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Block-Print Your Throw Pillows Yourself


To avoid a dull living room or bedroom, you can play with accessorizes like throw pillows on your sofa and bed.

There are several block-print ones that you can buy already made, but a lot of people will probably have the same in their living rooms!

To be more unique, you can block-print your pillows yourself, it’s so easy!


What you need:

– Pillow

– Paintbrush

– Paper plate or a painter’s palette

– Rubber stamps

– Water-soluble block-printing ink


  1. Start by pouring some ink into your plate or painter’s palette.

OUR EXPERT ADVICEA plate is actually better than a painter’s palette, this way your ink will not be spilt everywhere.

2. Apply the ink onto the stamp and try to do it evenly.

OUR EXPERT ADVICE The first tries are not going to be evenly but try until it does.

3. Apply the stamp onto your pillow’s fabric.

OUR EXPERT ADVICEDo it in a confident way because on our first try it didn’t really look great.

4. Paint the ink as much as you need.

OUR EXPERT ADVICEThat’s actually a good trick to make your pattern look better.

5. Leave your pillow’s fabric away for 48 hours, the time to let it absorb the ink and dry.

OUR EXPERT ADVICEDon’t be impatient like us and leave it for 48 hours minimum, the result will be the best possible.

OUR EXPERT ADVICEThis tutorial is a great one, but you honestly have to be good at creating patterns to have nice cushions.