compatible with your dimmer switch. Most LEDs are dimmable but check before and try. OUR EXPERT ADVICEOurs were compatible even if we forgot to check, so to avoid any disappointment, always check. So, ready for the big LED move? OUR EXPERT ADVICEWe switched to LEDs in every room now and we don’t regret it at all! We didn’t have to change them yet and we save money as well, it’s a really good investment.
  You might have spent all your life’s saving to build the house of your dreams. And maintaining it another task. From the walls to the plumbing, everything needs to updates in order to keep the house in the perfect shape. But the most important part that we forget is to keep a check on the foundation of the house. OUR EXPERT ADVICE Most of us commit this mistake. But worry not. It is not something that cannot be fixed. Any damage or crack in the foundation can destroy the whole house. Your dream house sits on the laid-out foundation and keeping it safe is important. A detailed assessment of any visible damage to the foundation is necessary on a regular basis. OUR EXPERT ADVICE You can start slowly in a step by step process. Start checking one part of the house first before moving on to the other part.  Once you have assessed the damage, it is time to determine how bad it is and then you can move to the repair process. You need to clean the site and then start with repairing the small cracks first. Mix up concrete and patch up the small cracks completely. To fill up the larger cracks, you need to fill them up with concrete till the core. Reassess your work after the concrete dries up. OUR EXPERT ADVICE It is a pretty simple task and will not even take much time to finish. But it is really important to keep the foundation of your dream house strong. Make sure that you completely seal off foundation walls so that there is no further occurrence of any other damage.    
Everyone wants to make their new house a home, but not everyone knows how. This is where we come in to give you some changing ideas free of charge to give you the perfect home that will be your own unique living space.  You’re going to kick yourself that you never thought of some of these ideas, they’re so simple and don’t cost a penny, check them out! Add Mirrors The addition of mirrors into each room will not only look great but it will also open up your space and brighten up the entire room as it reflects the light. There is nothing worse than a dark and dull room, this will change that. OUR EXPERT ADVICEAs well as brighten up the room, you can never have enough of looking at yourself from all angles with mirrors.  Move Furniture The position of your furniture can really make a difference to a room just by moving the cabinets, tables and couches or beds. It will give a different feel to the room and should generally be centred around facing the television with extra space. OUR EXPERT ADVICEWe’ve been guilty of moving the furniture too often with those who don’t like change, but it brings a new feel to our house. Decorate Walls  Bland walls can be very dull as they make up most of the room, so a dull wall means a dull house. Decorating the walls with art or photo frames will put your own feel into the room and make it unique and truly a home with family photos. OUR EXPERT ADVICEWe received endless compliments about our wall designs that are packed full of family portraits as well as colourful wallpapers.  Go Green Plants and Flowers aren’t just for outside, they can have a huge impact inside and bring a sense of life to the house. They are known to positively impact our mood and will give off a delightful smell. Invest in some well-known houseplants. OUR EXPERT ADVICEWe were a little hesitant about this but we could not be more wrong as it completely changes the feel for a room, we highly recommend. Keep It Clean One small thing that can make your house a home is simply keeping it clean and tidy and not letting it get messy with clutter thrown everywhere. You’ll be surprised at how many houses are like this, so don’t let yours join the list. OUR EXPERT ADVICEThere is nothing worse than a dirty house, we cringe at the thought of our home gathering dust, so you could class us as clean freaks.  With these easy and free additions, your house will become a home in no time and add a completely different look and feel that you and your visitors will love every time entering the house.
Have you ever dreamt of growing your own vegetables, fruits and herbs? Well it’s within everyone’s reach! You just need an outside space, big or small, there’s no problem. You can’t compare eating your own vegetables, but it’s also a way to save money and the environment. Follow our advices to create your Garden of Eden!   The space If you have a big space, well, you’re lucky! You can either go big and use all of it or just allocate only a short plot in your garden. For smaller spaces, you’ll need to get pots and planters, by being careful with their shapes. For example, square pots are wider and are more used for salads and herbs. OUR EXPERT ADVICEWhat is not written is that big pots and planters are expensive! So you’re actually more lucky if you already have a big garden! The tools If you’re a beginner, no need for complicated tools. Buy only what you need, mostly basics to start with. Your tool collection will grow at the same pace as your gardening experience. Don’t rush and trust us! OUR EXPERT ADVICEWe started by buying basics as well, and to be honest it was enough, unless you really try and do complicated stuff some day. Prepare the ground Anyone know that our dear greens need sun and a bit of water to be happy (just like us!). So before planting or placing your pots outside, have a look at your garden and choose the brightest spot! Also, check the soil: stones or thin soil aren’t great to plant. If needed, build raised beds before planting and you can also add some soil improver or manure. To avoid dampness, check the drainage before planting. And last but not least, always read carefully the instructions when buying a plant, to be sure to build your garden in optimal conditions. OUR EXPERT ADVICEIf your soil is not great, you’re going to struggle a bit to be honest because you will have to fix this building raised beds. Plan You can’t plant anything anytime of the year unfortunately! Plan everything by building your own calendar and search what plants would work best for your space. You can also check seed planners online. OUR EXPERT ADVICEWe’ve tried the seed planners and it’s actually great and helps you a lot! Select Here is some help to choose the easiest vegetables and fruits to grow: – Vegetables : spinach, leeks, onions, courgettes, radishes potatoes, tomatoes, lettuce – Berries: raspberries, strawberries, blackcurrant, blueberries – Fruits: plum, cherry, apple, pear OUR EXPERT ADVICEThey actually are the easiest and really don’t need a lot of care, so it’s a good way to start with these. … and the most important advice: enjoy! OUR EXPERT ADVICEWe had no experience in gardening and these few tips have been really useful. The only thing is that as many hobbies it’s a budget, especially paying for some plants or trees.
  House fires can completely throw your life out of gear. It not only causes huge loss but is also traumatizing. OUR EXPERT ADVICE We understand how much it would hurt losing your dream house in an incident like that.  If you have recently suffered from a house fire, here are a few important things you must do before starting to set up your house again. The first thing to do is to find a place to relocate to help your family cope with that terrifying experience and especially if you have children and pets. OUR EXPERT ADVICE Kids do not cope really well in such a situation. So, you must take extra care to normalise them.  In the case of huge losses, you can also reach the disaster relief agencies. take some time to recover from what just happened and plan on the next steps. Contacting your insurance agent and alerting the police should be the first things you must do after moving to a safe location.  OUR EXPERT ADVICE Informing the cops did help us secure the house from the burglars who might be lurking around in search of an opportunity to steal. The insurance people will help you start with the repair work as soon as possible or will help you search for a new place and the cops will provide security to the house from the robbers. Plan your finances wisely and create a list of damaged goods and all your important documents too. Before you return to collect your belongings from the house, make sure that the fire marshall has declared it safe to enter it. It might be dangerous entering the house without getting clearance from the fire department as the structure would have become weak due to the fire.  Also, wait to get clearance to turn on certain utilities in your house.OUR EXPERT ADVICE It is a difficult time but when handled correctly, you might be able to fix the problem much more efficiently. We hope no one ever goes through this situation ever in their life. But if ever this happens, this is how you can put your life back on track without making any mistake.
Everyone wants to have unlimited space in every part of their house but this is almost impossible, or is it? We have put together the best tips and additions that you can have that will give you the ultimate amount of storage space that you never knew you need. You won’t know what to do with this much new space for items, we hope you have a lot of items that need a new home, find out how to get this extra space the easy way. Built-In Shelf Cases We’re sure you have plenty of movies and cd’s hanging around in unwanted spaces, so give them a home in a full wall-length shelf casing. You can also add books and anything else that might fit in here that is going to look neat and tidy. OUR EXPERT ADVICEThey have come in so handy in our home as we are big book fans, so now there is a neat spot for them and not scattered everywhere like before.  Pot Racks  Pots and pans take up a lot of space in drawers and all over the kitchen really so give them their own spot with racks either on the wall or ground. This will free up space in your cupboard and drawers for other needs and are now easily accessible. OUR EXPERT ADVICEWe finally gave in and got a pot rack after constant rearranging and we could not be happier, it is so convenient.  Storage Chest A storage chest is a great addition to almost any room as they can hold anything with a deep space available that will take away the messy look from any room and free up leg space. You can get one that fits and blends in with the rest of the room. OUR EXPERT ADVICEYou won’t believe how much extra space your house will have, we pack everything in here from the kids’ toys to personal belongings. Storage Bed The bedroom can get very messy with clothes, shoes and almost everything else you own that makes its way into the room. Having storage units connected to your bed will give you so much more room for activity and no room for dust under the bed. OUR EXPERT ADVICEJust picture a storage chest, but the size of a bed and you have a storage bed. Since we have gotten one in, there are fewer items taking up floor space. with the amount of room.  Tools Shed The garage is probably the messiest room in the house that gets dumped with all of your once used tools, boxes and sports equipment that are taking up space. Find a neat home for these by getting a shed specifically for holding these items until you need them. OUR EXPERT ADVICEIf you don’t have a tool shed you are missing out on valuable space, our lives have changed since we invested in one. You will be able to add a crazy amount of storage space to your home by adding these simple additions to your home that are convenient as well as creating space. You won’t know what to do with the extra space.
Have you checked if your house is well insulated? It is something that we tend to forget and it is always good to check before the winter cold comes. If not well insulated, you are going to loose a lot of energy and money. To protect the environment (and your bank account!) here are six parts of your home that need good insulation and how much you’ll be able to save if well done!   Solid walls Solid walls can be insulated either from the inside or the outside. As they let through twice as much heat as cavity walls, it is good to insulate them properly. From the inside, you cant fit on the wall rigid insulation boards or fill in a stud wall with some insulation material. If you choose to do it from the outside, you can fit one layer of insulation material to the wall and then cover it with a special type of render. This costs more than insulating a cavity wall, but it’s worth it as you could save from £115 to £415 a year. OUR EXPERT ADVICETo insulate walls yourself is not complicated but it will cost you, so be ready to pay a good amount  for the materials. Cavity walls Cavity walls (two walls with a gap in between) don’t let as much heat as solid walls going outside and are cheaper to insulate, so that’s first good point. First, you need to know what type of walls you have in your house.  When your house’ bricks have a regular pattern if you look at the exterior, this means that you have cavity walls. If the pattern is alternating, then you might have solid walls. Savings can go from £65 to £250 per year. OUR EXPERT ADVICEThis tip is not a 100% sure, so always ask someone else’s advice before doing anything yourself. Roof and loft To insulate your loft or attic, you can use rolls of mineral wool insulation. The house will be warmer, but be careful, the roof space won’t be. So you also need to insulate pipes and water tanks for them not to freeze. You can save up from £115 to £215 a year. OUR EXPERT ADVICEOur pipes and water tanks froze once, and trust us, it’s better to insulate them. Floors Seal the gaps between floors and skirting boards with a DIY store sealant. If you have concrete ground floor, you can put rigid insulation on top of it. But if you have suspensed timber floors, you can insulate them by putting mineral wool insulation under the floorboards, supported by netting between the joists. You can save from £25 to £65 by doing this. OUR EXPERT ADVICEWe saved about £45, so it’s actually working and it’s always a good amount to save. Tanks, pipes and radiators Did you know that you could insulate them as well? You can insulate your hot water cylinder with a cylinder jacket and your pipes with foam tubes. Insulating behind your radiators for example will reduce the heat that you’re going to loose. You will save money and your radiator will stay hot longer. You can save about £89 a year. OUR EXPERT ADVICEDid you know that you were losing heating behind the radiators? We were surprised as well, but it makes sense now we see it too. Draught-proofing Tired of always having gaps around your windows or doors? A simple, cheap and effective way to solve this is to use sealant to fill them. You can save around £25 per year. OUR EXPERT ADVICEWe don’t really know how much we saved for this one, probably not that much, but the most important was that we didn’t have any more breeze coming in!
  Finding a good plumber for your house is important as the plumbing system in your house could be complex. If you just hire someone without much experience, you might destroy your house. There are a few steps that you must follow when you are looking for a plumber to fix an issue in your home. OUR EXPERT ADVICEWe all waste a lot of of time trying to look for the best plumbers in our neighbourhood and often end up hiring the wrong person for the job. Choose the right kind of plumber required for the job and do not forget to ask for their licence and insurance. Ask the plumber for the references for the recent projects handles by the plumber. This will give you an idea if the person you are going to hire is the right fit or not. Choose companies or agencies that are members of trade associations. Note that while talking over the phone, did they pay attention to the key details you mentioned and if were polite to you.OUR EXPERT ADVICE We tried calling a few agencies and talking to some of them was not a very great experience as they would not share the details we were looking for. So, beware! A quick internet search can give you hundreds of options to hire a plumber but is that the best thing to do? Look for Facebook neighbourhood pages.  OUR EXPERT ADVICE You can look for groups on social media where people also put advertisements for such jobs. Also, a personal referral from family and friends about a plumber that has previously attended to their problems is also a great way. There are a few good websites too that can help search for the kind of person you are looking for. OUR EXPERT ADVICEGoogle search with the right keywords might help you as well. Before hiring someone, ask them if they have done that kind fo fixing/installing job before and if they will take guarantee of their work. Communicate as clearly as possible about the problems, your budget and the concerns. OUR EXPERT ADVICEThese tips did help us find the right person to fix the plumbing issues at our house. We hope these tips help you find the right plumber to attend to your plumbing needs.
If there is an easier way to love our life day to back we are going to take it. This starts first thing in the morning when you enter the bathroom, there are some hacks that you don’t know which are going to change your life. There can be quite a lot of cleaning up done in the bathroom but with these simple steps, your life will be so much easier and will save you some valuable time.  Find out what they are. Get Rid Of Creases In Clothes Bringing in a creased top or pants while you are showering will help get rid of the tough creases due to the build-up of steam.  This will save you time ironing as it will be almost ready to wear. OUR EXPERT ADVICEYou don’t know how much time we have saved in the mornings doing this instead of ironing, give it a go. Add Extra Curtain Rod  You won’t believe the extra leisure you are going to have from adding an extra shower curtain rod into your bathroom which will give you extra storage. You can hook some storage containers onto this to store all of your products instead of all over the bathroom. OUR EXPERT ADVICEWe can’t stand a messy bathroom, so when we installed a second rod we were in dreamland with no messy sinks anymore. Amplify The Sink If you enjoy listening to some music while getting ready in the bathroom simply put your phone into the towel-dry sink which will amplify the sound. This is going to make your mornings go faster with your favourite songs playing. OUR EXPERT ADVICEThis has given us some memorable singing moments in the shower that we think everyone needs to brighten their day.  Add Oil To Toilet Roll This may sound weird but hear us out, add some essential oil to the inside of the cardboard on toilet roll to leave your bathroom smelling nice with the fragrance used. The cardboard is very observed and will soak up the oils and give off the scent. OUR EXPERT ADVICEWe didn’t think this would actually work but how wrong we were, we can’t go back now, we advise you to do the same.  Bring In A Ziploc Bag  If you enjoy using your tablet or phone in the bath or shower but are afraid to use it, simply pop it into a Ziploc bag. This way you can either hold it and watch Netflix in the bath or hang it somewhere and play music. OUR EXPERT ADVICEWe’ll admit that we have spent a lot more time in the bath since we discovered this, it is a genius tip that everyone needs to know. Your bathroom life is going to be so much easier and more convenient with these amazing hacks that you wouldn’t have even thought about. Your morning can get off to the perfect start now which will leave you in a good mood for the day.
  We all love playing with bubble wrap. Best stress buster ever. It is also great to wrap your precious items to keep them safe. But did you know bubble wraps can also trap heat and can help keep your house warm during the winters? OUR EXPERT ADVICE We could not believe it either but then we tried it ourselves. And blimey! it works. Winters are tough time trying to keep the house warm and cosy with the radiators and the heaters and the electricity bill shoots up too. Insulating your house with bubble wrap will not only keep your electricity bills down but will also help you keep the heat trapped inside your house. OUR EXPERT ADVICE Trust us, our electricity bills did come down and the house remained warm for a longer time.   All you are going to need is a sheet of bubble wrap and a water spray bottle. Cut the bubble wrap sheet to the size of the window where you want to fix it. Spray the window with some water and place the bubble wrap on it, thus sticking it on the glass pane. OUR EXPERT ADVICEThis is the simplest and cheapest trick ever to keep your house warm. It increases the isolative value of the window, thus trapping the heat inside the house. We hope this trick helps you stay warm and cosy this winter and keeps your electricity bill under check.
When selling your house, you want to be able to get every last penny out of it and hope that it goes for a price higher than what you bought it to make a profit. This should be no problem as hopefully, you have made it better and added things that were not already there. The more that your house has that differs from others in the area, the more chance it has of selling for a better price. There are some simple changes and upgrades that you can make in your home to make it look more attractive and help improve the price. Find out what they are. Break Out The Paint Adding a lick of paint to anything makes it more attractive and more appealing to the eye so this is exactly what you need to do where suitable. It can make a room or anything look like brand new which will up the appeal of it and make your house stand out. OUR EXPERT ADVICEWe were surprised by how much of a difference this made to our home. If we had known that earlier we wouldn’t have sold it. Upgrade Landscaping  This first thing that potential buyers will see when arriving at your house is the landscape and the condition that it is in and its surroundings. Keeping your lawn neat and tidy and adding a few nice flowers to add a bit of colour will give a lovely look to the landscape as the curb appeal is vital. OUR EXPERT ADVICEYou can never underestimate the importance of landscaping, thankfully we had a lovely one which got us a few extra dollars on the sale. Give Bathroom A Makeover The condition that the bathroom is in is much more important than you’d think as it needs to be in excellent condition with a modern feel to it. Getting a mini-makeover by installing vanity units and a walk-in shower is very appealing to buyers. OUR EXPERT ADVICEThere is nothing nicer than a sparkling clean and modern bathroom which we upgraded a few years before the sale, but it definitely benefitted the price.  Outdoor Dining Area Having an outdoor dining area with tables and chairs and a walkway is a great sight to see as new buyers can picture spending summer evenings out there. Invest in having this door as it will work for you in the long run with a good return guaranteed. OUR EXPERT ADVICEProbably the best thing we did to our former home was installed an outdoor dining area for casual gatherings which was a key factor for the buyers investing.  Add Crown Molding Giving your home a makeover with some crown molding will really give it that extra bit of wow and become an attractive sight to buyers. It is a quick and inexpensive way to catch the eye and flare out the finished top edge of your interiors. OUR EXPERT ADVICEWe didn’t think this would make much of a difference but how wrong we were, the new homeowners noticed it immediately and loved it.  Your house will definitely have been bumped up in the price market by making these small, simple changes that will have a big impact on the overall view of the house.
Warming up water for a shower or bath can cost, especially because water heaters run all the time. To avoid this and save money, the best solution is to get an electric water heater timer. This way, you can just program your water heater to work only during specific hours, in the morning and the evening only for example. It is very simple to install as well, here’s our guide.    Start by turning off the power off of your electric water heater from the circuit breaker to be safe. OUR EXPERT ADVICEThis is a very important one, and to be honest, we almost forgot to do it, so be careful! 2. Think well before placing your electric water heater timer. You’ll need to be able to reach it easily and the wires need to be able to reach the power source. It would be best to install it on the wall, checking that it is level and plumb. OUR EXPERT ADVICEWe put it in a wrong spot and it was actually really annoying trying to reach it so we had to move it. 3. Check that you have enough cord before installing it. Cut the power wire to the water heater. Take the wire and strip back its insulation, then connect it into the timer control. Make sure that you mark clearly the screws to be able to connect the wire. Take the other wire and connect it toward the water heater to the timer’s screws where it’s written “To Water Heater”. OUR EXPERT ADVICE This step is actually a bit complicated so we advise you to it with someone. 4. You’re all sorted and ready to save money! OUR EXPERT ADVICEWe tried this at home and it’s actually great if you take showers everyday at the same time, but a bit annoying when you take unexpected showers in between these times and have to turn the water heater on again.