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Are You Sick Of Slow Internet? Then You Need To See These Speed Boosting Tips For Excellent Wi-Fi


Wi-Fi is a wireless technology used in local areas through a small device that is placed in the house to gain internet access. It was introduced 21 years ago in September 1998 and the world has never been the same since it is one of the greatest modern technological creations ever. There are more than 580 million WiFi assisted units shipped yearly with 375 companies part of the WiFi alliance since 2010. It is used by transmitting radio waves of information across a network leaving the likes of phones, computers and consoles all able to access the online material. Almost every household and every company in this day and age will have WiFi as depend on it for getting the latest news and social apps. Due to the substantial use of these devices, some can slow down over time depending on the number of devices in use at one time. Although turning it on and off again has a short-term benefit, boost your internet speed by adopting some of these genius tips that will banish lag. You will have the fastest speed broadband in no time with these sensational tips.


Stronger Antenna




The small antennas that you receive with the device at the time of purchase can be quite weak and are known for not having the best signals. Replacing this small antenna with a bigger one outside the box should boost your wi-fi speed and get better reception. Look for a high “dbi” antenna. Everyone should have this next one on their device.


Use A Password




Like any device, it is better to have it secure with a password to avoid compromise and hackers or bugs that will slow down your wifi. Choose a password that only you will know and it can be better to do this regularly. Check what devices are using your wifi occasionally. You might feel stupid when you see this next one, it’s so simple.





The location of where your device is placed in your house can play a major role in how it is going to work. It is best to put it in a central location in the house that can be accessed from anywhere. Don’t place it in a press or near electrical devices as this will weaken the signal and speed. The next one is a no brainer.


Keep Updated




Everything needs to be updated to work better as old versions of a device are slow and need changing for a reason. Keeping up to date with the latest changes and updates available will keep your device fast and strong and more secure than without an update. This next one might sound crazy, but it works.


DIY Hacks




DIY hacks have been found to boost your wifi signal and help boost the speed. Crazy ideas that have been proven to work are placing tinfoil around the box and also putting it into either a beer can or Pringles tin to boost the signal. They act as wifi amplifiers and surprisingly work.


Buy A WiFi Booster


If your DIY hacks are not up to your standard and not producing the best signal, you can invest in actual amplifiers that boost your wifi. This will send stronger signals than the normal antenna on the box and will help speed up your broadband. This will increase the overall strength of the box and can be cheap to buy on the market.


Switch Channel




Something as simple as switching the channel that the WiFi is set to can make a huge difference to your WiFi strength and speed. Due to many neighbours being on the same network, this can hamper your speed because of the high use. Changing your channel to 1,6,11 and 14 have been found to work the best.




Just like switching the channel, the frequency serves the same purpose and one little tweak can make a huge difference to your broadband. Changing your frequency to 5ghz is proven to be the best and highest speed version that you can get. This provides better data rates and will send signals much faster.


Remove Leeches




Leeches can slow down any device and are recommended to be removed immediately before they cause any further damage. It is vital to make sure that your wifi is encrypted and secure, so make sure you aren’t sharing your network with your neighbours, use a strong password.


Restart Occasionally


Restarting your device occasionally will kickstart the system over again and put it back to its fast speed like brand new. It is important to restart most devices to stop them from slowing down. This can refresh the router and automatically install updates as well as boosting the memory of the system.


If you follow these tips then you should have the strongest and highest speed broadband in your local area. There can be nothing worse than slow broadband especially when you are streaming games or shows due to the lag. This won’t be a problem anymore by following these steps.


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