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On ne présente plus Emilia Clarke. La star de la série phénomène Game Of Thrones a conquis le public dès sa première apparition en 2011 dans la série dans le rôle de la désormais mythique Daenerys Targaryen ou Khaleesi. Depuis qu’elle est connue mondialement, chaque apparition d’Emilia Clarke est un événement. L’actrice britannique de 33 ans a toujours eu beaucoup de style et elle l’a prouvé aussi bien sur le tapis rouge qu’au quotidien. Sa beauté naturelle est aussi saisissante. Le show télé lui a ouvert les portes du cinéma, comme pour le film ‘Last Christmas’ sorti en 2019. Pour l’avant-première à New York elle était éblouissante. Voici une rétrospective de ses plus beaux looks jusqu’à cette avant-première.
Woodstock. Un mot n’a jamais évoqué autant. 3 jours de musique, de paix et d’amour. Plus de 400 000 personnes réunies dans l’Etat de New York. Du 15 au 14 août 1969, le festival a marqué l’Histoire. Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Joan Baez, The Who,… certainement la meilleure line up de l’histoire de la musique.  Le festival s’étant déroulé juste à la fin des années soixante, la période hippie et pacifiste battait son plein. Le festival est connu pour être sans limites: drogue, sexe et rock ‘n’ roll sont les maîtres mots. Le festival a fait tout de même deux morts et deux naissances ont eu lieu, mais aussi de nombreux blessés. Tout le monde a parlé du festival et on a tous aperçus quelques photos célèbres. En revanche certaines images ont été révélées plus tard et sont très rares et incroyables, les voici.  
Nos célébrités préférées font déjà partie de la haute société, que ce soit dans le cinéma ou la musique.  Mais saviez-vous que certaines de nos stars préférées ont du sang royal?  Cela paraît fou, mais il y en a plus que vous ne croyez et leurs identités sont surprenantes. Elles peuvent être des cousins/cousines très éloignées de la famille royale britannique par exemple, mais on a dû mal à y croire. Beyoncé serait-elle la cousine éloignée de la Reine Elizabeth II? Voyez par vous-même!
Une des séries les plus célèbres et populaires de tous les temps a touché à sa fin, brisant le coeur de milliers de spectateurs. Pour prolonger le plaisir, nous avons rassemblé le meilleur des photos volées des coulisses de Game of Thrones !  Et ils ne sont pas si sérieux que ça !  
Les animaux peuvent être tout aussi mignons que monstrueux. Certains croient aux légendes telles que le monstre du Loch Ness ou encore Moby Dick, mais quand on y pense, ces légendes sont certainement fondées sur des animaux existants. Les plus petits ne sont pas forcément les plus inoffensifs, détrompez-vous. Nous avons regroupé les créatures les plus dangereuses du monde, et croyez-nous, elles ne sont pas celles que vous croyez.
Comic books are one of our favourite pastimes in America that enthralled our childhood from the moment we could read. They captivated us and gave us an imagination we never knew we had. Some of the most popular ones were superhero comics which every child on the street would have and there would be a race to see who could get the latest issue of the comic. Our earliest memories of comics could probably come from the old newspaper sketches that would have their own little section in the local paper that would make us laugh. We would sneak the comics under our pillows and try and read them past our bedtime when all of the lights went out. This was a time before electronic gaming took over, and it was a great time. Let’s take a trip down memory lane and look at the greatest comic book series’ ever created.   
Considered to be the most iconic women in British history, Queen Victoria was the longest reigning queen of Britain. Now, the title is held by Queen Elizabeth II. She was so popular and loved by the people that an entire era was named after her. She started a lot of trends in the British royal family that is even followed till date. There are a lot of things about her life, love, marriage and the many assassination attempts that most people don’t know about. Read on to find out many more such interesting facts about her life. 
“ I Dream of Jeannie” is one of the most popular American sitcom shows of all time that was hugely popular during the 60s and was a direct competitor to “Bewitched”. The fantasy sitcom series starred Barbara Eden as a 2,000 year old genie and Larry Hagman as an astronaut who becomes her master with the two eventually falling in love with each other and marrying. The show aired in 1965 and ran for 5 seasons with 139 episodes produced until it was cancelled in 1970. Although the show debuted over 50 years ago, it is still popular amongst recent generations due to it being passed down by parents. It still makes appearances on normal television today that can be watched. It will go down as one of the greatest ever shows, but what happened behind the scenes? Some of these facts will blow your mind and make you look at the show differently.   
Travelling alone and travelling with kids are two very different things. While you travel carefree with just a backpack, the situation gets completely different when you have kids accompanying you. Not only do you have to make sure that you have packed everything essential, but you must also book your flight tickets as per the routine of your child. There are various things you must keep in mind before you plan a trip with your child. But worry not. It is not even that difficult. Just follow these simple steps and travelling with kids could be hassle free. Read on to find out how…
Queen Elizabeth is known to be a great fan of dogs and has grown up with a number of pooches around her. Other royal families too around the world are known to have a special bond with their pets. Photos of the royal kids and the royal couples posing with their favourite animals always make our day. These adorable pictures of the pooches, hamsters, horses, bunnies and other animals warm everyone’s hearts each time they appear in the tabloids. Take a look at a few of the favourite pooches of the royal families.  
If you dream about pizzas and chocolates, you are a true foodie and there is nothing more satisfying for a foodie than to watch the delicious delicacies being prepared. There are many Hollywood movies that are made for true food fanatics. These films talk all about food and how its is prepared and how it can help you even find love. From a rat fulfilling his dream to become a chef to a chef starting a food truck to live his dream, these movies will not just leave you hungry but also inspired to head straight into your kitchen and start cooking. Take a look at some of these movies that are worth a watch.   
Death comes to all of us and it is natural to be curious about it. But can you ever tell when and how it will strike you? Well, there are many people who have predicted their deaths and also the exact day and the cause. Sounds weird, right? You can call it a coincidence or foresight, there are few well known stories of celebrities who saw it coming and gave out hints on when and how they are going to die. We wish there was a device that could tell us when and how we are going to die. Read on to find out how these celebrities could foresee their deaths and predict it.
You might be a regular customer at a hotel or a restaurant but there are some permanent ones too. We are talking about the ones who never leave – the Ghosts. They might be a victim of a tragedy that struck them while they were staying at the place or they might be the owners who now refuse to leave it. People around the world have reported many such encounters with apparitions and have seen weird things happening at these places. If you are interested in dining with the dead, these are places you should go for the experience.   
Living next to a crazy neighbour could be a nightmare. They live next to our house and whether you like it or not, you have to put up with all the stupidity they do. If you are lucky enough, you will be blessed with the best friendly people as your neighbours, but what if someone crazy move in next door? There are plenty of stories that people have experienced and some of them are hilariously stupid. We think each one of us at some point in our life has seen or lived with such neighbours who have turned our lives upside down. Read on to find out some of the funniest neighbours that have become quite popular on the internet.
Art enthusiast or not, there are a few marvellous pieces of art that you must see. You will end up loving these masterpieces. Some of these are created centuries before you were born and you will be amazed to see the technique and the idea used behind creating such masterpieces. They are priceless and the museums they are kept in attracts thousands of visitors from around the world just get a glimpse of the paintings. Read on and find out when and how these paintings were created and where you can see them.   
Plane crashes are always devastating and heartbreaking. But as the years pass by, the wrecks of these planes live on to tell a story. You must have visited many historical monuments and natural beauties but have you ever considered making a trip to see the plane wrecks that have been lying for decades and attract a great number of tourists. From being operated by drug lords to having been crashed in the forests during the World War, there are these beautiful plane wrecks that tell great stories about the past. Read on to find out where they are located and what is the history behind them.
Not every successful singer you listen to today has had a great start. To reach great heights in their career, every big music star started off as a support vocalist or as a backup singer. From Katy Perry to Cher, almost every music star has gone through their own share of struggles to achieve what they have today. Sometimes it takes time even for the producers to spot that one talent from the crowd of so many singers. Take a look at this list to find out who are these celebrities who worked as a backup singer during the start of their career. There are a few names on this list that you won’t believe.   
Camping in the woods is an experience full of adventure and teaches you how to manage with the minimal things and food.  And if you are camping with your friends and family, the fun just doubles. But when you are camping outside, there are many things you need to be aware of and be prepared for any unforeseen misadventures. From cooking in the forest, putting up a tent and tying a hammock, there are many challenges you might face while camping. Take a look at this hilarious compilation of camping photos that will make you laugh out loud. These campers have faced it all – from being visited by an unknown visitor to falling on a group of cacti. 
Queen Elizabeth II has been ruling the United Kingdom since 1952, making her the longest-serving monarch in history.  She has been on the thrown for over 70 years and is now 93 and still going strong. She is showing no signs of slowing down and is still carrying out her everyday duties like she always has. What is her secret? What she puts into her body can be the reason behind this as she has some very strict and bizarre eating habits that she lives by. They seem to be working for her as you must be doing something right to get to that age, right? She is very health conscious and everything that she eats is with the intention of being healthy. You need to see some of these strict rules, we’re not sure we could live by these, but living to 93 does sound appealing.
Name a better love story than the British and their tea, there isn’t one. The English are obsessed with their tea almost as much as the Irish with the great battle of Lyons Vs Tetley’s  an everlasting debate between the two countries. Lunchtime tea with cakes and scones have become almost as popular as an evening meal for Londoners with countless amounts of locations hosting the midday social event. Afternoon tea has become one of the more popular forms of meet ups with friends and have almost taken over from the pub scene. If there is one thing that the English love more than pints, it’s tea and a sweet treat. These luxurious locations in London are considered to be the best places around for sitting down for afternoon tea with an incredible selection to choose from for your gossip discussion topics. Find out where the best places in London are for afternoon tea.   
They say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but so are handbags, so when you combine the two, you have a dream bag for almost every woman. Dreams are not cheap however and these bags show that in the most shocking way possible with mindblowing prices. Handbags have been a part of women’s attire for years now as they can’t go out without it and must have one that suits all of their needs and holds all of their possessions. They come in all shapes, sizes and colours with specific handbags for specific occasions as well as those that match an outfit. They are a luxury that every woman adores, and you’ll fall in love with these handbags once you see them. These are no cheap products, they are the real deal and they are really dear. If you have a couple of million you can add these handbags to your collection. Here are the most expensive handbags in the world.
Celebrities are known to invest in a lot of side businesses apart from their full-time acting career. From starting new clothing brands to makeup brands, celebrities make the most of their blooming acting careers. Another flourishing business where celebrities these days are seen investing in is the restaurant business. There are many top restaurants around the world owned or co-owned by famous celebrities and attract a lot of visitors from everywhere. Anything that has a celeb name attached to it already gains a lot of popularity and if it is a food place, there are high chances that you might also get a glimpse of your favourite star. Take a look at these most popular eateries started by some Hollywood celebrities.   
We know celebrities for their roles on the big screen or in the news and almost everything in their life being publicized. But just when we think we know everything about them, they go and blow us out of the water again. You hear something new about them that you can relate to and makes them almost seem human and normal. They have to have their side hobbies away from their job just like us. The only difference is that they have millions to invest in this, and can do practically anything they want. It is mad to think that celebrities can be as obsessed with their hobbies as we are with ours. Quite a lot of celebrities are big into collecting items, and we think this is where we draw the line. We can’t picture these celebrities having a collection of these strange items, but each to their own. Here are some of the weirdest collections that the biggest celebrities in the world have.
With a career lasting for more than 75 years, he was called “The Most Famous Man That Ever Lived” by The Guardian. Born on April 16, 1889 in Walworth, UK, Charlie Chaplin was the most pivotal star in the early days of Hollywood. An actor who made his audience laugh like no one else. His timeless comedy has entertained many hearts over the years, making The Tramp the most famous character ever. But Charlie Chaplin’s off- screen life is far from all the laughs he generated with his acting. From failed marriages to being under the FBI radar, his life was full of tragedies. Read on to find out more about the King of Comedy who suffered silently all his life.   
If you are a common gym user, you will come across a lot of strange exercises and machines performed by people that you can’t understand the full use of. If it doesn’t look natural, then it probably isn’t and is not good for you. There are countless amounts of exercises at your disposal, but do you know which ones are beneficial and which ones are totally useless and actually harmful? Some of your favourite exercises you perform regularly could be completely useless and do more harm than good. When training, you should get the most out of your workout in the safest way possible without putting the risk of injury on your body. You are wasting time and energy on certain things when you could be doing more beneficial exercises that are more natural and with a low risk of injury. You need to drop these exercises for good before it is too late, find out what they are, you’ll be surprised.
Imagine waking up early in the morning and as you look out of the window, you enjoy the calmness of the beautiful sea and kids playing on the beach. Sounds dreamy, right? Everyone’s secret wish is to own property near the sea. But where should you be investing in is a matter of great concern. Buying a property involves looking at many other aspects related to the place. Take a look at these quaint seaside places in the UK which provide you with the best lifestyle options to consider having a second home here.   
Watches are a statement of power as much as a fashion look. The bigger and flashier the watch, the wealthier the person. There are different watches for different occasions such as casual wear, events and sports, all made to suit this specific occasion. The prices of watches are incredibly different depending on the key factors that determine the wealth of the watch. These include technology, craftsmanship, materials used and brand which plays a major factor. These variables all function together to determine the watches value, with top brands like Rolex, Audemars Piguet and Patek Philippe as the leading brands. The bigger the brand, the dearer the watch and this also means the fancier the watch as it will be the have the best of everything that goes into a watch. These watches may be out of your budget, but they aren’t for some people, find out what the most expensive watches in the world are.
New Year means new resolutions, new hopes, new dreams and moving on to a new chapter in life. We all want the new year to be a fresh start to our lives and celebrating it in the most memorable way is the best way to do it. The New Year’s fireworks at many places around the world are organised in such a spectacular way that billions of people watch it live or on their Tv sets – either way, they try not to miss it. If you wish to ring in the New Year in the most memorable and stylish ways, here is a list of places you must consider visiting.   
Some movies that are brought out have absolutely no intention of creating a sequel so everything is tied up in the first film, or so you would think. Some of the biggest films of all time couldn’t just leave it after the first instalments due to popular demand from fans demanding a sequel. This can ruin quite a lot of films, especially if there is some time between the films which may lead to the movie not working in the new decade. Some of our favourite movies from the 90s and 00s are making a return after our crying for the past 20/30 years for them. They are either direct sequels to the original or further follow-ups to instalments. Our inner child is getting excited just looking at some of these titles as we are prepared to relive our childhood again. These films sound incredible, bring them out already we’ve waited long enough!
Losing a loved one or a close friend is one of the hardest times in life that can take quite some time to recover from. Not having someone around who you have been so used to is challenging, but we must get through this tough period, especially the funeral and aftermath. Many people have different ways of coping with this process, some grieve, others stay positive. Finding the bright side in any dark situation is the best way to overcome this tough time. One way of overcoming this is adding a funny memory of the deceased into their obituary that they are fondly remembered for. This can be your favourite memory of them or something that they were recognized for by others. This can normally be lighthearted, but these obituaries take it too far. You’ll die when you see these, we’d come back and haunt whoever wrote this about us. Take a look at the funniest obituaries ever written.     
At the end of the day, where you are going in life will come down to your education and how well you do in school. There is so much importance placed on education by governments due to the significance that it has in the later stages of your life. Without an education, there is a decreased chance of success in individuals, so it is important that it is taken seriously. Being successful in this from an early age will give you a wide choice of universities to choose from. A Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a graduate-level degree that covers a wide range of business fields. These programs are offered in the highest quality of business schools around the world. Take a look at what the best business schools in the world are.
Calories are a big bad scary word in the fitness world that is whispered and seen as the ‘word that shall not be named’. Calories are a pivotal part of training but it is so hard to keep track of your calories as you have to look into every food that you are eating and also how many you burn when you exercise. They are a unit of energy used in nutrition with an emphasis put on reducing the intake of calories throughout training programs. The fewer calories you are consuming, the more chance of losing the weight you have. There are calories in everything that we eat, but they have never been easier to burn off with some excellent exercises that can burn up to 1,000 calories per workout. High intensity is the best way to go to find out what the best calorie-burning exercises are, you need to try these.
When famous people leave this world, their last words are always remembered by their fans and followers as a word of wisdom. Some of these last words are full of wisdom, some of these are quite witty too. From Karl Marx announcing that “Last Words Are For Fools Who Haven’t Spoken Enough” to Charlie Chaplin’s witty reply to a priest, these eminent personalities did not just do great works during their lifetime but also left a mark with these one-liners before leaving this world. Take a look at some of the famous last words spoken by the great minds.   
Planks are one of the best and most underrated exercises in the world that have an incredible overall impact on your body. The plank works almost every major muscle, mainly focusing on the core as well as your arms, back and shoulders. It is possibly the most physically and mentally challenging exercise you will ever do with just 1 minute of it feeling like an eternity. For something that seems so simple, it is extremely difficult to master and only gets better with time. The positioning of the plank is where you are supporting your body in an elevated position with your legs and arms keeping your balance for a set time. This is generally done with a straight back and on your elbows to really get your core activated. It is so much more than just an isometric core exercise, as it can transform your entire body. Find out how performing a plank everyday can change your life, you’ll want to plank immediately after this.   
Working in an office can be a very stressful and tiring workplace, and that’s just the work, never mind the colleagues. Working with a large number of people can have its positives and negatives. Not only do you share the same office, but you also share the same canteen and equipment which can become a major issue. Due to this shared space, you must rely on others to clean their own messes or tidy their work desk as well as looking after the equipment in the office that everyone uses. This can be a big conflicting issue in an office as not everyone is as organised as you and tend to slack and not clean up after themselves, which infuriates others. Messy work areas and a dirty canteen are two of the biggest problems faced in the office environment, but colleagues aren’t afraid to point this out. Although they may not always know who the culprit is, this has not stopped them from posting hilarious signs making the culprits aware of their wrong doings. Take a look at the funniest signs ever found in offices, these are hilarious.   
We have become so familiar with speaking our own language that we forget that we are not alone with billions speaking different languages without touching English. One stat that we can’t get our head around is that there are around 6,500 spoken languages throughout the world for the 7.7 billion population. This is a crazy stat as we would struggle to name any more than 10 languages. We are so accustomed to hearing the main languages spoken that we ignore little known languages that we do not come into contact with. The numbers for these speakers can vary from millions to thousands to hundreds. There are some very rare spoken languages that we will never hear in our lives which are spoken by small communities. Can you guess what the most spoken language in the world is? Some of these languages will shock you with how many people speak them.   
The weird and wonderful of the world never ceases to amaze us and one of the best parts of this is the bickering and pettiness between citizens. This is seen at its most with people travelling on roads no matter what vehicle they have. They are judged for their every move and if they don’t follow the rules down to the letter, they will be made aware of it. The biggest guilty parties include bad parking, speeding, not using indicators and just overall recklessness on the road. Some people can ignore this and carry on with their day, but there are some who just can’t let this behaviour go. Take a look at some of the funniest and most bizarre notes ever left on windshields. They must have been really bad drivers! Just look at number six, wow!
Australia is a country like no other and is truly unique from almost every other country which is just one of the many reasons why it is a must-visit at least once in your lifetime. It is the oldest, driest and most inhabited continent with a landmass of over 7 million square kilometres. The landscapes in Australia are what truly distinguish the country above everyone else with deserts, rainforests and mountain ranges like no other. It is a highly developed country with a population of 26 million with a very diverse community. You may fear Australia for some of the creatures that roam the sandy roads, but don’t let them get in the way of you experiencing the true meaning of Australia. You have to go to Australia for these specific reasons above everything else, find out what they are.
Animals have the ability to be the most stunning, fascinating and terrifying creatures to ever roam the planet. There have been some truly breathtaking creatures living among us that we probably haven’t even become familiar with, some of which you will be thankful. Many of the most terrifying creatures to ever roam the Earth have been extinct such as saber-tooth tigers, dinosaurs, mega-crocodiles and the megalodon. We can be thankful that these super creatures are no longer on our planet leaving us to sleep easy at night, but there are still some truly scary animals out there that will keep you up at night. These animals may be descendants and smaller versions of their extinct family members, but that doesn’t make them any less scary. You need to see what prehistoric animals are still wandering around for your own safety, they may be in your garden!  
Keeping your back in good shape is vital to your overall health as without a good strong healthy back, you will struggle with simple everyday tasks like bending, walking and general movement. It is very common to get lower back pain and overall back pain for many reasons such as bad posture while sitting and standing as well as sleeping badly and picking up objects incorrectly. It is important to keep your back loose and not tight or stiff, so stretching it regularly is recommended. There are some exercises and stretches that you can perform which will directly impact your back and help tackle that pain and stiffness that you are feeling. These are lifesavers and are something that everyone should do, find out what they are.  
“The Matrix” is a 1999 sci-fi action film that took the world by storm and has changed how films are made forever. Starring Keanu Reeves and Laurence Fishburne, the futuristic bullet bending film is regarded as one of the best films of all time and has been an inspiration for sci-fi films over the last 20 years. The film is full of action sequences and introduced a visual effect known as “bullet-time”, where everything is slowed down with the heightened perception of certain characters. This led to the iconic scene where Neo is able to see a bullet coming towards him and have the ability to dodge it. This scene was never seen before and blew audiences away, along with the incredible martial arts scenes. There have been two more follow up films to the hugely successful original, with plans for a fourth installment. The film won 4 Academy Awards among others and grossed $460 million worldwide. These aren’t the only facts about the sci-fi movie, we have some mind-bending facts of our own to shoot your way. You need to see these crazy facts even Neo couldn’t dodge.   
It is well known that Coca-Cola is bad for your health, but do you stop drinking it? The answer is no as we tend to crave things that we aren’t supposed to have and also it tastes really good. It is so easy to go through a couple of cans of the delicious drink but the effects that they are having on your health are huge. Everyone knows that sugar is terrible and shouldn’t be consumed in excessive amounts, especially the amount that goes into these drinks which is no secret. Coke is the biggest culprit amongst the sugary drinks community and is publically criticized and used as an example of the damage it has on your health. You probably have no idea just what effects it is having on your health, here are some of the scariest facts that will make you stop drinking it.   
  Going Vegan is almost a social trend nowadays and it is almost seen as snobbery if you don’t try this new trend. Vegans and vegetarians love to talk about how they are vegan and vegetarian and all for helping the world that they forget it is just food at the end of the day. This new diet fad has really broken barriers more than its predecessors as there are now restaurants and shops buying into the idea of going green by selling a range of products solely for the vegan community. You can nearly get a vegan alternative to some of your favourite foods including the likes of chicken wings and sausage rolls. As a vegan, you are not able to eat anything that is produced by an animal whether it is meat or dairy and stick to a plant-based diet. It is a stricter form of vegetarianism, but it is taking the world by storm. With any new diet, your body will go through changes, find out what happens to you when you go vegan that you won’t be told.
  McDonald’s is the world’s largest fast-food chain that serves 68 million customers every day. The demand for the hamburger giant is phenomenal with more than 36,000 restaurants worldwide, with the company earning $75 million a day. Consumers just can’t get enough of the cheap restaurant that has built itself as a family-friendly business offering “Happy Meals” for kids. It is rare that you will walk into a McDonald’s and not see it busy, almost everyone has had a McDonald’s in their life. The famous golden arches symbolizing the logo can be seen high above the shop to attract customers and make them aware of their location. It feels like McDonald’s is almost on every corner, but just how much do you know about the fast-food chain? We have some little known facts that even Ronald McDonald doesn’t know.
Public transport is an anomaly that many cities and countries have failed to get right with inconvenience and delays common no matter how many transport options are available. Whether it is trains, buses or other kind of transport, cities can go into chaos from their poorly planned transportation system that is in place in the city. You would think that the smaller cities would be easier to get it right when it comes to transport, but it is actually the biggest major cities in the world that are leading the race. These cities are years ahead of their counterparts in every department as they have a clear and simple plan that works and is beneficial to all involved which encourages more people to use them. The rise in public transport users can be put down to the new plans in place. Some of these will surprise you, find out what they are.   
Acting is a difficult skill to master, yet there are literally millions of actors worldwide. Theatre shows, soap operas, reality TV and movies are just a few of the main stages for acting. Some of the best known actors of our generation started off in small local theatres or in small roles in TV programmes. You have to start somewhere and over time you will get better, well you would hope. Sadly for some of the great actors, there is always one movie of theirs that was a big flop and almost ruined their career. But thankfully they didn’t, although they will forever be remembered for this role, no matter how many Oscar worthy performances they put in. This flop can happen with bad accents, over the top acting methods or just bad portrayals of characters. There are so many ways they could mess up, but they rarely do. The times that they do mess up, it is very noticeable. Here are some of the cringiest, worst acting performances by some of the biggest actors in films to hit our screens, that had us clawing our eyes out. Find out what they are.   
Music is one of the greatest joys in life. We hear it everyday and it can give us so many emotions and has the power to change our mood entirely. It is almost impossible in this day and age to travel anywhere whether it is in a car, bus or walking, without listening to music. Headphones are one of the most common technologies used due to the on the go music sets. The way we play music has evolved from cassettes to vinyl to cd to now on your phone. Streaming giants Spotify have led the way with the best streaming service available for music at the touch of a button. The handy to use app has almost every song from every artist available, with recommendations of new artists daily and chart updates weekly. It has become one of the biggest apps in the world and we would not be able to do without it. But did you know that some of your favourite songs that you listen to daily were actually banned at one point in time? There are some crazy reasons behind these bans so it’s time to find out why they got banned. You’re going to be gobsmacked by some of these.   
A dog can become an integral part of a family and can become just as significant as any other member of the family. A dog is often the first “child” of the family who is normally there before a child comes into the picture. Dogs are often used as a starter for couples who want to have a child but need to see what they are like taking care of something together. Any dog can be a friendly child-friendly dog with the right training and temperament, but some dog breeds are born to be this way and need no excessive training. If you are looking to have a dog in your house and also plan on having a child too, then these breeds are the best for you. They are all so adorable, how do you only pick one?
You’ve heard the saying that stretching before a workout is important to avoiding injuries and giving yourself the best possible workout. But have you ever heard of dynamic stretches? These aren’t your ordinary stretches as you aren’t standing in the one spot putting a muscle under strain for a set time.  Dynamic stretches are active movements where joints and muscles go through a full range of motion. They mimic the activity of what you are going to be doing as part of your workout as they are used to warm up the muscles you will be using by activating them. Doing this will improve your awareness, range of motion and flexibility, which all combined will have you performing exceptionally. They are simple exercises that can last from 10 to 30 seconds until you feel loose and ready to go. It is vital that these are performed before a workout, find out what they are.
Everyone is getting so into their health lately with green being the dominant colour on almost all plates across the country. With the wide expansion in numbers of vegetarians and vegans, we seem to be moving towards a meat-free generation that is health conscious of what they put into their body and are all about protecting the environment and the animals in it.  We know the exact amount of calories and nutrients that we are putting into our bodies without even taking a mouthful which can make people rethink their meal choices. Because of this, we know what is good for us and what is bad for us, with new up and coming “superfoods” being thrown into diets because of their nutritional values that weren’t known before. One of the major foods to explode onto the scene and diets is almonds which have become popular with immense health benefits. You’ll be running to the shop to buy a bag of these before you even finish reading this. Find out what the crazy health benefits are. 
The first date is a nerve-wracking and daunting experience that both parties dread in fear of it going terribly. It is the first time that you will have a sit-down conversation and experience with this person, so it is important that you make a good impression. This can be a quite awkward and uncomfortable situation as you struggle to find the right things to say as you try and relate with the person to find a connection. Making a good impression is crucial and is the number one priority on a first date. So, to help you with this, instead of giving you a list of things to say, we’ve given you a list of what not to say and the topics that you certainly should not bring up. They may seem good at the time to bring up but they will ruin your chances of getting a second date and ultimately ruin the entire date, so avoid them at all costs. It’s time to re-think your first date game plan and scrap a few of these topics, find out what they are.    
If you are looking to get fit and are in training mode then you should already know about the importance of protein and the effect it has on your body. When training, protein is the most important nutrient for your body as it builds and repairs tissues in your body making it critical to consume before and after training. The body used protein to enzymes, hormones and other body chemicals that will be vital in the long run to your fitness goals. Almost everything that we consume has traces of protein in it, but there are some foods that are stacked full of it and will give you the best results. Foods that are high in protein and low in fat is what you should be looking for, and thankfully we’ve got a full list of them just waiting for you to read.  Find out what the highest protein foods are that need to be in your diet if you want to be fit.  
NFL has become one of the biggest commercially successful sports in the world which brings in huge sponsorship and endorsements as well as the millions watching. The national American sport has gone from being huge in America to expanding its base worldwide with teams and tournaments setting up all over Europe, particularly in the UK. Due to this popularity and global success, the money is flowing into the sport from all angles, with the top teams and top players benefiting from this. Players are now not only getting their annual salaries from the club, but they are also getting sponsorship deals that can almost amount to more than their salary. As the sport continues to grow with its success, more money will be pumped into it. The money that some of these players are on is outrageous, we’re going to take a look at what they’re earning each year, prepare to be jealous.  
The Groomsmen are some of the most important people on a wedding day that must keep the groom in check and get him to and from the wedding fully intact. They are life long friends of the groom who stand right alongside him during the ceremony like they have done their entire friendship. They must support the groom in any way possible leading up to the day and on the day itself. They will generally arrange the stag party for the groom as one final goodbye to his single life. Groomsmen will often shop with the groom for matching suits for the big day, with all kinds of slick styles available. The photoshoots on the big day are one of the most important parts of the day, so it is important to leave an impression. Some of these groomsmen took this very seriously and ended up stealing the show with the most unique photos ever taken. You need to see these hilarious and epic groomsmen wedding photos.