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Even if we only open the faucet when we need and never let the water running, we’re wasting water and money if we don’t have the right faucets aerators. A low-flow faucet aerator is a solution to save water and money. When you fully open it, the rate is of 4 gallons per minute with a classic faucet aerator, whereas if you place a low-flow faucet aerator, it will be 2.5 gallons per minute. Follow our super easy steps to install one and save a lot.   Use a wrench to unscrew the old aerator of your faucet OUR EXPERT ADVICEHopefully it is not too full of limescale, because it was for us!  2. Take your new low-flow faucet aerator and place it on the of the spout 3. Screw it on OUR EXPERT ADVICE Be careful while screwing it on and do it well for the water not too leak when you’re going to open the faucet. … That’s all! OUR EXPERT ADVICEWe change for a low-flow faucet aerator recently and the savings are amazing, the flow is lower so it can be annoying sometimes but you get used to it.
One of the toughest things to do is save money, especially when you can’t figure out where you are going wrong.  A lot of it can come down to what you are buying for the kitchen which is probably where the most overspending is done. It is almost too easy to spend money on food with convenient takeaways at your service and eye-catching deals in shops. Find out five simple ways to avoid overspending and save yourself a life-changing amount of money like never before. Meal Prep For The Week Most people when they go shopping will pick up whatever looks appealing and they think will last them the week. This is where you are going wrong as you should have an idea in mind of what you will eat every day. This will make you buy specific products instead of needless pickups. OUR EXPERT ADVICEBuy for the week and no longer, trust us, it works and you’ll feel better about yourself because of it. Buy Reusable Kitchen Items One thing that is making your budget take a hit is buying one-off products that never get a second use. Replacing these with items that are reusable will make a huge difference and save you money during your shopping spree each week. OUR EXPERT ADVICEThese items include paperless towels, cloth napkins and sandwich bags which are great additions that have saved us hundreds. Mind Your Kitchen Appliances Your kitchen appliances are the most important thing in your kitchen that you use on a daily basis and need to cook your food. It is important that you take care of these not only for this reason but also that home appliances can be quite dear. OUR EXPERT ADVICEYou want your appliances to last years, not months, we still have the same pots and pans for 8 years.  Stock Up On Coupons  Coupons are arguably the best way to save money when it comes to food from excellent deals that supermarkets are offering through coupons. Building these up will save you a lot of money on your next shop, especially if they are the product that you are looking for. OUR EXPERT ADVICEWe can’t count how many times these have saved us money on our weekly shopping spree. Watch Leftovers The amount of food that is thrown out each year in homes is outrageous and accounts for millions, hundreds of which you will have contributed to. Try at all costs to avoid throwing out leftovers, instead cook a bit extra to use for lunch the next day leaving no wastage. OUR EXPERT ADVICEThis will encourage a healthier lifestyle as we constantly use leftovers for lunch the next day. You will start to notice little by little each week the money that you are saving which really does add up. This money can be put towards a family holiday or almost anything if it is built up long enough. Try your best to remain strict by following these steps.  
The holiday season is here. We all wait for the magical month the entire year. The season of good food, gifts, lights, decorations, and get-togethers with friends and family. But there is just one thing that leaves us worried – the expenses. OUR EXPERT ADVICE We are always left scratching our heads after the festivities are over and our bank balance is low. No matter how much ever you have planned, you always end up spending all your money on a lot of unnecessary things and regret later.  This year, let us plan carefully and budget our Christmas celebrations. To start with start budgeting your gifts. Prepare a list of people for whom you have to buy gifts. OUR EXPERT ADVICE It is always good to prepare a list keeping in mind the likes and dislikes of people and making sure you are not crossing your budget limit. Plan how much you will be spending on buying gifts so that if one or two items go above the budget, it can be balanced while buying the other gifts. There are also a lot of great discounts available online. Do proper research and shop ahead. You can also make gifts at home. There are a lot of DIY gift ideas available on the internet that help you with it. OUR EXPERT ADVICE This is not complicated at all. We created a lot of fun stuff for our friends and everyone loved it. Instead of splurging on buying stuff for decorating your house, you can either upcycle last years’ decorative items or create new ones at home. You can create a lot of interesting stuff with ribbons and colourful papers and even gift boxes. OUR EXPERT ADVICE Save a lot of fo money on buying wrapping papers and gift boxes. To buy food and drinks, prepare a list of items that you would need. Do not buy anything that you are doubtful about using for the Christmas dinner. Also, buying in bulk also gets you great offers at the grocery storesOUR EXPERT ADVICE A small tip: Do not spend much on sweets and chocolates. You might receive a lot as gifts from your family and friends.  If you don’t have a lot to buy, you can go grocery shopping with your friend and avail the offers available. Stick to the list you prepared and do not waste money on things you do not need. These simple hacks will help you save a lot of money that you might have been spending unnecessarily all these years. Hope you have great holidays. Merry Christmas!
LEDs are good not only for the environment, but also for your bank account! It’s getting more and more popular in houses, but have you switched yet for LEDs? Here are basic things to know before making the move! It’s an easy move You only need to replace your incandescent bulbs with screw-in LED bulbs that have a close performance to the incandescent bulb. OUR EXPERT ADVICEThe thing is that we didn’t know that they’re more expensive than the incandescent bulbs! They use less energy To sum up the idea: the LED lighting system converts 95% of the energy consumed into light, whereas incandescent bulbs convert only 10% of it. The 90% left is just heat. OUR EXPERT ADVICEThis is something crazy that we didn’t know either, ad it is so much energy wasted. They last The whole point is to save money, right? Well, buying the LED bulbs will be more expensive than buying incandescent ones, but prices tend to drop lately. At the end of the day, it is a long term investment: some LED bulbs can last up to 20 years, whereas incandescent bulbs last approximately 2 years. Also, your energy consumption is reduced to 70-90% with LED bulbs, making you save between $30 and $80 on your bills over the bulb’s lifespan. OUR EXPERT ADVICEIt’s true that we bought our LED bulbs maybe three years ago and they seem to be lasting so far! They’re flexible with light direction Did you know that LED lighting was directional? Well, your incandescent bulbs send light at all angles and don’t direct in where you want or need it. Another bad point. OUR EXPERT ADVICEWe have them at home and it’s actually really cool to be able to direct the light where you need it, when you’re reading for example. They have a range of color temperatures Each LED lightbulb has what is called a Correlated Color Temperature (CCT), corresponding to a Kelvin (K), which is a temperature scale. If the number of Kelvins is low, the light will be warmer and more yellow, and if it’s high the light will be colder and bluer. This choice depends on your preference and the ambience you want for each room. It’s another kind of customisation that LEDs allow you to do. OUR EXPERT ADVICELEDs can seem a bit cold, but we chose a different colour to have a warmer atmosphere at home and we’re delighted. They’re kind of dimmable When switching for LEDs, check that they’re compatible with your dimmer switch. Most LEDs are dimmable but check before and try. OUR EXPERT ADVICEOurs were compatible even if we forgot to check, so to avoid any disappointment, always check. So, ready for the big LED move? OUR EXPERT ADVICEWe switched to LEDs in every room now and we don’t regret it at all! We didn’t have to change them yet and we save money as well, it’s a really good investment.
  You might have spent all your life’s saving to build the house of your dreams. And maintaining it another task. From the walls to the plumbing, everything needs to updates in order to keep the house in the perfect shape. But the most important part that we forget is to keep a check on the foundation of the house. OUR EXPERT ADVICE Most of us commit this mistake. But worry not. It is not something that cannot be fixed. Any damage or crack in the foundation can destroy the whole house. Your dream house sits on the laid-out foundation and keeping it safe is important. A detailed assessment of any visible damage to the foundation is necessary on a regular basis. OUR EXPERT ADVICE You can start slowly in a step by step process. Start checking one part of the house first before moving on to the other part.  Once you have assessed the damage, it is time to determine how bad it is and then you can move to the repair process. You need to clean the site and then start with repairing the small cracks first. Mix up concrete and patch up the small cracks completely. To fill up the larger cracks, you need to fill them up with concrete till the core. Reassess your work after the concrete dries up. OUR EXPERT ADVICE It is a pretty simple task and will not even take much time to finish. But it is really important to keep the foundation of your dream house strong. Make sure that you completely seal off foundation walls so that there is no further occurrence of any other damage.    
Everyone wants to make their new house a home, but not everyone knows how. This is where we come in to give you some changing ideas free of charge to give you the perfect home that will be your own unique living space.  You’re going to kick yourself that you never thought of some of these ideas, they’re so simple and don’t cost a penny, check them out! Add Mirrors The addition of mirrors into each room will not only look great but it will also open up your space and brighten up the entire room as it reflects the light. There is nothing worse than a dark and dull room, this will change that. OUR EXPERT ADVICEAs well as brighten up the room, you can never have enough of looking at yourself from all angles with mirrors.  Move Furniture The position of your furniture can really make a difference to a room just by moving the cabinets, tables and couches or beds. It will give a different feel to the room and should generally be centred around facing the television with extra space. OUR EXPERT ADVICEWe’ve been guilty of moving the furniture too often with those who don’t like change, but it brings a new feel to our house. Decorate Walls  Bland walls can be very dull as they make up most of the room, so a dull wall means a dull house. Decorating the walls with art or photo frames will put your own feel into the room and make it unique and truly a home with family photos. OUR EXPERT ADVICEWe received endless compliments about our wall designs that are packed full of family portraits as well as colourful wallpapers.  Go Green Plants and Flowers aren’t just for outside, they can have a huge impact inside and bring a sense of life to the house. They are known to positively impact our mood and will give off a delightful smell. Invest in some well-known houseplants. OUR EXPERT ADVICEWe were a little hesitant about this but we could not be more wrong as it completely changes the feel for a room, we highly recommend. Keep It Clean One small thing that can make your house a home is simply keeping it clean and tidy and not letting it get messy with clutter thrown everywhere. You’ll be surprised at how many houses are like this, so don’t let yours join the list. OUR EXPERT ADVICEThere is nothing worse than a dirty house, we cringe at the thought of our home gathering dust, so you could class us as clean freaks.  With these easy and free additions, your house will become a home in no time and add a completely different look and feel that you and your visitors will love every time entering the house.
Have you ever dreamt of growing your own vegetables, fruits and herbs? Well it’s within everyone’s reach! You just need an outside space, big or small, there’s no problem. You can’t compare eating your own vegetables, but it’s also a way to save money and the environment. Follow our advices to create your Garden of Eden!   The space If you have a big space, well, you’re lucky! You can either go big and use all of it or just allocate only a short plot in your garden. For smaller spaces, you’ll need to get pots and planters, by being careful with their shapes. For example, square pots are wider and are more used for salads and herbs. OUR EXPERT ADVICEWhat is not written is that big pots and planters are expensive! So you’re actually more lucky if you already have a big garden! The tools If you’re a beginner, no need for complicated tools. Buy only what you need, mostly basics to start with. Your tool collection will grow at the same pace as your gardening experience. Don’t rush and trust us! OUR EXPERT ADVICEWe started by buying basics as well, and to be honest it was enough, unless you really try and do complicated stuff some day. Prepare the ground Anyone know that our dear greens need sun and a bit of water to be happy (just like us!). So before planting or placing your pots outside, have a look at your garden and choose the brightest spot! Also, check the soil: stones or thin soil aren’t great to plant. If needed, build raised beds before planting and you can also add some soil improver or manure. To avoid dampness, check the drainage before planting. And last but not least, always read carefully the instructions when buying a plant, to be sure to build your garden in optimal conditions. OUR EXPERT ADVICEIf your soil is not great, you’re going to struggle a bit to be honest because you will have to fix this building raised beds. Plan You can’t plant anything anytime of the year unfortunately! Plan everything by building your own calendar and search what plants would work best for your space. You can also check seed planners online. OUR EXPERT ADVICEWe’ve tried the seed planners and it’s actually great and helps you a lot! Select Here is some help to choose the easiest vegetables and fruits to grow: – Vegetables : spinach, leeks, onions, courgettes, radishes potatoes, tomatoes, lettuce – Berries: raspberries, strawberries, blackcurrant, blueberries – Fruits: plum, cherry, apple, pear OUR EXPERT ADVICEThey actually are the easiest and really don’t need a lot of care, so it’s a good way to start with these. … and the most important advice: enjoy! OUR EXPERT ADVICEWe had no experience in gardening and these few tips have been really useful. The only thing is that as many hobbies it’s a budget, especially paying for some plants or trees.
  House fires can completely throw your life out of gear. It not only causes huge loss but is also traumatizing. OUR EXPERT ADVICE We understand how much it would hurt losing your dream house in an incident like that.  If you have recently suffered from a house fire, here are a few important things you must do before starting to set up your house again. The first thing to do is to find a place to relocate to help your family cope with that terrifying experience and especially if you have children and pets. OUR EXPERT ADVICE Kids do not cope really well in such a situation. So, you must take extra care to normalise them.  In the case of huge losses, you can also reach the disaster relief agencies. take some time to recover from what just happened and plan on the next steps. Contacting your insurance agent and alerting the police should be the first things you must do after moving to a safe location.  OUR EXPERT ADVICE Informing the cops did help us secure the house from the burglars who might be lurking around in search of an opportunity to steal. The insurance people will help you start with the repair work as soon as possible or will help you search for a new place and the cops will provide security to the house from the robbers. Plan your finances wisely and create a list of damaged goods and all your important documents too. Before you return to collect your belongings from the house, make sure that the fire marshall has declared it safe to enter it. It might be dangerous entering the house without getting clearance from the fire department as the structure would have become weak due to the fire.  Also, wait to get clearance to turn on certain utilities in your house.OUR EXPERT ADVICE It is a difficult time but when handled correctly, you might be able to fix the problem much more efficiently. We hope no one ever goes through this situation ever in their life. But if ever this happens, this is how you can put your life back on track without making any mistake.
Everyone wants to have unlimited space in every part of their house but this is almost impossible, or is it? We have put together the best tips and additions that you can have that will give you the ultimate amount of storage space that you never knew you need. You won’t know what to do with this much new space for items, we hope you have a lot of items that need a new home, find out how to get this extra space the easy way. Built-In Shelf Cases We’re sure you have plenty of movies and cd’s hanging around in unwanted spaces, so give them a home in a full wall-length shelf casing. You can also add books and anything else that might fit in here that is going to look neat and tidy. OUR EXPERT ADVICEThey have come in so handy in our home as we are big book fans, so now there is a neat spot for them and not scattered everywhere like before.  Pot Racks  Pots and pans take up a lot of space in drawers and all over the kitchen really so give them their own spot with racks either on the wall or ground. This will free up space in your cupboard and drawers for other needs and are now easily accessible. OUR EXPERT ADVICEWe finally gave in and got a pot rack after constant rearranging and we could not be happier, it is so convenient.  Storage Chest A storage chest is a great addition to almost any room as they can hold anything with a deep space available that will take away the messy look from any room and free up leg space. You can get one that fits and blends in with the rest of the room. OUR EXPERT ADVICEYou won’t believe how much extra space your house will have, we pack everything in here from the kids’ toys to personal belongings. Storage Bed The bedroom can get very messy with clothes, shoes and almost everything else you own that makes its way into the room. Having storage units connected to your bed will give you so much more room for activity and no room for dust under the bed. OUR EXPERT ADVICEJust picture a storage chest, but the size of a bed and you have a storage bed. Since we have gotten one in, there are fewer items taking up floor space. with the amount of room.  Tools Shed The garage is probably the messiest room in the house that gets dumped with all of your once used tools, boxes and sports equipment that are taking up space. Find a neat home for these by getting a shed specifically for holding these items until you need them. OUR EXPERT ADVICEIf you don’t have a tool shed you are missing out on valuable space, our lives have changed since we invested in one. You will be able to add a crazy amount of storage space to your home by adding these simple additions to your home that are convenient as well as creating space. You won’t know what to do with the extra space.
Have you checked if your house is well insulated? It is something that we tend to forget and it is always good to check before the winter cold comes. If not well insulated, you are going to loose a lot of energy and money. To protect the environment (and your bank account!) here are six parts of your home that need good insulation and how much you’ll be able to save if well done!   Solid walls Solid walls can be insulated either from the inside or the outside. As they let through twice as much heat as cavity walls, it is good to insulate them properly. From the inside, you cant fit on the wall rigid insulation boards or fill in a stud wall with some insulation material. If you choose to do it from the outside, you can fit one layer of insulation material to the wall and then cover it with a special type of render. This costs more than insulating a cavity wall, but it’s worth it as you could save from £115 to £415 a year. OUR EXPERT ADVICETo insulate walls yourself is not complicated but it will cost you, so be ready to pay a good amount  for the materials. Cavity walls Cavity walls (two walls with a gap in between) don’t let as much heat as solid walls going outside and are cheaper to insulate, so that’s first good point. First, you need to know what type of walls you have in your house.  When your house’ bricks have a regular pattern if you look at the exterior, this means that you have cavity walls. If the pattern is alternating, then you might have solid walls. Savings can go from £65 to £250 per year. OUR EXPERT ADVICEThis tip is not a 100% sure, so always ask someone else’s advice before doing anything yourself. Roof and loft To insulate your loft or attic, you can use rolls of mineral wool insulation. The house will be warmer, but be careful, the roof space won’t be. So you also need to insulate pipes and water tanks for them not to freeze. You can save up from £115 to £215 a year. OUR EXPERT ADVICEOur pipes and water tanks froze once, and trust us, it’s better to insulate them. Floors Seal the gaps between floors and skirting boards with a DIY store sealant. If you have concrete ground floor, you can put rigid insulation on top of it. But if you have suspensed timber floors, you can insulate them by putting mineral wool insulation under the floorboards, supported by netting between the joists. You can save from £25 to £65 by doing this. OUR EXPERT ADVICEWe saved about £45, so it’s actually working and it’s always a good amount to save. Tanks, pipes and radiators Did you know that you could insulate them as well? You can insulate your hot water cylinder with a cylinder jacket and your pipes with foam tubes. Insulating behind your radiators for example will reduce the heat that you’re going to loose. You will save money and your radiator will stay hot longer. You can save about £89 a year. OUR EXPERT ADVICEDid you know that you were losing heating behind the radiators? We were surprised as well, but it makes sense now we see it too. Draught-proofing Tired of always having gaps around your windows or doors? A simple, cheap and effective way to solve this is to use sealant to fill them. You can save around £25 per year. OUR EXPERT ADVICEWe don’t really know how much we saved for this one, probably not that much, but the most important was that we didn’t have any more breeze coming in!
  Finding a good plumber for your house is important as the plumbing system in your house could be complex. If you just hire someone without much experience, you might destroy your house. There are a few steps that you must follow when you are looking for a plumber to fix an issue in your home. OUR EXPERT ADVICEWe all waste a lot of of time trying to look for the best plumbers in our neighbourhood and often end up hiring the wrong person for the job. Choose the right kind of plumber required for the job and do not forget to ask for their licence and insurance. Ask the plumber for the references for the recent projects handles by the plumber. This will give you an idea if the person you are going to hire is the right fit or not. Choose companies or agencies that are members of trade associations. Note that while talking over the phone, did they pay attention to the key details you mentioned and if were polite to you.OUR EXPERT ADVICE We tried calling a few agencies and talking to some of them was not a very great experience as they would not share the details we were looking for. So, beware! A quick internet search can give you hundreds of options to hire a plumber but is that the best thing to do? Look for Facebook neighbourhood pages.  OUR EXPERT ADVICE You can look for groups on social media where people also put advertisements for such jobs. Also, a personal referral from family and friends about a plumber that has previously attended to their problems is also a great way. There are a few good websites too that can help search for the kind of person you are looking for. OUR EXPERT ADVICEGoogle search with the right keywords might help you as well. Before hiring someone, ask them if they have done that kind fo fixing/installing job before and if they will take guarantee of their work. Communicate as clearly as possible about the problems, your budget and the concerns. OUR EXPERT ADVICEThese tips did help us find the right person to fix the plumbing issues at our house. We hope these tips help you find the right plumber to attend to your plumbing needs.
If there is an easier way to love our life day to back we are going to take it. This starts first thing in the morning when you enter the bathroom, there are some hacks that you don’t know which are going to change your life. There can be quite a lot of cleaning up done in the bathroom but with these simple steps, your life will be so much easier and will save you some valuable time.  Find out what they are. Get Rid Of Creases In Clothes Bringing in a creased top or pants while you are showering will help get rid of the tough creases due to the build-up of steam.  This will save you time ironing as it will be almost ready to wear. OUR EXPERT ADVICEYou don’t know how much time we have saved in the mornings doing this instead of ironing, give it a go. Add Extra Curtain Rod  You won’t believe the extra leisure you are going to have from adding an extra shower curtain rod into your bathroom which will give you extra storage. You can hook some storage containers onto this to store all of your products instead of all over the bathroom. OUR EXPERT ADVICEWe can’t stand a messy bathroom, so when we installed a second rod we were in dreamland with no messy sinks anymore. Amplify The Sink If you enjoy listening to some music while getting ready in the bathroom simply put your phone into the towel-dry sink which will amplify the sound. This is going to make your mornings go faster with your favourite songs playing. OUR EXPERT ADVICEThis has given us some memorable singing moments in the shower that we think everyone needs to brighten their day.  Add Oil To Toilet Roll This may sound weird but hear us out, add some essential oil to the inside of the cardboard on toilet roll to leave your bathroom smelling nice with the fragrance used. The cardboard is very observed and will soak up the oils and give off the scent. OUR EXPERT ADVICEWe didn’t think this would actually work but how wrong we were, we can’t go back now, we advise you to do the same.  Bring In A Ziploc Bag  If you enjoy using your tablet or phone in the bath or shower but are afraid to use it, simply pop it into a Ziploc bag. This way you can either hold it and watch Netflix in the bath or hang it somewhere and play music. OUR EXPERT ADVICEWe’ll admit that we have spent a lot more time in the bath since we discovered this, it is a genius tip that everyone needs to know. Your bathroom life is going to be so much easier and more convenient with these amazing hacks that you wouldn’t have even thought about. Your morning can get off to the perfect start now which will leave you in a good mood for the day.
  We all love playing with bubble wrap. Best stress buster ever. It is also great to wrap your precious items to keep them safe. But did you know bubble wraps can also trap heat and can help keep your house warm during the winters? OUR EXPERT ADVICE We could not believe it either but then we tried it ourselves. And blimey! it works. Winters are tough time trying to keep the house warm and cosy with the radiators and the heaters and the electricity bill shoots up too. Insulating your house with bubble wrap will not only keep your electricity bills down but will also help you keep the heat trapped inside your house. OUR EXPERT ADVICE Trust us, our electricity bills did come down and the house remained warm for a longer time.   All you are going to need is a sheet of bubble wrap and a water spray bottle. Cut the bubble wrap sheet to the size of the window where you want to fix it. Spray the window with some water and place the bubble wrap on it, thus sticking it on the glass pane. OUR EXPERT ADVICEThis is the simplest and cheapest trick ever to keep your house warm. It increases the isolative value of the window, thus trapping the heat inside the house. We hope this trick helps you stay warm and cosy this winter and keeps your electricity bill under check.
When selling your house, you want to be able to get every last penny out of it and hope that it goes for a price higher than what you bought it to make a profit. This should be no problem as hopefully, you have made it better and added things that were not already there. The more that your house has that differs from others in the area, the more chance it has of selling for a better price. There are some simple changes and upgrades that you can make in your home to make it look more attractive and help improve the price. Find out what they are. Break Out The Paint Adding a lick of paint to anything makes it more attractive and more appealing to the eye so this is exactly what you need to do where suitable. It can make a room or anything look like brand new which will up the appeal of it and make your house stand out. OUR EXPERT ADVICEWe were surprised by how much of a difference this made to our home. If we had known that earlier we wouldn’t have sold it. Upgrade Landscaping  This first thing that potential buyers will see when arriving at your house is the landscape and the condition that it is in and its surroundings. Keeping your lawn neat and tidy and adding a few nice flowers to add a bit of colour will give a lovely look to the landscape as the curb appeal is vital. OUR EXPERT ADVICEYou can never underestimate the importance of landscaping, thankfully we had a lovely one which got us a few extra dollars on the sale. Give Bathroom A Makeover The condition that the bathroom is in is much more important than you’d think as it needs to be in excellent condition with a modern feel to it. Getting a mini-makeover by installing vanity units and a walk-in shower is very appealing to buyers. OUR EXPERT ADVICEThere is nothing nicer than a sparkling clean and modern bathroom which we upgraded a few years before the sale, but it definitely benefitted the price.  Outdoor Dining Area Having an outdoor dining area with tables and chairs and a walkway is a great sight to see as new buyers can picture spending summer evenings out there. Invest in having this door as it will work for you in the long run with a good return guaranteed. OUR EXPERT ADVICEProbably the best thing we did to our former home was installed an outdoor dining area for casual gatherings which was a key factor for the buyers investing.  Add Crown Molding Giving your home a makeover with some crown molding will really give it that extra bit of wow and become an attractive sight to buyers. It is a quick and inexpensive way to catch the eye and flare out the finished top edge of your interiors. OUR EXPERT ADVICEWe didn’t think this would make much of a difference but how wrong we were, the new homeowners noticed it immediately and loved it.  Your house will definitely have been bumped up in the price market by making these small, simple changes that will have a big impact on the overall view of the house.
Warming up water for a shower or bath can cost, especially because water heaters run all the time. To avoid this and save money, the best solution is to get an electric water heater timer. This way, you can just program your water heater to work only during specific hours, in the morning and the evening only for example. It is very simple to install as well, here’s our guide.    Start by turning off the power off of your electric water heater from the circuit breaker to be safe. OUR EXPERT ADVICEThis is a very important one, and to be honest, we almost forgot to do it, so be careful! 2. Think well before placing your electric water heater timer. You’ll need to be able to reach it easily and the wires need to be able to reach the power source. It would be best to install it on the wall, checking that it is level and plumb. OUR EXPERT ADVICEWe put it in a wrong spot and it was actually really annoying trying to reach it so we had to move it. 3. Check that you have enough cord before installing it. Cut the power wire to the water heater. Take the wire and strip back its insulation, then connect it into the timer control. Make sure that you mark clearly the screws to be able to connect the wire. Take the other wire and connect it toward the water heater to the timer’s screws where it’s written “To Water Heater”. OUR EXPERT ADVICE This step is actually a bit complicated so we advise you to it with someone. 4. You’re all sorted and ready to save money! OUR EXPERT ADVICEWe tried this at home and it’s actually great if you take showers everyday at the same time, but a bit annoying when you take unexpected showers in between these times and have to turn the water heater on again.
  If you want to add a royal charm to your boring bathroom, a copper-pipe towel ladder sounds like a great addition. Don’t worry, you do not need to spend a lot to buy it online, you can easily build one for yourself at home. OUR EXPERT ADVICE We just created one for our empty corner in our bathroom and it sure turned out to be a great decor piece for the space. Take two pieces of 60-inches copper pipe and cut it into four pieces measuring 10 inches; two pieces measuring 18 inches; two pieces measuring 2 inches and two pieces measuring one inch.  OUR EXPERT ADVICE Just let the hardware shop owner know what you need and you can get them cut at the hardware store. You will also need three two-foot pipes. Before you start assembling, clean the pipes and polish it. OUR EXPERT ADVICE In case you feel that you might need a hand to fix it up, you can also hire a plumber and he can do this task in no time.  Take the flanges and spray paint it with copper paint. Assemble the vertical sides with the help of adhesive and now attach the vertical sides with the horizontal pipes. OUR EXPERT ADVICEPretty easy! Now, add the male adapters and flanges too with the help of adhesive. With the help of screws, fix the top flanges to the wall and the bottom flanges to the floor. The fixing method on the floor will vary depending on the kind of floor you have. Tip: Make sure you work quickly when you apply the adhesive as it dries out fast.
To avoid a dull living room or bedroom, you can play with accessorizes like throw pillows on your sofa and bed. There are several block-print ones that you can buy already made, but a lot of people will probably have the same in their living rooms! To be more unique, you can block-print your pillows yourself, it’s so easy!   What you need: – Pillow – Paintbrush – Paper plate or a painter’s palette – Rubber stamps – Water-soluble block-printing ink   Start by pouring some ink into your plate or painter’s palette. OUR EXPERT ADVICEA plate is actually better than a painter’s palette, this way your ink will not be spilt everywhere. 2. Apply the ink onto the stamp and try to do it evenly. OUR EXPERT ADVICE The first tries are not going to be evenly but try until it does. 3. Apply the stamp onto your pillow’s fabric. OUR EXPERT ADVICEDo it in a confident way because on our first try it didn’t really look great. 4. Paint the ink as much as you need. OUR EXPERT ADVICEThat’s actually a good trick to make your pattern look better. 5. Leave your pillow’s fabric away for 48 hours, the time to let it absorb the ink and dry. OUR EXPERT ADVICEDon’t be impatient like us and leave it for 48 hours minimum, the result will be the best possible. OUR EXPERT ADVICEThis tutorial is a great one, but you honestly have to be good at creating patterns to have nice cushions.
Cleaning is one of the most dreaded tasks that you have to do in your home that can take hours to do properly, but what if there was a way to be more efficient in less time? It turns out that we’ve been cleaning all wrong and are taking more time to do so with less to show for. Instead of cleaning every corner of each room that can take hours alone, clean your full house in the same time with these simple steps. You’ll never clean the same again after seeing this. Step 1- Have A Plan In Mind Too many people just aimlessly start in one room and stay there until everything is done with no plan in mind of where to go next or what needs to be done. Focus on the most spaces in need of cleaning and what is seen the most by visitors. OUR EXPERT ADVICEWe have saved endless hours by having a simple plan in mind.  Step 2- Set Time Allocations You can easily spend a couple of hours in the same room cleaning it head to toe, but this is only slowing you down. Allocate time for each room and get what needs doing first. This will make you fly throughout the house cleaning. OUR EXPERT ADVICE We admit that we have spent hours in the one-room but once we realised the importance of allocating time, we have spent less time while it looks just as good.  Step 3- Use The Right Products If you aren’t using the right products for each object and area you are cleaning, then you are prolonging your cleaning time. A dry or wet cloth and tissue is probably your best bet for making everything sparkly clean. OUR EXPERT ADVICE Using the right products is more important than you think that we wish we knew sooner but we now have the perfect set up for cleaning.  Step 4- Dust Down+ Clean Furniture Dusting everything down is a very important and underused cleaning technique that will really change the complexion of your room. Dry-dusting all furniture and cabinets, as well as the TV and picture frames, will give them life again. OUR EXPERT ADVICE We can’t stress enough how important dusting is, it leaves our house looking a thousand times better.  Step 5- Clean Mirrors + Glasses Mirrors and glasses should be sparkling, but they are very prone to gathering dust fast so it is important to wipe or fully clean these regularly to keep them lively and sparkling. They will reflect the light and light up the room. OUR EXPERT ADVICEIf you want your house to sparkle, you need to make sure the mirrors and glasses are well cleaned, trust us.  You are now efficient at cleaning after following these very simple steps that will have your house looking cleaner than ever in half the time. You can thank us later, we hope you didn’t forget to dust and vacuum.  
Paint chips are the best things that can be used to add a pop of colour to any boring part of your house. They work like magic and the best part about using paint chips is that any amateur artist can do that. You can create, art frames, wall art, lampshades and many other decor items with its help. OUR EXPERT ADVICE Also to create art with the help of paint chips, you do not have to splurge any money on buying them. You can get it for free or for a minimum price from your nearest store.  If you are looking to add some colour to your apartment, paints chips is a great idea. This does not need you to be an artist to create something interesting. To create wall art, grab some paint chips and stick them on your drab wall with different patterns, making sure everything is aligned well. OUR EXPERT ADVICE All you need to do is think of a beautiful colour combination. We just changed our entire living room and it just looks so lively now. To make an art piece, take some paint chips, paint and glass. Cut out the paint chips in the shape of chevron and stick it to your canvas. Frame your masterpiece once you are done sticking all the chevron pieces to create a perfect pattern. OUR EXPERT ADVICE You can either hang your master on your favourite wall or place it o the table. Be ready to get a lot of compliments for your art piece. It might be simple to create but it sure looks really a complicated one. Do not share this secret with your friends.  In order to create a heart-shaped paint chip wall art, just cut the paint chips in the shape of a heart and glue them on a white background. You can add as many hearts as you want in various shades of colour. OUR EXPERT ADVICE We would suggest that while making this art piece, you should probably stick to the shades of red but you can get as creative as you want to play around with different shades of colour.  Using paint chips to decorate a nursery room is also a great idea. It can also be a great gifting idea. So, buy some paint chips and create something fun with your friends this weekend.
If you’re looking for some minimal style, floating shleves are probably the best option to display your favourite books or vases. It looks super clean on a wall, and trust us, it’s not very complicated to hang! Here is the very simple process.    The first step is to choose which shelves you are going to hang on your walls. You have different styles, and it’s up to you to choose the one you prefer. But what the floating shelves all have is an invisible system, a wall-mounted bracket which is going to be hidden in the wall after the installation. OUR EXPERT ADVICEWe choose very modern and minimal ones to suit our apartment. Black and white tones were good and clashed with the colour of our walls. 2. Once you got your shelves, you need to know where to hang them! You can chose any placement you like, depending if you have one or several ones. Take the measurements using a level depending on when you’re going to place them and hold your shelves while drawing a line on your wall as a mark. OUR EXPERT ADVICE We did this together and it was more handy to take the measurements and draw the lines. 3. Place your shelf brackets on the line you traced on the wall and mark the screw holes also on the wall. OUR EXPERT ADVICE Don’t forget to mark the screw holes, because then you’re going to be lost. 4. Drill the screws through the brackets into the wall. Tip: start with the middle screws and make sure they are level when you finally attach the last ones. OUR EXPERT ADVICEThis is a good step to do at two persons, to make sure your shelves are level. 5. Now you just need to slide the shelves over the brackets to attach them. You might also have securing screws included, that you’ll need to attach. OUR EXPERT ADVICEWe didn’t have securing screws included and we think that it would have been better to have some! That’s it! We told you it was more than easy! Now you can use your shelves to display your favourite things in a stylish way! OUR EXPERT ADVICEOur shelves really look like they’re floating on our walls! It’s not great to put a lot of heavy things but it’s good for the style.
As your kids begin to get older and are no longer reliant on you to bring them to the toilet or wash their hands for them, they will move on to bigger responsibilities. This will include going to the bathroom by themselves and being able to wash their hands, burhs their teeth and do their business. But they aren’t fully grown yet to be able to use these so they will need a helping hand or a helping step in this case. A step stool around the house and specifically the bathroom will be your kids’ best friend as they try their best to be independent.  Find out how to create the perfect step stool that your kids will love. What You’ll Need Box already made at a suitable height Sandpaper Premium Paint Painter’s Tape Hardware Store Playground Sand OUR EXPERT ADVICEThese products are handy to get and are not expensive, and also very easy to use.  Step1- Sanding Down Before you get to painting you will need to sand down your step box to make sure it is a smooth and clean surface to work off as well as softening the sharp edges to make it safe. OUR EXPERT ADVICESanding down the product is almost as important as anything else, we live by it.  Step 2- Applying the Painter’s Tape To make sure that no paint blends into an area that you don’t want and to ensure a crisp line, apply painters tape to each corner along with the wood. OUR EXPERT ADVICENever paint anything without first applying Painter’s Tape, we made this mistake once before but never again. Step 3- Painting This is where the fun and creativity starts as you should have premium paint in the colours that you want and design in mind to start working. Work one side at a time with one coating and leave to dry, apply a second coating if needed. OUR EXPERT ADVICE We love nothing more than to paint, big or small, it is like a release from everything and clears the mind.  Step 4- Applying Playground Sand To keep the surface firm and eliminate the risk of slipping, grab some hardware store playground sand to get a firm grip on the step to make it slip-proof. OUR EXPERT ADVICEThis is often forgotten, but it is for the safety of your children, we always finish off products with this. Your kid’s step stool should now be complete and looking incredible that your kids will look forward to hopping onto it every day. This is going to be extremely useful and helpful for them and will give them their much-needed independence.  
If you are wondering how to turn those simple looking boring mirrors into something artistic, you need not worry any more. There are some simple steps with the help of which you can transform any simple mirror into an artistic one. OUR EXPERT ADVICE There is no need to throw away those sad-looking mirrors anymore. Just follow these simple steps and jazz it all up. We turned our old round boring one into something really creative. Take a round mirror and mark the centre of the mirror and its circumference on the wall where you want to hang it.  You might have to apply a bit of maths here. But do not worry. It is quite simple. You need to divide the circle into 16 sections equally marking each section on the circle with alphabets between A-P (in a clockwise direction). OUR EXPERT ADVICE Don’t worry, it might look a bit complicated but once you mark it all, it is really simple to make. You can either choose to mark them with numbers or alphabets just like we did. Now, using a yardstick, mark a 16-inch vertical line outside point one; a 12-inch line outside point 2 and continue this process for each of the 16 points (alternating between 16 and 12 inches). Now, the outer points must be marked between alphabets a-p in a similar clockwise direction and hammer nails at all these points. OUR EXPERT ADVICE Trust us, it is really fun once you start working on this. Just follow these steps really closely. Now, take the twine and start wrapping around the nails with a knot at the first and the last nail. Beginning with the nail I, you need to wrap the twine around nails K, m, O, a, C, e, G, ending at i.       OUR EXPERT ADVICE Once you start tying the twine around the nails, you will see the pattern that you are creating around the nails. It is really fun to watch it shape up. Then, tie a knot at j and wrap the nail around L, n, P, b, D, f, H, ending at j. Now, tie a knot at k and wrap around M, o, A, c, E, g, I, ending at k. Similarly, start with tying a knot at l and wrapping twine around N, p, B, d, F, h, J, ending at l. OUR EXPERT ADVICE This is the perfect way to add a glam effect to the simple decor of your house. It did change the way our drab walls used to look.  The next step is to tie the twine around i and then wrap around I, j, J, k and K, e and continue this as you keep wrapping the twine alternatively till to reach i in the clockwise direction. Now, skip I, and wrap it around nails J, j, k and K, and continue wrapping till you reach J again. The final step would be wrapping the twine around all the inner nails completing a circle at I. OUR EXPERT ADVICE And it’s done! Click a picture of what you have created and share it with your friends. We got a lot of queries on how we built this one and we are sure your friends are going to ask you this as well. Now, place the mirror at the circle. Your DIY designer mirror is ready.
Even if your dog enjoys the cosiness of your home, if you have an outside area, he will love spending time outside as well As a shelter or just to rest outside, your dog will need his proper little house, that you can easily build yourself in a few steps. By doing iy yourself, you can make your dog a very unique and customized house and he will love it!   What you need: – Jigsaw – Carpenter’s pencil – Seven 1/2 inch exterior grade plywood sheets (4ftx4ft) – Circular saw – Roofing nails – One 1/2 inch long nails – Straight edge – Hammer – Carpenter’s Square or Speed Square – Roofing materials like three-tab composite shingles or rolled roofing – Primer – Exterior latex paint – Caulk and caulking gun – Paintbrush – Eye and hearing protection   Start by marking and cutting the rear and front panel of the dog house. Also, don’t forget to think about your dog’s size when making measurements! Then, you’ll need to cut the door. If you want a rectangular shape, take two of the panels and cut off a 1-foot strip on each of them. A 3-foot by 4-foot section will remain from each of the panels after this process. Be careful not to make the door too low as it doesn’t appeal to a dog to enter in the house, 24 inches is a good average height. OUR EXPERT ADVICE We did and we couldn’t understand why our dog didn’t want to go inside his house! Draw two parallel vertical lines for the door width. Finally, cut the door using your jigsaw. OUR EXPERT ADVICEBe very careful with the jigsaw. Take your front panel and build your triangular shape for the roof. Mark a mid-point at the top of this panel, that will be the top of the peak. Put the straight edge on the board: one end on the mid-point mark that you’ve done just before, and the other 20 inches further down the side of the board. Do the same thing on the other side to get your inverted V-shape, and then cut your panel with the circular saw. OUR EXPERT ADVICEThe circular saw is also dangerous so use it carefully. To make the rear panel, use a sheet of plywood. Put your front panel on the top of your rear one and draw the shape all around, as a template. Cut your rear panel using your circular saw. To make the side panels, take two more plywood sheets and cut them in order to make sheets of 20 inches by 48 inches (dog house length). To create nailing surfaces, cut four two-by-fours at 20 inches long. You’ll need to put these on the sides of the panels and to nail them from the other side. OUR EXPERT ADVICETo be honest we were to during this process and it helped a lot. For the roof peaks nailing surfaces, cur four boards at 15 inches each. Nail these boards along the roofline. For the floor nailing surfaces, cut two two-by-fours boards at 29 inches each. Nail them along the front and rear panels bottoms. For the side panels nailing surfaces, on the top and the bottom, cut four two-by-fours each at 36 inches long and nail two on each side panel horizontally. OUR EXPERT ADVICEBe very precise with the measurements, and don’t do like use and be approximative. We had troubles during the process then and had to go back to the previous steps to fix our mistakes. Put the front and rear panel together and also the side panels to create your rectangle. Nail them together with the one 1/2-inch nails. Cut and join the floor by putting the house on the top of a plywood sheet, mark the footprint on the sheet and cut with the circular saw. To cut the roof panels you need to lay one of the plywood panels and make a mark on the board at the right size. Then cut with the circular saw. Do the same on a second plywood board. Nail the two on the top of the house. OUR EXPERT ADVICEYour dog house is taking shape now, if it doesn’t look like a house, then there’s a problem! If the house has gaps, especially the roof, you can fill them with caulk to avoid water to go inside for example. For the finish touches, you can add shingles to the top of the dog house and paint it (don’t forget to prime before!). That will be one happy dog! OUR EXPERT ADVICEOur dog house had quite a few gaps that we had to fill with caulk, and it didn’t look as perfect as on the picture, but our dog was quite happy at the end of the day!
Manufactured homes often use vinyl wall panels that have a shiny finish that includes some patterns printed on the paper under the coating and over the gypsum. Giving your walls the best makeover is vital to making your house a home and giving it that lively and warm feeling when you walk in. A single change of colour to the walls of your home can change the entire look of the home. This is the best way to get the best finish from painting your vinyl walls. What You’ll Need Paint Brushes And Rollers High-Quality Primer + Paint Long Sheets or Rugs Sponges and Cleaning Solution Painters Tape Spackle OUR EXPERT ADVICEWe had so much fun doing this, so we hope you get the same enjoyment, once you have the items the fun begins. Step 1- Prepping The Room You will need to have the room set up perfectly before you begin making so you don’t make a mess.  You’ll need to clean the walls before starting with a rug and fill in any gaps with spackle before letting dry. OUR EXPERT ADVICEWe have rushed into painting jobs before and they’ve been a disaster so make sure a plan is in mind, it will be less messy.  Step 2- Applying the Painter’s Tape  Painter’s Tape is a painters’ best friend as this is almost just as important as anything else because it covers the areas where the paint should not be. This is placed over skirting boards as well as the corners of the walls and any light switches. OUR EXPERT ADVICEPainter’s Tape is a vital part of the process that some people ignore, but trust us, you need it for the perfect job.  Step 3- Priming The Wall Applying the primer before the paint is pivotal to this process. You will use a roller brush to prime the walls with a light coating. Adding the undercoat will ensure the durability of the paint and protect the surface. OUR EXPERT ADVICEPriming the wall with the roller is one of our favourite parts and we think you’ll enjoy it too.  Step 4- Painting The final process is getting down to the painting itself by choosing the right colour to add to the walls with the right premium paint brand. You can add one coating and then wait for it to dry and add another for the best finish. OUR EXPERT ADVICE Our favourite part of all is getting down to the painting with whatever colours you’ve selected, it is so fun. You now have the perfect guidelines to create unique and lively walls in your home to really stand out and give it that cosy and warm home feeling.  Getting the right colour is vital so choose wisely.  
Lamps do not just add some warmth to your room but if you have a quirky, bright lampshade, it can also add an instant character to the decor of your room. If you are bored with the plain, old looking lampshades in your house, here is a simple and quick way to transform them into a beautiful decor piece and uplift the look of your room. OUR EXPERT ADVICE We just took an old lampshade that was no longer in use and decided to turn it into something interesting. Some fun, floral printed fabric would be a great choice to start with. You can also go any other print of your choice or anything that matches the colour or design of your furniture.  To begin with, measure the dimensions of the lampshade and then mark these dimensions on the fabric. Cut the fabric as per the marked measurement and make sure that it is not wrinkled. Spread the fabric on a work surface with the printed surface facing the floor and spray the exposed side with adhesive. OUR EXPERT ADVICE Make sure that you have ironed out all the wrinkles from the fabric. We almost destroyed our piece by placing the lampshade on a wrinkled piece of fabric.   Now, without wasting much time, put the lampshade at the short edge of the fabric adjusting the height and wrap the fabric around it. Keep smoothening out any wrinkles that forms and the remaining fabric can be folded towards the inside using some glue. Your quirky, designer lampshade is ready. Just attach it to the lamp base and place it at the designer corner of your room. OUR EXPERT ADVICE We chose an abstract design for our lampshade. We are sure you can find a plethora of options in the fabric design.  This DIY idea to give a makeover to your old lampshade is not only easy to make but is also easy on your pockets.  You can create any patterns or designs with this idea. Isn’t it fun?
Creating a cosy and warm environment in your bedroom is all part of making a house a home, as well as showing your personality through your four walls.  You can create anything on these walls or putting anything in this room that makes it unique to any other part of the house as it is yours.  Looking at the same drab bedroom every night can get quite depressing so shake it up with some incredible DIY decor ideas to really liven it up. Take a look at the best ways to transform your bedroom and make it Insta-worthy. Make Your Wall Inspiring Your walls are what you will see the most and stand out the most in your room, and with four of them to get creative with, anything is possible. Placing some inspiring quotes on the wall or having pictures of idols will give you moments of inspiration and never get dull. OUR EXPERT ADVICE We love to get creative with our walls, it adds your own personality to it and looks amazing.  Incorporate A Canopy A bed without a canopy can be so dull and boring, make your room like any fairy Princess by making your very own canopy and hang it surrounding the bed. This is a very romantic and feminine addition that adds a bit of extra glow and class to the room. OUR EXPERT ADVICEYou won’t know yourself until you get a canopy in your room, we have adored ours and it makes the room look so much better.  Paint The Ceiling If you’ve had a bad day and are glaring up at a bland white ceiling, it won’t make you feel much better so spruce up your ceiling with a bit of colour. Your room will feel warmer and add a bit of life to it with unlimited colour to choose from as well as designs. OUR EXPERT ADVICE We can’t stand a drab ceiling, get creative people, use your imagination, we have stars on ours.  Shake Up Your Furniture If you are getting bored of the same old room, it’s not just everything around it that you can change, re-arrange everything from your bed to wardrobes. This will give your room a whole new feel and create extra space as you shift and dispose of unneeded objects. OUR EXPERT ADVICE A simple change in the position of your furniture can open up your room to more opportunities which is why we always chop and change our room.  Install Shelves You can make so much more room by installing shelves to place all of your belongings neatly that will make your room look very organized. Don’t be afraid to shake things up by getting creative with what goes on the shelf. OUR EXPERT ADVICE You don’t realise how much extra space you have until you get shelves installed, we can finally see under our bed again.  Your room will have an entirely new feel when you get creative with it and add a few DIY methods to re-create a unique and personalised feel.  Never settle for bland when there is so much room for creativity.
Are you tired to buy products that are bad for your health and also the environment? If you need to remove old paint on metallic elements in a natural way, here’s the answer: boiling water. It’s also a cheap, easy and fast way to do it without damaging your items. Here’s the simple process.   What you need: – metal scraper/putty knife – disposable aluminum tray – lint-free cloth – boiling water   Start by putting your piece of metallic hardware in your pot or aluminum tray. Make sure to put something under to protect from the heat of the boiling water next. OUR EXPERT ADVICEWe forgot to do it and we ruined our table underneath! So be careful. 2. Heat the water. Once it’s boiling, pour it over your piece of metal. OUR EXPERT ADVICE Always be careful with boiling water as well. 3. Wait until the paint on your item starts to bubble, for about five minutes. OUR EXPERT ADVICEWe really advise you to wait five minutes, it is the right amount of time for it to start bubbling. 4. If the paint doesn’t bubble, drain the tray and repeat the process with boiling water until it starts bubbling. OUR EXPERT ADVICEIt happened to us and we had to do it again, and it worked the second time. 5. You can start to scrape the paint in the tray while it’s in the water. To protect your hands, wear gloves and make sure the water is not boiling anymore not to burn yourself. OUR EXPERT ADVICEWe were too impatient and didn’t wait and it hurt! So don’t do the same. 6. Take your metallic item out of the tray and scrape the paint leftovers with your scraper. OUR EXPERT ADVICEYou don’t have to scrape too hard, the paint will go away itself! 7. Most of the time, the metal underneath the paint of your item is tarnished. To remove any dirt or tarnish, use your lint-free cloth to remove it. OUR EXPERT ADVICEOurs was very tarnished and we used the lint-free cloth which helped a lot. If you want an old effect, you can also leave some of the tarnish. OUR EXPERT ADVICEWe did the same process and it worked very well, some paint was left on some corners thought but we managed to take them off.
We all have unnecessary junk lying around the house that we are too lazy to sort out so we ignore it for the next person to deal with. This can be anything around the house that has no use for anything and is lying idle for quite some time. You will be amazed at what you can do when you get creative with some of these objects, they can completely transform your home. To make your house a home, you need to get creative and the best way to do that is through DIY.  ‘Doing it yourself’ is the cheapest and most convenient way to get things done around the home, so grab your junk and let’s get started. Make A Vase With Your Unused Coins  Grab your unwanted pennies that are left around the house and get some glue.  Take a bland vase and get to sticking your coins to the outside of it until your vase is now a bronze masterpiece. OUR EXPERT ADVICEWe had so much fun making this, it takes some time but is very enjoyable and looks great.  DIY Colander Planters Colanders are excellent planters as they already have plenty of holes similar to a flower basket. If there are any going to waste at the back of the press hang them up outside and get to planting. OUR EXPERT ADVICEYou won’t believe how many unused colanders we had at the back of our press, so we thought we were geniuses when we starting using them as planters. Wine Corks For Keychains How many corks have you thrown out in your time after opening a bottle of wine?  It’s time to save these and use them as a keychain by sticking a small screw into the side and connecting the chain. OUR EXPERT ADVICEWe are no longer losing keys around the house as a cork stands out around the house and is easy to identify our keys now.  Shoebox For Organizing Cords  For every pair of shoes, we have bought there has been a perfectly good shoebox thrown out. If you have any left or get one soon, cut some holes in it to organize your cords and stop them from getting tangled. OUR EXPERT ADVICECords getting tangled does our head in so we didn’t realise the huge release of stress when we put them through a shoebox organizing them neatly, phew.  Turn Rolled  Newspapers Into Light Fixture If you are feeling extra creative get a bunch of old papers or magazine and roll them up. Stick them together one across the other in the shape of an octagon and place across light to illuminate the room. OUR EXPERT ADVICEWe have so much more room in our bins now that we aren’t throwing out newspapers anymore and started to use them as light fixtures.  You’ll never want to throw out your old junk again in case of what you can do with it. With a creative mind and a bit of initiative, you can create something from nothing. and transform a useless object into something spectacular.
  Drive-in theatres are a cool concept and if you want to build one for your personal use, you can easily do so. You can now turn your backyard into an outdoor theatre and enjoy your evening with your friends and family watching your favourite movie under the stars. All you are going to need are PVC pipes and a drop cloth. OUR EXPERT ADVICE Did you really think it is going to cost you a lot? Well, the best part about this DIY movie screen is that it is pretty easy on your pockets. It will just take you a few hours to put up your screen together. With the help of a hacksaw, cut the PVC pipes into two seven-foot and two three-foot sizes and fix a pipe elbow to one of the seven-foot pieces on each side. Now, take the five-foot PVC pipe and attach at both the elbows. The next step is to add a T-joint to the five-foot sections and attaching the other seven-foot piece to the other side to complete the square frame. OUR EXPERT ADVICE Really easy! You don’t need to be an engineering genius to create this. We created this in no time and even the kids could help you set it up. Now, at the bottom of each T-joint, attach the three-foot PVC pipes. You screen frame is ready and it’s time for you to put up the screen. Cut the drop cloth into a 6×7 foot rectangle and fix on the square frame of the PVC pipes. Make sure that the cloth is not wrinkled. Fix the cloth with the help of an adhesive or you can also sew the edges. Fix the screen on the ground with the help of U posts and your personal outdoor movie theatre is ready. OUR EXPERT ADVICE We followed the same steps and the size of the pipes but you can choose to build a screen of the size you want. All you need to do now is send an invitation to your friends, select the movie you want to watch throw in a packet of popcorn into the microwave. Enjoy your movie under the stars!
Do you have an old window and don’t know what to do with it? Well, we got you sorted: why not making a stylish coffee table with it? It’s an easy process, here it is! What you need: – a large window pane – pieces of wood for the box – hinges – 4 leg braces – 4 legs To begin, take the dimensions of your old window that you are going to use to make this coffee table. OUR EXPERT ADVICE We used a round window and it was actually very difficult, it’s better to use a square one. 2. Then, to make the box, you need a square piece of wood for the bottom, and four 1×6 trimboards. OUR EXPERT ADVICEYou should really respect theses proportions, because then your table is going to be very, very deep! 3. Nail these elements together. OUR EXPERT ADVICEBe careful with the hammer while nailing them. 4.Put your window on the top of you box. OUR EXPERT ADVICEThe top of your box is the empty part, don’t do like us! 5.Take your chest hinges and screw them to connect your window part and box part. OUR EXPERT ADVICEWe connected them the wrong way and then we couldn’t open the top part of the table. 6.Take your leg braces and screw them in on the back of your box, in each corner. OUR EXPERT ADVICEScrew them well or your table is going to be wobbly. 7.Then take your table legs and put them on the braces. OUR EXPERT ADVICESame here, place them well on the braces if you don’t want to spill your coffee while using this table! You have one unique coffee table now! OUR EXPERT ADVICEWe made this coffee table as well and it looks very nice but it’s not very handy  to put anything on it with the window panels!
She is the undisputed queen of the television and her show has run for over 25 seasons. After wrapping up The Oprah Winfrey Show, she started her own network, OWN. She is one of the richest women in the world. Her show ran for 25 years and she was dubbed as the “Queen of all Media”. Born in rural Mississippi, she has been through a traumatising childhood. But she made her way fighting all odds to become the richest African American of the 20th century. We have seen her on her show and the chat shows, but do you know how many properties she owns and what does her house look like? The most successful self-made woman calls Montecito, California as her home and her mansion there costs $88 million. Let us take a tour of her giant mansion.  The Promised Land Oprah bought this mansion for $56 million and today, its worth is $88 million. The mansion has 14 bathrooms, 6 bedrooms and 10 fireplaces. There is a home theatre, a swimming pool, a wine cellar and a pond in the garden, among many other features. The mansion also offers breathtaking views of the Santa Ynez Mountains. The house is built in typical Gregorian architecture. After a lot of brainstorming, she named her new abode as the ‘Promised Land’.   Oprah’s Reading Room Oprah loves to read and this is no secret. Look at that majestic collection of books in the beautiful living room. Looks at how marvellously they have been arranged on the shelves. The decor of this room includes a wingback chair and couch, a large doll, and this corner of the room centres on two paintings by Harry Roseland, Rent Day (left) and The Writing Lesson (right). Just perfect! The Foyer The main entrance hall of her mansion and the creamy yellow walls with a beautiful painting next to the main staircase adds a classic look to her mansion. One thing that catches your eyes as you enter this space is the beautifully framed photographs of her friends and family that are kept on the tables.   The Living Room with the Checkered Walls The couch and the oversized cushions have already been sold and we guess she might also have done the renovation for this room by now. Though there are no new pictures of how the room looks now, we are pretty sure that Oprah would have got it done as perfectly as the other spaces in her house.  The Tea House A space was initially built to serve as a place to cut flowers but then Oprah decided to turn it into a tea house. The room has an arched doorway and there is an elegant copper fountain outside the room. She has selected every little detail inside the tea house herself.   The Massive Closet If you are thinking that this one is the biggest closet space you have seen, then let us tell you that this is just a small portion of her massive closet. Her impressive shoe collection is stored in the oak cabinets. A dream of any woman we would say.  The Dining Space The dining room is just outside the kitchen and the table fits 10 people featuring two unique candelabras, serving as a focal point. On the floor, you will notice that the hardwoods have been covered by a large rug that appears somewhat faded, though you can almost rest assured that this expensive rug was meant to look this way. The Large Bathroom Oprah’s interview with Vogue in 1998 was all about her love for opulent bathtubs. So, that explains the giant bathtub in the picture above. She has plenty of room here to sit back, relax and enjoy the green view outside her window.   The Pond in Her Garden Oprah’s backyard garden is called a “sanctuary” and there are perfectly manicured topiaries. The most attractive part of this space is the Koi pond that provides her the relaxation that she wants during her free time. Also, she can enjoy a view of the Pacific Ocean from the garden.  The Pool Just behind the ranch house, there is this huge pool and though we are not sure how much it is used by her, the pool just looks majestic. The turquoise coloured water and the palm trees surrounding it makes it the perfect space to sit and relax.  Winfrey is a true inspiration. Looking at this beautiful house, we can only imagine how much hard work and effort might have gone in to enjoy a life like she has today. More power to her!  
Wi-Fi is a wireless technology used in local areas through a small device that is placed in the house to gain internet access. It was introduced 21 years ago in September 1998 and the world has never been the same since it is one of the greatest modern technological creations ever. There are more than 580 million WiFi assisted units shipped yearly with 375 companies part of the WiFi alliance since 2010. It is used by transmitting radio waves of information across a network leaving the likes of phones, computers and consoles all able to access the online material. Almost every household and every company in this day and age will have WiFi as depend on it for getting the latest news and social apps. Due to the substantial use of these devices, some can slow down over time depending on the number of devices in use at one time. Although turning it on and off again has a short-term benefit, boost your internet speed by adopting some of these genius tips that will banish lag. You will have the fastest speed broadband in no time with these sensational tips.   Stronger Antenna     The small antennas that you receive with the device at the time of purchase can be quite weak and are known for not having the best signals. Replacing this small antenna with a bigger one outside the box should boost your wi-fi speed and get better reception. Look for a high “dbi” antenna. Everyone should have this next one on their device.   Use A Password     Like any device, it is better to have it secure with a password to avoid compromise and hackers or bugs that will slow down your wifi. Choose a password that only you will know and it can be better to do this regularly. Check what devices are using your wifi occasionally. You might feel stupid when you see this next one, it’s so simple.   Location   The location of where your device is placed in your house can play a major role in how it is going to work. It is best to put it in a central location in the house that can be accessed from anywhere. Don’t place it in a press or near electrical devices as this will weaken the signal and speed. The next one is a no brainer.   Keep Updated     Everything needs to be updated to work better as old versions of a device are slow and need changing for a reason. Keeping up to date with the latest changes and updates available will keep your device fast and strong and more secure than without an update. This next one might sound crazy, but it works.   DIY Hacks     DIY hacks have been found to boost your wifi signal and help boost the speed. Crazy ideas that have been proven to work are placing tinfoil around the box and also putting it into either a beer can or Pringles tin to boost the signal. They act as wifi amplifiers and surprisingly work.   Buy A WiFi Booster If your DIY hacks are not up to your standard and not producing the best signal, you can invest in actual amplifiers that boost your wifi. This will send stronger signals than the normal antenna on the box and will help speed up your broadband. This will increase the overall strength of the box and can be cheap to buy on the market.   Switch Channel     Something as simple as switching the channel that the WiFi is set to can make a huge difference to your WiFi strength and speed. Due to many neighbours being on the same network, this can hamper your speed because of the high use. Changing your channel to 1,6,11 and 14 have been found to work the best.   Frequency Just like switching the channel, the frequency serves the same purpose and one little tweak can make a huge difference to your broadband. Changing your frequency to 5ghz is proven to be the best and highest speed version that you can get. This provides better data rates and will send signals much faster.   Remove Leeches     Leeches can slow down any device and are recommended to be removed immediately before they cause any further damage. It is vital to make sure that your wifi is encrypted and secure, so make sure you aren’t sharing your network with your neighbours, use a strong password.   Restart Occasionally Restarting your device occasionally will kickstart the system over again and put it back to its fast speed like brand new. It is important to restart most devices to stop them from slowing down. This can refresh the router and automatically install updates as well as boosting the memory of the system.   If you follow these tips then you should have the strongest and highest speed broadband in your local area. There can be nothing worse than slow broadband especially when you are streaming games or shows due to the lag. This won’t be a problem anymore by following these steps.  
  While the cost of living is going up at an alarming rate, people are constantly looking for a good deal to invest in a property for a lifetime security. If the cost of properties in countries like America, Britain or Australia is bothering you, you can consider buying a house in these few other countries at a very affordable rate. Check out the list now.  Mexico Investing in a property in Mexico could be the best idea you go opt for. While the country is struck by poverty, there are also wealthier areas here that provide you the best amenities needed. $700 a month is enough to live a decent life in Mexico.  Cambodia If you are thinking of buying your dream house in a tropical paradise, Cambodia could be a cheap option for you. Other tropical getaways could cost you a bomb but a luxury house with four bedrooms and a pool would cost around $600 a month. Talk about living life king-size. Nature and luxury come together here.  Colombia Unique landscape, beautiful architecture and great weather are some of the positives of investing into a property in Colombia. The country offers a variety of properties based on the money you want to spend. So, it has something to offer to every pocket.  Hungary A popular tourist destination, Hungary also has a trend of many tourists ending up buying properties here as they end up falling in love with this country. The cost is reasonable too. A large house could cost you only around $90,000 and the land size would be decent.  Argentina Rich history, Great restaurants, Argentina is a popular tourist destination. Adding another feather to its cap is the affordable living conditions here. A decent-sized house can cost around $139,000 which is way cheaper compared to buying a house in America.  Bangkok, Thailand A cosy condo would cost you around $30,000 and a much more spacious house would cost you around $60,000. Being a very popular tourist destination, living in Bangkok is the most affordable option.  Vietnam With a new policy put in place, tourists who could not buy land earlier in this country could do so now without any hitch. Apart from million-dollar luxury homes available by the beach, an affordable cosy condo or a small house would cost you around $25,000 to $50,000.  Albania The bright and warm weather here attracts many and affordable living conditions make it a pleasant place for the tourists to come. While a penthouse could be purchased for just $150,000 which is much cheaper than if you buy a penthouse in the US.  Bulgaria Ancient architecture and beautiful landscapes are the highlights of this place and you do not have to earn in millions to be considered an upper class. $1,500 a month is enough to live a decent life in Bulgaria. Property prices are also not too high anytime of the year. You can always find something really nice for less than $20,000. Ecuador A very popular American getaway, this country is similar to the United States in many ways. But unlike the US, the cost of living cost here is affordable and you can even invest in a cool property for around $50,000. 
Size definitely matters, and that is exactly what thought was put into these gigantic houses. A normal-sized house is generally substantial enough for the average home buyer, but not for these owners, they took it to the next level and weren’t settling for anything medium to small, they wanted large and extra-large. These homes have a ridiculous amount of interior with countless bathrooms, bedrooms and luxury rooms. That is rarely going to be used. Do you think you lose comfort in a home this big? Most people prefer to have a compact cosy home that has just what they need and no more. The average person doesn’t need to have 20 or 30 bathrooms, although it would save a lot of cleaning time. Some of these houses are just over the top and are simply too big, find out what the biggest houses in the world are, you won’t believe your eyes. Antilia Antilia is a 400,000 square foot, 550-foot high house that has 27 stories in Mumbai, India. It is owned by the fifth richest man in the world, Mukesh Ambani, who is the head of the petrochemical giant Reliance Industries. It is priced at $2 billion and it has 9 elevators, a movie theatre, entertainment stage, swimming pool among countless other facilities. Biltmore Estate The Biltmore Estate is an incredible 178,926 square foot house in Asheville, North Carolina. It was finished in 1895 and is considered to be the largest private residence in the United States. There are 250 rooms, 43 bathrooms, a library, a bowling alley and an indoor swimming pool. Are you jealous yet? Wait until you see this next one. The One Located in the home of the Fresh Prince in California, this incredible Bel-Air house is a whopping 74,000 square feet perched up on banks overlooking the area. It is to be the most expensive house in America with a sum of $500 million. It contains a nightclub, 20 bedrooms, 30 bathrooms, an Imax style theatre and 4 swimming pools. Pensmore The Pensmore mansion is one of the greatest architectural houses you will ever see. It is located in the Ozark Mountains of Highlandville, Missouri. It is 72,000 square feet and is owned by astrophysicist Steve Huff. It is fully proofed from everything including earthquakes, storms and bullets. This is an incredible house, but it is nothing compared to this next masterpiece. Istana Nurul Iman Palace This is the biggest house in the world with a whopping 2.5 million square feet, located in Brunei, costing $1.4 billion. It is the official residence of the Sultan of Brunei. There are 1,788 bedrooms, 257 bathrooms, 5 swimming pools, a 110 car garage, a banquet hall and a mosque. You would never want to leave this place, but you probably wouldn’t find your way out anyway. Safra Mansion Safra Mansion is a huge 117,000 square foot house located in the Sao Paulo region of Brazil. It is owned by Lily Safra and is surrounded by a large wall to keep the 130 rooms and swimming pools private. Safra is the second richest Brazilian and world’s richest banker with a net worth of $15.9 billion. Look at this enormous Florida mansion next. Versailles Located in Windermere, Florida, the Versailles mega-mansion is a stunning 90,000 square feet. It has an 8,000 square foot master suite, 2 cinemas, 30 bathrooms, 15 bedrooms, 11 kitchens, 6 swimmings pools and a 30 car underground garage. It is owned by the CEO of Westgate Resorts, David Siegel.  Fairfield Pond Located in The Hampdens on Long Island, New York, this 110,000 square foot mansion was built back in 1999. The mansion has some incredible features including 29 bedrooms, 39 bathrooms, a dining room that is 91 feet long, 3 swimming pools and a 100 car garage. This costs a whopping $170 million. You need to see this next mansion. La Reverie This residence on Palm Beach, Florida is the largest celebrity residence that costs a crazy $4.5 million. It is an 84,626 square mega-mansion that is owned by Sydell Miller and is valued at $61 million. There is a swimming pool, a tennis court and it is so big that it is used to host concerts and charity events. This next mansion is incredible. Xanadu 2.0 This 66,000 square foot mansion overlooks Lake Washington and is owned by Microsoft founder Bill Gates. It cost the second richest man in the world $63 million to build, taking seven years in total to complete. It is now estimated to be worth $124 million and has a 60-foot swimming pool, a full exercise facility, a library and a hidden bar. We are truly shocked that anyone could live in these size houses. Who possibly needs 257 bathrooms, 250 bedrooms and a 110-car garage, not to mention multiple swimming rooms? Would you like to live in these mega-mansions or are they simply too big?
  London is one of the most expensive places in the world to live in. The prices are at an all-time high and show no signs of lowering. Living in London is ridiculously expensive, with the average house costing £550,000. London is notorious for being a very expensive city to visit, and an even dearer place to live. It is so expensive mainly because it is the financial capital of the world. Its markets capture both Western and Eastern time-zones. This allows it to capture capital faster than any other country. The average salary in London is £51,200, with many major multinational companies setting up here. Food and drink in London are famous for being overpriced with prices higher than surrounding UK areas and other European cities. The housing market prices are crazy at the minute with many celebrities living in parts of the city and outskirts. These are the most expensive homes in London that will leave you mind-blown.  One Hyde Park, 100, Knightsbridge £160 Million Located in the famous Hyde Park area of London, this apartment block is one of the wealthiest and most secretive residences in the world. It’s the most expensive home ever sold, which Ukranian Rinat Akhmetov paid for in 2010. An average apartment in the block costs around £11,000. It has its own gym, swimming pool and underground car park.    Eaton Square, Belgravia £55 Million This townhouse is one of the most expensive on the market and is spread across 4 floors. It was the most viewed property in 2016 and it is not hard to see why. It features a roof terrace, a winter garden and swimming pool in the basement. There are 7 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms with a convenient elevator to take you from floor to floor. Many famous residents have lived here.    Avenue Road, St.Johns Wood  £40 Million This is becoming the place to buy for the mega-rich in the area of St.Johns Wood. Elite figures from China, India and the UK are snapping up homes on this road. There are a cinema room, gym and swimming pool in this ambassadorial property. It is one of the most sought after properties in North London.    72 Vincent Square, City of Westminster £44.6 Million This is a perfect location that is nearby some of London’s trademark locations like Big Ben and Buckingham Palace. Vincent Square is made up of 324 houses and flats. St.James Park is also close by as well as many central transport links. This detached home has 4 floors with 6 bedrooms and a swimming pool inside.  Queen’s Gate Place, South Kensington £35 Million This is a terraced home that has 6 bedrooms, a gym, spa, swimming pool, library and wine cellar. Its terrace is excellent for late-night drinks with an outdoor fireplace and spacious area giving stunning views. It was built in the 1860s and is furnished in an Italianate style. You have to see this next house.   5 Cresswell Place, Kensington and Chelsea  £21.6 Million This two-storey house is a five-bed, semi-detached house located in one of London’s most prestigious neighbourhoods, royal borough of Kensington and Chelsea. This is home to many famous celebrities and sits to the south of the River Thames. It has a swimming pool, sauna, jacuzzi, gym and swimming pool to name a few.    Lygon Place, Belgravia £22.5 Million This 7 bedroom house has 24-hour security, underground parking, terrace, 9 bathrooms and a lift to get to each floor. It is truly a remarkable dream house. There is also a media room and gym located on the ground floor. The master bedroom has 2 dressing rooms and an ensuite. Take a look at this next one.    Mansion House, Westminster £30 Million Mansion House is a spectacular 20th-century building that has a 10-metre swimming pool with a gym and spa. It also has 7 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, 2 terraces and an 8 person lift. There is certainly no chance of going bored in this house with a games room, a bar, media room and 16 person dining room. Is this your dream house?   Ashberg House, Chelsea £29 Million Ashberg House is an incredible contemporary house located in the fancy area of Kensington and Chelsea. It is a five-storey building that contains 5 ensuites, a 43-foot swimming pool and spa. This is a remarkable piece of architecture that is very modern. It was called after a treasure 101-carat Russian diamond.  The Huxley, Hampstead £19 Million This 8 room detached house is hidden away from the road behind security gates to guarantee privacy. It has 4 stories with a swimming pool, gym, cinema and bar suite. There is a terrace, courtyard and balcony. The master bedroom has 2 dressing rooms and 2 ensuites.  Still thinking of moving to London? You may need to win the lotto to buy some of these properties that are going for crazy money. They are spectacular houses with some amazing interior that make them dream houses. Maybe one day we can live in them. 
In today’s world of overpriced rent and extortionate mortgages, building a tiny home cheaply can be an act of great independence and rebellion. This tiny-home dream came true for Michael Talley, a graphic designer from Austin, Texas. Talley was getting sick of paying $1200 a month for a tiny apartment, so he decided to take his accommodation problem into his own hands and create a tiny home for himself. After researching for months about how to create a small home space, Talley’s plans changed dramatically when he saw an old school bus online and decided to create a living space with wheels instead.  Now living happily in his home-come-school bus, you won’t believe your eyes when you see the amazing refurbishments that Michael has created inside the bus. Read on to find out more.  Who Is Michael Talley? Michael Talley is a graphic designer and illustrator living in Austin, Texas. Similar to many others like him, Michael spent his time living in the city and commuting to work. Because Austin is a huge and popular location to live, Talley was spending over $1200 a month on rent every month for a small apartment that he didn’t particularly enjoy living in. As his rent was getting increasingly difficult to pay, Talley decided that he needed a change. Finding a Solution to The Problem As it stood, Michael saw his apartment as nothing but a money drain and a heartache. The designer’s wages were being paid straight to his renting agent, and it was all for a small and dreary apartment outside the city. Eager to get out of this rut, Talley started researching alternative forms of living and found tiny-home living.  Buying the Bus After searching online for weeks, Talley eventually found an auction that was selling old school buses. After seeing the buses, Michael got an idea to buy one, take its wheels off and convert it into a living space. Within a few days, Talley had bought the bus for a mere $2200 and had it parked at his friend’s farm. You won’t believe what he did next! Converting the Bus After seeing the bus in person, Michael had a better idea than making a tiny home for himself. Instead of taking the wheels off the bus, Michael decided that he would keep the bus mobile, and just convert the back of the bus into a living space. This way he could travel and see the world, all from the comfort of his own home! Within days, the grueling renovation work had begun… Living Frugally While Working In order to save money for the bus project, Talley moved out of his Austin apartment and began living in a tent on his friend’s farm beside his bus. The designer began the bus renovation by taking out all of the seats, which was a difficult and grueling project for someone who hadn’t any previous manual labour experience. It was then that Talley ran into a significant problem… Finding Solutions To Problems After taking out the seats, Talley realised that there was a major problem with the bus- it was too small! Talley was 6”6, while the ceiling was only 6”1 in height. In an attempt to rectify this, Talley began the terrifying task of cutting the roof off of the bus in order to make it higher and easier to stand up in. The bus was being modified in more ways than Talley had ever imagined and he had no idea of the workload he had gotten himself into… Changing the Engine Another major problem that Talley ran into was that the engine of the bus would not be powerful enough to drive him and his home around. In a bid to rectify this, Talley went inside the engine to rewire it and make the bus viable to drive once more. After a few weeks, all of the horrible groundwork was completed, and the interior design could begin. You won’t believe how Michael converted the inside of the bus! Transforming the Interior Michael had a dream that the interior of the bus would be cosy, modern and functional, and boy did he achieve that dream! The designer used repurposed wood to line the walls of the bus, giving it a cosy and homely feel. Using old soft furnishings and wood, he created a kitchen and living space that had a rustic, yet modern and warm feel. The bus was starting to feel like home! Making a Workspace One of Michael’s main annoyances with his former apartment was that it was too small for him to have a proper desk and large workspace in. Amazingly, Talley managed to create a beautiful workspace for himself within his bus, building in a huge desk which would be any graphic designer’s dream. Within a few months, the bus renovation was complete, and the final project was jaw-dropping… Finishing off The Project After a few months of hard work, about $15,000 in savings, and a lot of difficult living situations, Michael’s bus was finally complete, and he was able to move in. Talley finished his project off by painting his bus white and decorating the interior with cosy new furnishings and trinkets. Now, instead of paying $1200 to simply have a place to sleep, Talley’s living expenses are practically $0, and he has created a haven where he can now work, play, sleep, live and travel all at once. Inspired? Us too. Would you dare to join the tiny-home revolution and live like this?
  Unwinding your soul and mind away from the hustle-bustle of the city and connecting with nature – Doesn’t it sound like a dream? No more a dream. You can leave behind the virtual world to live a few days in these beautifully built treehouses in the middle of the forests. While you get to experience life away from the noisy city life, you don’t have to compromise on the luxuries. There are a plethora of options available today which are specifically designed to cater to every need of the customers. These treehouses have all the important amenities that you are used to, a few of them also have a spa and a sauna. Read on to find out the best treehouse hotel that you actually book at affordable rates today.     Balian Treehouse, Bali, Indonesia     If you are planning to visit Bali to enjoy the natural beauty of the place, then this might be the perfect location for you to book your stay. Apart from all the luxury, the place is located just 3 minutes from the beach. You have the hut to yourself and you can enjoy watching the sunrise every morning from the windows of your bedroom.   Summit Prairie Lookout Tower, Mountaintop Lookout Treehouse      Located amidst the beautiful Umpqua National Forest, this unique treehouse stands 40 feet above the ground. Although the place lies secluded in the jungles, there are all possible amenities present here – hot and cold running water, a working stove, oven, a bonfire and a hot tub.   The Mirrorcube, Sweden      Imagine living in a mirror house suspended between the trunks of trees. This treehouse provides for an exciting hideout place that is camouflaged by the reflective glass. The place also has its own rooftop terrace and the space is big enough to accommodate two people. There are six windows in this treehouse that provides a panoramic view of the surroundings.     The UFO, Sweden Sci-fi geek or not, you will love to stay in this UFO-like treehouse. Don’t worry, you won’t be sharing the space with any extra-terrestrial guests here. The interior of this place is modern and spacious enough for five people. There is free wi-fi and the shower and sauna are in a separate building nearby The UFO.   Mahali Mzuri, Kenya   The magic of the wildlife in Masai Mara attracts many tourists each year and if you are looking for a perfect African escape, Mahali Mzuri is the place for you. There are 12 luxury tents here, an infinity pool and a view of the wildlife that you could never have imagined. You can go stargazing, take your partner for romantic candlelit dining while you enjoy the beautiful views of the jungle life from your balcony.   Pacuare Lodge, Costa Rica     This treehouse is accessible only by a raft or a cable car. If you wish to experience forest life in the Central American rainforest, this is the perfect place for you. You can either spend your time lying under a tree lost in deep thoughts or you can go for a spa that offers locally-inspired treatments. To quench your thirst for some adventurous outing, you can go river rafting and zip-lining.   Winvian Farm  The farm has 18 beautiful cottages which are located in the Litchfield Hills. Ranging from rustic to the feels of the 18th-century style, each cottage here is unique and beautifully done. Surrounded by nature, you can cleanse your soul and connect with the natural beauty around you.   Bird’s Nest, Sweden    A gigantic bird’s nest, this treehouse camouflages itself with its surroundings. Wanted to experience living like a bird? Here is your chance to fulfill that childhood dream. The interior of the treehouse is quite spacious and the room has separate bedrooms and a living room. You can enter the nest with the help of retractable stairs.   Whispering Wind Treehouse, New York      Tucked beneath a canopy of trees, this rustic treehouse turns more beautiful during the fall. The place has no electricity, heat or wi-fi – so, it is only for those who are looking to connect with nature and get away from the chaotic city life. The place is whimsical and offers an experience that you will never forget.   Secluded Intown Treehouse, Atlanta, Georgia   This treehouse hotel looks straight out of a fairy tale book. The two beautiful treehouses are connected with swinging bridges. These treehouses have often been featured in many magazines and TV shows. There are three separate rooms each connected by rope bridges. There is a hammock too under a 15-year old pine tree. Sounds like a perfect romantic getaway with your partner.   Go ahead and book your favourite one today. We really love The UFO. Imagine living inside a spaceship with all the present-day amenities. Wow!  
Similar to beauty and fashion, interior design trends come and go, but it’s good to stay in the loop with them in order to keep your house feeling current and modern. While you may think that your house is the height of style right now, fast forward a few months and it could be pretty outdated. Like the world of fashion, interior design is on a whole new level these days, and interior trends have become seasonal and increasingly more accessible to the average person.  If you’re wondering what to replace in your home, you need to read this article. Here we will give you the low-down on what currently trendy interiors are going to be going out of style soon so you can avoid being behind the crowd by the time the season changes. As well as that, what better excuse is there for adding a few extra touches to your home interior than the changing of the seasons, huh? Get ready for your new and improved, ultra on-style home! The Industrial Trend The industrial trend took the interior design world by storm, using exposed brick, piping and metals to create an urban, industrialised feel. This look definitely suits urban creative spaces, but get it out of your home! In a home, all this design does is create a cold and unwelcoming feel. There’s no room to cosy up comfortably in a room designed like this, and who wants that? Fake Plants For a while there, people were obsessed with using fake plants to create a feeling of homeliness in their humble abodes. As well as collecting dust, fake plants are a massive contributor to plastic pollution and can look super tacky if they’re not made with high-quality plastics. Opt for real, easy to care for plants instead- not only do they look better, but they help purify the air, too. Besides, there’s nothing more satisfying than seeing your plants grow!   Accent Walls What is it with accent walls in recent years? It seems like for a while there, we couldn’t look at any interiors brochure without seeing living rooms and bedrooms decorated with stand-out accent walls. While these decorative walls can sometimes work, they can be regrettable down the line and limit what colour patterns you can redecorate the room with. Swap it for a gallery wall, instead- far more versatile and easier to change around should you want to re-design!  Mirrored Furniture Nothing screams tacky quite like mirrored furniture! Not only does this furniture style look visually unappealing, but it’s easily dirtied and tends to harbour greasy fingerprints no matter how often you clean it! Get rid of these dated pieces and replace them with some dark wood furniture instead, which is trendy as well as timeless.  Sliding Barn Doors Unless you live in a barn, ditch the sliding wooden doors! These barn doors were introduced in order to create a rustic feel in the home, but have failed miserably and often look very out of place in any modern home. Swap a sliding barn door for a normal door or clear archway- your eyes and home will thank you!  Open Shelving Open shelving in a kitchen is great if you don’t have much stuff- which is never going to be the case in a busy family kitchen! The only way that open shelves work in the kitchen environment is if they are kept minimal and extremely tidy. For most, dishes and cutlery pile up on these shelves, creating a messy, cluttered looking environment. Keep your bits in a cupboard instead.  All White Everything All-white kitchens- whose idea was that? For some reason, all-white kitchens have been all the rage of late, much to the heartache of those who have them- the kitchen is the dirtiest place in the house! All white kitchen appliances ensure that every single splash and stain will be visible to anyone who enters, and who wants that? Opt for some splashes of colour amidst your white appliances, instead. Wall Quotes Wall Quotes have become somewhat of an interior design phenomenon in recent years, with their customizable aspect working as a pull factor to get many people to buy them. Despite their popularity, these quotes are quickly losing their style-factor, and are quickly becoming a tacky accessory to an otherwise perfectly good wall. Live. Laugh. Love? Take. It. Down!  Quilted Headboards Huge, quilted headboards used to be the epitome of luxury a few years back, but this is quickly changing in the interior design world! Nowadays, these headboards are seen as being a little tacky and overbearing in a bedroom. Opt for a more sophisticated minimalist headboard instead, which allows for more freedom to decorate the way that you want to. Grey Tones Grey has been one of the most popular colours for interior design in recent years, with everything from soft furnishings to walls and carpets taking on the same cool-toned shade of light grey. Unfortunately for lovers of the trend, grey’s time in the spotlight is numbered as warmer neutrals and colours take its place- warm up your home by opting for soft pastels, tans and beiges instead.  Have you got any of these soon-to-be outdated trends in your home? If there’s something you just can’t bear to get rid of, there’s always the opportunity to up-cyle or incorporate it into new trends- just don’t let your house fall behind in style! 
Whether you work from home or enjoy your time reading, your home office space should be a place that should inspire you to spend more time there and not kill you with boredom. There are many funky decor ideas with which you can design your own beautiful office space at home. Either you can get really creative with your space or go for a minimal decor option. Read on to find out the best ways to design your own funky home office space easily.    A Mix of Vintage A mix of vintage and modern will add a personal touch to your workspace. The art on the wall could be kept minimal with a few planters above the desk. You can also add any decor piece from any other room. This one looks like a comfortable space to work in.   Colour It Blue Research has proved that the colour blue has a calming effect on your mind. So, if you are looking for a stress-free workspace, the simplest thing to do is to choose the right shade of blue for your walls and half your job is done.    Optimizing Space Organization is the key to achieve the desired kind of home workspace. Use all your vertical space, declutter and arrange things in the drawers. Use as many wall hangings as possible to help keep the area where you sit and work clean. The easiest trick to keep the space minimal and simple.  Scandinavian Style A simple Swedish desk with minimal decor items completes the look of the home office space. The colours could be kept neutral or completely white. The Scandinavian design is the ideal style to opt for if you are interested in a home with an interior with a light color scheme and minimalist design.   Conceal the Clutter with Curtains The use of matching or contrast curtains to the walls will not only soften the room but will also help you hide the everyday clutter which you cannot throw out. Everyday papers and books that might not look very pretty as you enter into the room, can just be hidden behind these curtains.  A Bit Artsy Source: You can add a bit of your personal art touch to the room. Vibrant and colourful art pieces could add some positive energy to your space. If you own an art piece, you can also put it in your space. This adds a bit of personal touch to the space.    Get Creative With Your Work Space You can add a funky looking speaker to your computer and a plant on your desk. You can also decorate your front wall with pictures of your family and friends or someone who inspires you. You can also opt for a piece of smaller furniture and choose the view you want to see while working on your desk.    Place a Beautiful Rug A beautiful rug in that space just balances the entire area and completes the look of this. You can go for patterned ones or multi-coloured ones. You can also match the rug with the color of the walls.    A Modern Look To add a bit of glam quotient to your office space, use bold colours, an animal print rug, a cool wall accent, and studio lamplight. Keep the decor minimal and artistic.  We hope you found the perfect kind of office space as per your needs. You can always add your own creative side for a personal touch. 
Some hacks have been in front of us the whole time, leaving us kicking ourselves when someone finally uncovers them. They are there to make our everyday life easier, with the everyday objects that we use. You won’t use these items the same again when you see how they can be used. Prepare to be mind-blown and hate us for pointing out the simplest of hacks that were right in front of you the entire time. In 3…2….1….   Brush The Filter   Household filters can get very dirty, very easily. Not many people know how to clean them properly and generally just replace them when they become unusable. Now you know how to clean it by using a toothbrush to scrub the dirt from the filter leaving it brand new.   Toothbrush Holder   Use pegs to hold your toothbrushes in place and stop them from being placed in a drinking glass like so many do. This is an incredibly simple, yet a genius idea for holding our toothbrushes that will save the confusion of whos toothbrush is whos.   Remove That Stain   If You’re sick of Juices And Sauces staining your surfaces, slice a lemon in half and rub it over the stain. This is to get most of the stain out, and then you simply rinse it with hot water and give it an extra scrub.   Two Bowls In Microwave   What sounds like a magic trick is actually a very easy thing to achieve. For years, we have endured countless hours waiting for one bowl to finish before you put in another one. But this is no more as you can see above. How have we never thought of this!   Pool Noodle   Pool noodles aren’t just for the swimming pool you know. They can be a great addition around the house for numerous objects. Shown above is a great example of its use as it will stop the overflow of water and also stop you from hitting your foot off the steel.   Bottle Holder      Stacking bottles in the fridge is an impossible task when you have an odd number of bottles and nothing to lean them against. Say goodbye to that problem with this genius idea involving a paper clip. The paperclip will keep the bottles in place and stop them from falling.   Tub Of Spaghetti   Instead of struggling to reseal your packet of spaghetti, once opened, place the remainder of the spaghetti into an empty tub of Pringles. They fit perfectly and are easy to pour for the next use. When’s your Dolmio day?   Air Freshener   Mindblown! Who knew that there was an extension for the freshener on the inside. Never have we noticed this before and will be running home to see if this is true. If it is we are the biggest idiots going.   Cold Beer     If you want to get your beer cold in town for the big match, rather than placing it in the freezer, wrap wet tissue around it. Yes, you heard that right. Placing the wet tissue around the bottle and putting it in the fridge will speed up the freezing process of the bottle having it ready in town for kick-off.   Pour It Right Another everyday thing we have been doing wrong our whole life is pouring juice apparently. Instead of pouring the carton with the lid first, the carton should be reversed with the lid closest to your hand. This is to avoid splashing from the glass. We can’t process this.   By now, you have probably tried all of these hacks to see if they actually work or not. You are amazed to find that they do work and you are forever in our debt. The pleasure is all ours.  
The leaves are starting to fall, there’s a chill in the air, and the evenings are getting shorter. It means one thing- winter is here. While winter can be a tough time for many of us, spending your evenings inside away from the cold can be a great excuse to start buying some new interiors, and transforming your humble abode into a snug little hideaway from the bitter cold. Who doesn’t love some soft furnishings to cuddle up under while they’re watching Christmas movies, huh? In celebration of all things winter, here are some gorgeous interior design ideas that you just have to try. Picture it now- snuggled on the couch with your friends and family, a brilliant movie on the TV, hot chocolate in your hands, relaxing in front of a roaring fire- absolute bliss. By turning your home into a cosy haven, it’ll make those cold months all the more bearable- trust us.    Peacock Blue Hues Peacock Blue is making a huge comeback and is the perfect colour for injecting some cosy colour into your home. This shade of blue adds colour to brighten up the space while remaining warm-toned enough to keep the space feeling intimate and cosy. Incorporate this into your home with a statement wall, or for less commitment, go for some peacock blue cushions or blankets.  Copper Everything Rose gold has had its time in the spotlight, but now it’s time for copper! Copper coloured furniture is a beautiful addition to your home in winter, giving the home a modern and warm feel that oozes sophistication. The fact that copper is reflective means that it will reflect light and brighten up whatever room it’s put in, which is much-needed in those dark, cold evenings!  Scandinavian Furniture The Danish concept of Hygge is everything in winter, and should be incorporated into your furniture as much as possible! Scandinavian furniture is characterised by raw, natural wood, soft pastel colours and minimalist design and is both aesthetically beautiful and comfortable in the home. By putting modern Scandinavian- style furniture in your home, you can add a Hygge flair straight to your living room!  Staying Green One of the toughest parts about the brutal winter months is the fact that all around us, the flowers have died and trees have lost their leaves. Make your home a natural paradise by incorporating some year-round houseplants into your interior decor. Having some greenery scattered around the home will stop the feeling of decay that comes with winter and can cheer up any space.  Accesorise With Candles Candles cater to the sensual needs of the home environment and are a must-buy for anyone trying to create an atmospheric, comfortable feel in their home. Not only are they cheap, but candles create a soft, natural glow to any room that instantly makes the space feel warmer and homely. For ultimate winter-feels, invest in some wintery, warm, cinnamon or apple style scents to make your house smell the same way that Christmas feels. Delicious.  Statement Wallpaper is Incredible If you’re suffering from a case of the winter blues, one of the easiest ways to perk up your home is by investing in some statement wallpaper! Bold, colourful wallpaper prints totally transform any room that they’re put in, and can add a much-needed splash of colour to any room. Statement wallpaper can also create a quirky, retro feel to your home which will totally counteract the gloom of winter!  Mix Textures There’s no easier way to jazz up your home space this winter than by incorporating different textures in rooms. By combining soft, fluffy blankets with chunky throws and hardwood furniture you will create a rustic feel and homely atmosphere to any room. This is a simple way to create a feel of vintage charm to your homestead.  Black Statement Furniture For years, we’ve been told that black furniture is to be avoided like the plague, but hear us out- its merits are only being discovered! Black has had a bad rep for years, but if it’s used right it can make your home a super zen place. By painting some statement furniture pieces black, you can create an edgy, warm feel to any room. Start off by up-cycling a small piece of furniture like a locker or bedside table, before going bigger. Before you know it, you could have a black kitchen and love it!  Soft Furnishings Are a Must If there’s any excuse for splurging on soft blankets, cushions and throws- it’s winter! Not only do soft furnishings look gorgeous scattered across a couch or bed, but they provide some much-needed warmth and comfort during these winters, too!  Invest in soft, fluffy, neutral-toned blankets and cushions to decorate your house with; they give a wintery charm while still remaining timeless.  Stay Minimal If you notice that your house is full of junk that you’re meaning to get rid of, winter is the best time to do it! Make a conscious effort to clear out your house to create a scant, minimal space that allows more light and air in. By creating minimalist spaces clear of clutter in your home, you create the illusion of more space and light, which are a need in the winter months. Having a minimalist space also sets you up well for the spring/summer months, and will allow in all the sunlight possible. If possible, paint the walls of these spaces white to let in the maximum amount of brightness and space.  Subtly redecorating your house to suit the seasons can be quick and easy, and doesn’t always have to be a huge ordeal! By injecting small bursts of colour and design into your home, you can create a comfortable, cozy and welcoming space that you’ll never want to leave… get the fire on!  
You must have seen so many cool home designs and each day architects come up with something new to impress their customers. But have you ever seen a real-life snail house or a glasshouse hidden among the trees? Architects and designers leave no stone unturned to get creative and you will be surprised to see how creative some of them actually got. A home inspired by Fred and Wilma’s home, a house built on the sand dunes – imagine how cool it must be for the owners who live here. These might seem too cool to be true, but they exist. Read on and find out the weirdest home interior designs that actually exist and plan on designing your dream house in a unique way.    Flintstone House Inspired House, Malibu, California This Flintstone inspired house belonged to TV personality Dick Clarke. The rocky interiors of this house are very much similar to Fred and Wilma’s house from the cartoon series. Clarke’s house has one bedroom and two bathrooms, glass windows that give you an amazing view of the city, mountains and the ocean. The only things missing here are animal gadgets!  Giant Seashell House, Mexico Imagine living life in a seashell. Located in Mexico City, this seashell house is named as ‘The Nautilus’. Built-in 2006 for a family who wanted an unconventional house, the walls of this particular house are made of giant mosaics and gives out a stunning rainbow effect.    The Mirrorcube The Mirrorcube is a part of the Swedish Hotel, Treehotel. If you are looking for a hideout in the woods from your busy life. The little cube is by mirrored walls that reflect the surroundings. The interior is made from plywood and is big enough for two people. It has toilets, a lounge and a rooftop terrace. The place also has free Wi-Fi. What else do you need?   Dune House A house built inside an existing sand dune! Yes, that’s true and it exists. Built by architect William Morgan, these two identical earth-sheltered houses are built into a mass of sand. This is why the house remains warm in winter and cool in summer. The ground floor of the house has a living room with large window and kitchen with dining area. The upper level has a loft bedroom and a bath.    House of Sarcasm  This house designed by Artist Christine Claringbold and her husband Charles is a kaleidoscope of bright colours and beautiful patterns that will leave you mesmerized. The colourful mandalas from the ceiling have a unique rich colour scheme. This space is also available for rent on Airbnb.  Palais Bulles—Lunar Palace The Palais Bulles or The Palace of Bubbles was once owned by designer Pierre Cardin. This cave-inspired villa is made of mesh and rods. Currently used as a hotel, there are 10 bedroom suites with circular beds and arched bookshelves. The place is now usually used for film parties and big events.  Verner Panton’s Home Strange shapes, bold colours and crazy textures – this is how you describe the house designed by designer Verner Panton. As soon as you enter his house, you will be welcomed by walls and ceilings completely covered in round lamps. The centrepiece in his living room is a bright-coloured amoeba-shaped upholstered lounging space. A living tower with a geometric wall, upholstered stairs are the other few unique features of his house. Quite bold we must say.    Skateboard House This house is designed in a way that you can skate around the house freely, both outdoors and indoors. This house built in Malibu even has furniture that is skatable. The sitting area, kitchen and the bathroom are all made in a curvy design and the other standing objects serve the purpose of the props. A really fun house to live in.    Extreme Transformer Home  Chinese architect Gary Chang became famous for building a 344-square feet apartment that looks like just another studio apartment. But wait. You can pull the walls and furniture of the place and can create over 24 different rooms, a kitchen and a gaming room.    Jean-Paul Gaultier’s Home Fashion icon Jean Paul Gaultier is a renowned name in the world of fashion and decor. Known for creative curious designs, his furniture designs are quite peculiar. Look at this one. Stripes on the furniture and walls, this minimalist home design makes our brain go a bit dizzy. What does your dream house look like? Get the plans rolling and one day you might also have a house as unique as these.
Have you ever wanted to get a little more crafty, and a little less wasteful, in your home? One of the easiest ways of doing this is by looking at the things you use every day, and seeing how you could reuse them for something different. Think of how many bread tags that you throw away every week. These are the small, plastic tags that come on your loaf of bread to seal it and keep it fresh. Unbeknownst to the majority of people, these tags are absolutely amazing for re-using and can help you to organise, decorate and streamline your house. Essentially, bread tags are a free tool that can be reused for better things in almost all households! Here are some amazing uses for bread tags that you probably never heard of before. You’ll never throw one out again!   Organising Cables   If you have a home office or even just a cluttered technology space, it can be a nightmare to figure out which cable is which. You’ll understand just how annoying this is someday when you need to unplug one of the cables, but don’t know which one it is! In order to avoid the agony of trying to untangle and identify all of your separate computer cables without any clues, simply label a bread tag, and clip it onto the cable. You’ll never have the pain of trying to sort through a mess of tangled cables again!   Make Yourself Some One of a Kind Jewelry   The durability of plastic that bread tags are made out of make them the perfect material to craft unique, quirky jewellery out of! Get creative with bread tags and cut, craft and paint them as you please to make some one-of-a-kind bracelets, necklaces and earrings. Not only do they look really cool on, but they make a lovely hand-made gift, too.   Never Bring the Wrong Keys Again   If you are someone who regularly carries around a bunch of keys and doesn’t know exactly what one matches what door or building, bread tags are an excellent way of differentiating them. Rather than having to fumble around with your key bunch for ages before getting the right one, simply label a bread tag and clip it onto your keys. It seems like a tiny thing, but it honestly makes such a difference.   Never Lose Your Stitches Again!   Every avid knitter knows the struggle of your wool stretching out, and falling down the bottom of your knitting needle. This can be an absolute pain, and can sometimes completely ruin the whole shape and look of the item you’re knitting! A super simple way to avoid this sliding is to get a bread tag and clip it onto your knitting needle the end of your wool. Your hands and mood will thank you!   Never Have Tangled Headphones Again   You’d think that by now tangle-proof headphones would be a thing, but unfortunately, they’re not. That is, however, unless you count this insanely helpful bread-tag hack! If you’re sick of spending all your time trying to untangle messy headphones, simply wrap them up neatly and fasten them in place with a bread tag. We never knew a tiny piece of plastic could bring us this much joy… but trust us, it has.   Stop Your Tape From Getting Stuck   Is there anything more annoying than trying to peel off a little sticky tape, only to realise that you can’t find the start of it, or worse still, it’s stuck completely to the roll? There is nothing more frustrating than this, and it usually ends up in lots of anger and a broken nail or two. Next time you use sticky tape, simply stick a little bread tag to the end in order to find it the start of the roll next time you need it. We cannot stress how much easier it is.   Get Crafty   If you’ve got kids, you will know how difficult it can be to find cheap, fun craft activities to keep them occupied. Rather than going out and spending money on a craft set, simply save up some bread tags and get your kids to paint them as funny faces of characters. Not only is this a virtually free activity, but it’s creative, arty and entertaining, too.   Create Cute Wine Glass Charms   If you’re looking for a quirky party accessory, you better start saving those bread tags! The size of these tags makes them the perfect base to make wine glass charms so that everybody knows which drink is theirs at a party. To add a little extra oomph, get crafty and personalise these tags with funny sayings or in-jokes between you and your friends. Your guests will love such a personal touch   Improve Your Shoes    Have you ever worn thong-style flip flop sandals and experienced the toe area constantly moving around on your foot? Not only can this be very annoying for whoever is wearing the shoes, but over time it can cut and damage your feet, too. In order to stop your sandal from constantly moving between your toes, simply clip a bread tag onto the bottom of it, and ta-da, comfier sandals instantly!   An Easier Way To Pair Socks   Did you know that bread tags can even help you with your laundry? In order to avoid having to spend a long, relentless time rolling up pairs of socks, simply find a matching pair and clip them together with a bread tag in the middle. Not only is it cheap, simple and effective, but it’s also a much quicker process than traditional sock pairing. Now, that being said, however, we’re going to need a lot of tags for this to run smoothly.   We bet you never imagined how many unconventional uses there was for them small little bread tags now, did you? Will you try any of these at home in the future?  
Having a beautiful library at home is everyone’s dream. With time, the design and theme of libraries have also changed. From classic vintage themes to modern chic styles, each home has their own styles of libraries. Definitely one of the best spaces that you have in the house. Here is a collection of some of the best libraries that can give you an idea before you design that dream space in your house.  Use All The Wall Space Just look at the space and the number of books that can be stored in the walls here. The built-in shelves framing the doorway create a visual impact and provide enough space for any book worm to put their precious collection of books on display.  Library Under The Bed You can create book nooks under your beds and these cabin beds do not only ensure that you get a goodnight’s sleep but also keep your favourite books at an arm’s length. So, when you are not too sleepy and feel like reading, you don’t have to get out of your bed.  Books in a Basket Using baskets to store books on your living room shelves can help you declutter the space and arrange the books more appropriately. Also, you would not require any bookends to stop the books from toppling off the sides. You can also organize the books by titles, genres and colors much neatly. A Work of Art You can turn the coffee-table books as pieces of art on the shelves. You can choose the best coffee table books with a colourful picture and arrange it on the shelf in a very creative way.    Arrange the Books As Per Their Colours You can use books as decor items and arrange them on the shelves in a colour coordinated way. Also, try to arrange books of the same size together otherwise they will too be cluttered on the shelves.  Transform a Corner and Make It Your Reading Room You can just place your favourite kind of seating at your favourite corner of the house and enjoy reading in the house. With all the books by your favourite authors stacked near you, you can enjoy your evening tea with the books lying cosily near the window.  Books Under The Stairs The space under the stairs usually goes unnoticed and mostly goes unused. You can actually transform the space under the stairs in a very creative way. They not only create a visual appeal but they also help provide extra space in the house for storage purposes.  Add Prints and Patterns to Your Library You can also add an element of fun in your library space by adding up colourful prints and textures on the walls, bright rugs and cushions. While the couches here balances the bright walls, the red coloured cabinets infuse a bit of life into the room.  Themed Wallpaper You can also opt for themed wallpapers for your library. It adds a bit of drama to the room and helps in setting the mood of the room. This themed wallpaper sets the backdrop of a great book collection in this space.  Library With the Academic Vibe You can give your library a touch of the academic vibe by placing huge globes around it. It not only makes the space a bit serious but will also help you focus on whatever you are working on.    If you love reading and collecting books, these are the best ways to keep your prized possessions out on display. 
    There are very few products that are quite as versatile as a good ol’ bottle of WD-40. While you may think that this can of magic lubricant would be more suited to your Dad’s backyard shed, there is more to the product than you may think, and it’s actually an extremely handy little bottle to have stored in the house. WD-40 can be used for so much more than just loosening squeaky hinges, and life gets a lot easier when you realise how it secretly helps out with everything from household cleaning and stain removal to guitar upkeep! Read on to find out more.   Keep Your Guitar Strings Fresh               If you’re a guitar player, you will know that guitar strings wear down after time and that changing strings on the regular can be an annoying and pricey job! To keep your guitar strings sounding good for longer, simply spray some WD-40 on a soft cloth and slide it up and down the guitar strings to cover them. Be careful not to put too much on though, or you’re gonna have some slippy fingers next time you play!   Defrost Ice Quickly Is there anything more annoying that going outside to start your car for work and then realising that it’s covered in ice? Interestingly, WD-40 is a fantastic de-icer- simply spray some of the product over the ice and watch as it melts away quickly. It’s a much quicker and easier way of getting rid of ice. Say goodbye to having to sit in your car with the heating on for five minutes, or even worse; waiting for the kettle to heat so you can throw how water over the windowscreen!   Opening Rusty Locks If there’s a mysteriously locked gate somewhere that you’re just dying to get into, WD-40 could be the partner in crime that you need- but don’t tell the police that we told you that! The lubricating properties of this handy little spray mean that it’s excellent to use while attempting to break open rusty gates or padlocks, as it flakes away the tough, rusted edges of the metal and allows for a smooth opening.   Shine Your Favourite Silver                Strangely, WD-40 is an amazing cleaning product for shining silver! No matter how old, dull and damaged that your silverware is, a quick polish with a cloth doused in WD-40 will have it looking brand new again. As well as making your silver shiny again, the residue of the spray will protect it so that it lasts longer between cleans while still looking good.   Keeping Your Air Conditioning Unit Clean                   If you look close into your air-con unit, you’ll probably notice that it’s full of gross dust and dirt particles that cling to its vents. Did you know that this is totally avoidable? If you wipe a cloth dampened in WD-40 on these vents, dust can’t stick to the metal due to it being so slippy! This, in turn, keeps your aircon clean and working better- double whammy!   Removing Rings That Are Stuck            There’s nothing more mortifying than getting a ring stuck on your finger. The sheer panic when you can’t get a tight ring off your finger is horrible and makes you start to wonder whether you’re going to be doomed to a life of a tiny ring on a big finger! Instead of going straight to a hospital, did you know that a spray of WD-40 usually does the trick here? The liquid is so slippy that it can usually pry off even the tightest of rings, and save you plenty of embarrassment in the ER.   Removing Chewing Gum From Hair                 On another embarrassing note, how many times did you get chewing gum stuck in your hair as a kid? We’re guessing more than once, and yes, it’s even more mortifying than the ring thing. We don’t even know how it happens, but kids get chewing gum stuck in their hair all the time and it usually has to be cut out- leaving them with some very questionable haircuts to look back on. We wish our parents knew about this incredible WD-40 life hack back in the day, as it softens the gum to the point where it can be safely removed from the hair. If only!   Preserving Leather           If you’ve spent big bucks on a new leather suite of furniture, you’re going to want to protect it, and that’s where your bottle of WD-40 comes in handy. WD-40 is an excellent leather protector and preserver when used in small amounts. The liquid spray will keep leather supple, clean and new looking for longer, which is the dream, really!   Unsticking Glasses From One Another                      If you’ve ever worked in a bar, you will relate to the struggle when piled glasses stick to one another. As well as being difficult to pry apart, separating stuck glasses can be dangerous as they can smash in your hand and cut you. If you’re struggling to separate glasses, a tiny spray of WD-40 is all you need to get them out of the pile, but make sure to wash them well afterwards so that you don’t give a friend WD-40 related poisoning!   Cleaning Crayon Stains             Another super secretive cleaning hack that WD-40 can be used for is to clean crayon stains off of walls. Any mom with creative kids will relate to the heartbreak when you realise that your kids have decided to do a crayon based Picasso artwork on your freshly painted walls, but fear not, there is a solution! WD-40 melts and cleans the crayon stains, making your walls look brand new. Phew.  
Planning to redecorate your house and looking for cheaper options to buy furniture and decor items? We all head to IKEA whenever we are looking for options for redoing our house. And it is not just the prices here that amaze us, the product quality too at such affordable rates is what makes us go crazy. But, beware. It is not always that those affordable furnishing items are worth that price. Take a look at these best and worst buys from IKEA that you must consider before heading out to spend your money here.    Mulig Clothing Rack A space to hang your clothes and that too in just $10 is not a bad deal at all. If you are running out of space and there is nothing at all from your wardrobe that you want to give away, get this clothing rack. This gives you enough space to hand in all your beautiful dresses making your room look mess-free.    Lierskogen Valet Stand With Mirror This high-quality Lierskogen standing mirror, which also comes with attached shelves will not only saves space in your house but would also enhance the aesthetics of your room. Prices at just $70, there is no hassle of fitting it into the wall or worrying about it taking a huge space in your room. Buy this one before it is all sold out. Flottebo Sleeper Sofa This perfect modern piece is a perfect fit for your chic interior and the pop of colour works perfectly well with the plain, simple walls. This one is priced at $600 and is much affordable to many other sleeper sofas available in the market today. This would be a good buy.    Kvistbro Storage Table A very stylish piece for your living room priced at just $28. This smartly-designed piece from IKEA is not to be missed and can be a great addition tour home. Functional without taking much space, this has been one of the most-loved pieces by its customers.   Gradvis Vase Priced at just $10, this vase looks like a higher-end item that you would see in stores like West Elm. This could be the most affordable way to give a makeover to the interior of your house without spending a bomb on the decor items.    Malm Chests and Dressers They might look pretty and roomy, Ikea had recalled its Malm chests and dressers in 2017 after eight children had reportedly died in tip-over accidents. This top-heavy unit, which was affordably priced between $50 to $200, can be given a skip.   Hemnes Bed Frame The price tag on this bed frame might make it look like a great deal, but the even $200 for this piece is not worth the money. Customers who bought this complained of the flimsy material and said that it was not built to last. The piece is not even built to take the weight of the mattress. We are giving this one a miss, for sure.    Myskgräs Comforter This comforter that starts at only $8 for a twin might look like to be a great deal. But if you fall for its price, be assured that you are compromising with the quality of the product. Reviewers had complained about the fabric being itchy and that the comforter doesn’t stay quite properly inside the duvet cover.    Klippan Loveseat The awkward headrest and cheap finishings are how the reviewers have mostly described this product from IKEA. Though this loveseat is attractively priced at $250, you would not want it to take up so much space in your house and would not even want to sit on it. There is other better option available at even-cheaper rates at Overstock. Make your choice.    Pax Wardrobe Series Available at a price starting $155, it might look like a great space-saving option but it was found that the assembly is not that simple. Reviewers said that while it seems like a great deal at the start, the assembly is too complicated and the misaligned pieces made it unstable. Looks like a recipe for another mishap in the house. Spend a bit more and stay safe. 
As the autumn sets in, it’s time to bring in some new colours into your house. And with the festive season on its way, you can decorate your house in so many new ways. Fall foliage, painted pumpkins and pinecones are some of the themes you can choose from. Set up a painted pumpkin on your table or make a fall wreath out of smaller pumpkins, the Halloween-centric theme is sure to add a lot of warmer tones to your house. Here’s a list of decor items you can either buy or make yourself at home to add a new touch to your home decor. Moreover, these decor items are so cool that you can even keep it even after the festivities are over and it would still look pretty.  A Touch Of Palms Palm-leaf inspired cushions or a throw, whatever you choose, we feel that pal leaves can create a lush warm atmosphere in your house. Or if you want to save money and avoid buying a lot of decor items, just put up a palm leaf style wallpaper and that is going to change the look completely. The Maple Leaf Night Light This Sugar Maple Leaf nightlight is all you need to add a touch of luxury and beauty to your house. While this one is a gold-pleated one, you can also opt for many others that are available in several warmer colors. And this decor item is never going to look too outdated. So, you can keep it all year long.  A Portable Fireplace A portable fireplace that is designed smartly will add elegance and style to your room that incorporates the latest technology. With this addition to your house, you do not have to worry about walking up to the living room to enjoy some warm time near the fireplace. The fireplace now can come to wherever you are.    Add More Rugs A rug can define a room, anchor it and add more warmth to it. Anytime something seems missing, add a rug and you would see how magically that completes the look. There are endless choices when it comes to choosing from a rug design. In case you want a neutral look, brown, green and soft yellow are the shades you must look for.  Pumpkin Votives You can make these too easily at home and these pumpkin votives are the best fall item that should be kept at homes. Just carve out circles from the mini pumpkins slightly bigger than the bottom of a tea light and allow the candle to fit inside properly. You can place them on the table or at the doorsteps.    Fall Foliage Arrangement  Collect fiery red maple leaves and arrange them by size and colour and place them in a glass vase. It will add an extra warmth as a table piece and is also an easy and affordable decor piece to make.  Illuminated Halloween Decoration Fall decor is the simplest to achieve. This LED lit pumpkins can be easily made and can add a lot of charm to the entryway to your houses. It not only looks pretty but also adds a spooky touch to the decor.  Fun Serving Pieces Now, you can also add an interesting touch to the buffet. Pumpkin-shaped silver serving pieces, candles and maple leaves – all combined and you have got the best table decoration idea for this fall. You can also choose a slightly different colour of pumpkins to add an edge to the decor.  Painted Pumpkins Get your creative self out and start creating designs and patterns. The colourful painted pumpkins will add a charm to the fall decor. You can also add a bit of shimmer if you want your pumpkins to twinkle a bit at the nighttime. Fall Table Setting If you are planning to host an autumn get-together, you don’t have to worry about the table decor at all. You can now just add all warm colours and decor items without burning hole in your pockets. Place some branches of leaves in an oversized jug and use it as a centrepiece. Decorate the table with painted pumpkins and maple leaves. You can also add some light if you like. 
We all want to transform our homes into the best possible end product, but we never know how to or else think it might cost too much money. There is no need to stress about money with these hacks that are simply here to help you make your house livelier by making some simple adjustments. It is crazy how much of a difference a few little adjustments and added features can make to your home space. These hacks will make your life so much easier and also have your rooms looking incredible that will have your visitors questioning how you did it. This is the originality that will differentiate your house from everyone else. Decor hacks can be defined as reusing or repurposing old items to transform them into something creative other than what they were intended for. Every item serves multi-purposes and comes in very handy things you wouldn’t have imagined. Take a look at the best home decor hacks to liven up your home.   Fabric   Fabric will become your best friend when you are trying to transform your home creatively. Fabric can be used anywhere and with anything, some of its best uses include wallpaper, and overshades or tables. It adds a classiness to bland products that give them a bit more life. This next one is very important.   Embellish  Just like fabric, embellishing your household items will really spruce them up and make them stand out from their original form. Adding extra details and features to your items will really make them incredible, particularly on walls or in bathrooms or bedrooms that will get your personality across. You need this see this next hack.   Move Furniture Moving your furniture around the room and picking the perfect location for each with the focal point being the television so everyone has a good view. This will also give you a chance to try and create some more space in your rooms which is something everyone craves. If you think that is good, look at this next one.   Light It Up Nobody likes a dark and gloomy room, so add light to your room by having blinds up the whole time and sparkling clean windows to allow every beam of light in the room to really showcase the amazing colours and furniture in the room. Adding mirrors to the room will reflect the light and brighten it further. This next one is very important.   Personalize    Remember when you are decorating a room not to shy away from getting your own personality across in it. Add the colours and the items that you like into the room. Fill up the room with your preferences, if they are books or antiques or collections. This will really feel like home and stand out from a normal generic room. This next one is so simple.   Use Photos Putting up photos and collages on the walls around the house is a necessity in any house to really get that creativity across and make a house a home. Picture frames and photos are quite cheap to get so don’t be afraid to really go all out with those family photos to promote the loving home. This next hack is very important.   Lightbulbs We already talked about brightening up your room by letting in sunlight, but when it becomes dark, good bright light bulbs are very important to the lighting in the house. Choose bright, vibrant bulbs overhead as well as adding in floor and table lamps for additional light in the rooms, they definitely make a difference.   Use A Rug A rug is much more creative than your full normal wooden or marble flooring that can give the house a cold feeling. Having rugs in each room will restore heat into the room and also be nicer on your feet. Rugs add some colour to a floor with some amazing creative design ideas available. You won’t believe this next one.   Use Pillows You may not have considered it, but pillows are an amazing and vital addition to your furniture. We’re not talking about your large bed pillows, but smaller ones with designs on them that can be placed on the sofa to give extra support when sitting as well as looking good. Warm your cold chair with a nice pillow.   Clean As You Go It is almost too simple to be considered a hack, but it is so underused that you can lose track of it. It is very easy to slack once your room is the end product, and you may let a few messy things slide, but it is important to clean as you go to keep this room in the best shape possible. Deep cleaning and hovering should be done daily if not weekly.   Your home should be 10X lively now with these incredibly simple and genius home decor hacks that you won’t believe the difference they will make. These hacks will transform your home little by little with each addition you add. Your house is now a home.  
We all want to keep adding up a bit of change to the interior of our house every now and then. While spending on big changes and hiring an interior designer could be a costly affair, there are a few simple tricks that could transform your house completely without costing you a bomb. From choosing the right colours for your room to adding up mirror details, you can give a touch of elegance and beauty to the old interiors of your house. Take a look at these most affordable interior tips that you can do anytime without anyone’s help. Read on and enhance your dream house like it was never before and surprise your guests.   A Right Mixture Instead of throwing out everything old and spending a bomb on getting new furniture and decor items for your house, collaborate the old and new artefacts. You can give your house a touch of a modern and vintage look and add some elegance to it by doing so. This idea can be implemented in any kind of homes. Try it for yourself.    Make the ceiling look interesting A dull ceiling could just be ruining the look of your home. Try to add some design – a wooden ceiling, some carvings, a 3-d painting- there are a lot of things that you could do with the ceiling designs. Spice up the look of your house by adding some fun to your old, drab ceiling. It might also help you get a good night’s sleep.    Antique Light Switches Standard light switches could be a bit boring to see at every home. You can add a touch of elegance by replacing those plain white switches by vintage switches in your switchboard. The vintage addition will add a lot of warmth in your house and such small details do bring in a lot of difference in the whole look of your home.    Personalising the Space Personalising your space is a great idea and is a great way to promote a sense of self through the decor of a room. Your home is an extension of you and you can choose what you want to display and how unique it can be. From putting up photographs to your favourite flowers, you can also decorate your space with your favourite books or the beautiful china – anything that talks about your personality   Put Up a Painting The most simple way of adding a new touch to your room with old furniture and decor pieces. Add a new painting to the wall and see the change it brings to the room. Choose a painting depending upon the colour of the wall and furniture – something that balances the artwork with the other decor pieces and stands out.    Choose the Right Colours Colours can help you transform your house dramatically. Just choose the right colour for your wall and see how it transforms the look completely. You can also choose from various patterns and textures available these days in the market and are not too expensive. Warm tones are always a great option for the living room, while white for kitchen makes it look organized. You can choose what you would like to see in your house.    Add Some Colours To Your Windows You will be surprised to see how small details could change the way your house looks. Just paint those window trims and you can also add some colourful glasses if you want. This change would make a lot of decor statement without burning a hole in your pocket.   The Right Lighting The most important tool to glam up interiors, you must choose wisely while selecting the lighting of your house. You can use natural lighting for your dressing room, while bright lighting for washrooms and task lighting for the kitchen area. A beautiful lighting setup might help redefine the look of the house completely.     Mirror Details Mirror panelled walls could make the room look cool and more spacious. You can also choose from a variety of beautifully framed mirrors and can hang up on your freshly painted walls instead of a costly painting. Avoid using too huge mirror sheets as they might give a commercial look to your house.    Smart Storage Options  Smart storing ideas might not only help you save space but also creates a more functional home. Storage ottomans, storage beds and various storage cabinets can be added to your house to make the most of the furniture space without adding any more clutter in the house.
Patios are an extension of your indoor living space. They can also be viewed as a space that provides you a break from the daily monotony of your life where you can sit, unwind yourself and relax. So, when you are deciding to redo your patio design, it is important to add a bit of personal touch to it. Also, you need not worry about the money that you would be spending on revamping the space. They are the easiest spaces to redecorate and revamp. You can use your old furniture and add a bit of twist to it or put up some decorative lighting as an accessory. Read on to find out the various affordable ways to redesign your patio.    Patio with a Fireplace Sometimes less is more. You might have heard about this and it is time to put it into use. A simple, elegant seating arrangement with the semi-open wooden roof-life design decorated with minimal lights creates all the magic. Spend some happy family time with your loved ones here. There is also a fireplace for the colder days.   Minimal Decor Connect with nature during the morning and the evenings over tea. While the oval-shaped wall here is painted in a striking yellow colour, there is not much effort taken in doing any much decor. Four simple, yet elegant chairs with a round table with a removable shade overhead are all you need to spend on to create this kind of space.    Connect With Nature Patios work best when connected with nature. This is the best kind of arrangement when having a family game or to spend some quality time with your group of friends. This antique-style wooden chairs arranged in a circular form under the open sky is the easiest DIY option that could add a touch of style to your patio space.   A Cost Sitting Area This cosy sitting area in your patio creates an atmosphere of comfort in your patio. A space that will invite you to sit down, relax with a hot cup of tea and connect with nature. Easy to make. All you need to spice up the area are colorful mini cushions.  Cane Furniture This one is an elegant way to convert your patio area into a space that you neighbours would feel jealous of. The cane furniture, a colourful rug and the beautifully planted flowers make up for the perfect and pocket-friendly setting in the patio area.  A Swinging Bed While furniture is a quick fix to spruce up an empty space in your house, a swinging bed could be a wonderful option too. This charming white swing bed is a relax-worthy seating. You can add as many small cushions you want to make it look more cosy. A perfect area to sit with your book and a hot cup of coffee.  Try Placing Two Tone Furniture This arrangement is for a slightly larger area. The two-tone furniture adds an elegant touch to the space. The large centre table with a large candle holder and a vase works its magic in the area. The perfect space to invite your guests for brunch.  Decorate the Entrance With Vines This beautiful space looks like the perfect spot to sit back and relax on a weekend while you also keep an eye on your kids. Have a family picnic here or invite a few friends over, this is the space with minimal decor and yet looks the cosiest. You can also decorate the patio entrance with flowering vines. Add Colorful Furniture The beach-like set up can help you unwind yourself every time to walk to this part of your house. You can opt for those colorful small tub chairs from IKEA or go for a two-seating option. Place a colorful rug underneath and you can also put up some simple lights above. A hanging garden chair completes the look of this space.  The Minimal Way The most affordable way to redesign your patio – Place a wooden bench amidst the plants and the water features. Buy some garden decor or garden figurines and let nature works its magic. You can also paint the back wall of the patio in a bright contrasting colour to add a soothing effect to the space.  Share with us if you have redone your patio in a unique way or if you have any other unique idea to give a fresh look to your patio.