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Amazing Secret Uses of WD-40 That You Have To Try




There are very few products that are quite as versatile as a good ol’ bottle of WD-40. While you may think that this can of magic lubricant would be more suited to your Dad’s backyard shed, there is more to the product than you may think, and it’s actually an extremely handy little bottle to have stored in the house.

WD-40 can be used for so much more than just loosening squeaky hinges, and life gets a lot easier when you realise how it secretly helps out with everything from household cleaning and stain removal to guitar upkeep! Read on to find out more.


Keep Your Guitar Strings Fresh




If you’re a guitar player, you will know that guitar strings wear down after time and that changing strings on the regular can be an annoying and pricey job! To keep your guitar strings sounding good for longer, simply spray some WD-40 on a soft cloth and slide it up and down the guitar strings to cover them. Be careful not to put too much on though, or you’re gonna have some slippy fingers next time you play!


Defrost Ice Quickly


Is there anything more annoying that going outside to start your car for work and then realising that it’s covered in ice? Interestingly, WD-40 is a fantastic de-icer- simply spray some of the product over the ice and watch as it melts away quickly. It’s a much quicker and easier way of getting rid of ice. Say goodbye to having to sit in your car with the heating on for five minutes, or even worse; waiting for the kettle to heat so you can throw how water over the windowscreen!


Opening Rusty Locks


If there’s a mysteriously locked gate somewhere that you’re just dying to get into, WD-40 could be the partner in crime that you need- but don’t tell the police that we told you that! The lubricating properties of this handy little spray mean that it’s excellent to use while attempting to break open rusty gates or padlocks, as it flakes away the tough, rusted edges of the metal and allows for a smooth opening.


Shine Your Favourite Silver



Strangely, WD-40 is an amazing cleaning product for shining silver! No matter how old, dull and damaged that your silverware is, a quick polish with a cloth doused in WD-40 will have it looking brand new again. As well as making your silver shiny again, the residue of the spray will protect it so that it lasts longer between cleans while still looking good.


Keeping Your Air Conditioning Unit Clean



If you look close into your air-con unit, you’ll probably notice that it’s full of gross dust and dirt particles that cling to its vents. Did you know that this is totally avoidable? If you wipe a cloth dampened in WD-40 on these vents, dust can’t stick to the metal due to it being so slippy! This, in turn, keeps your aircon clean and working better- double whammy!


Removing Rings That Are Stuck



There’s nothing more mortifying than getting a ring stuck on your finger. The sheer panic when you can’t get a tight ring off your finger is horrible and makes you start to wonder whether you’re going to be doomed to a life of a tiny ring on a big finger! Instead of going straight to a hospital, did you know that a spray of WD-40 usually does the trick here? The liquid is so slippy that it can usually pry off even the tightest of rings, and save you plenty of embarrassment in the ER.


Removing Chewing Gum From Hair



On another embarrassing note, how many times did you get chewing gum stuck in your hair as a kid? We’re guessing more than once, and yes, it’s even more mortifying than the ring thing. We don’t even know how it happens, but kids get chewing gum stuck in their hair all the time and it usually has to be cut out- leaving them with some very questionable haircuts to look back on. We wish our parents knew about this incredible WD-40 life hack back in the day, as it softens the gum to the point where it can be safely removed from the hair. If only!


Preserving Leather



If you’ve spent big bucks on a new leather suite of furniture, you’re going to want to protect it, and that’s where your bottle of WD-40 comes in handy. WD-40 is an excellent leather protector and preserver when used in small amounts. The liquid spray will keep leather supple, clean and new looking for longer, which is the dream, really!


Unsticking Glasses From One Another



If you’ve ever worked in a bar, you will relate to the struggle when piled glasses stick to one another. As well as being difficult to pry apart, separating stuck glasses can be dangerous as they can smash in your hand and cut you. If you’re struggling to separate glasses, a tiny spray of WD-40 is all you need to get them out of the pile, but make sure to wash them well afterwards so that you don’t give a friend WD-40 related poisoning!


Cleaning Crayon Stains



Another super secretive cleaning hack that WD-40 can be used for is to clean crayon stains off of walls. Any mom with creative kids will relate to the heartbreak when you realise that your kids have decided to do a crayon based Picasso artwork on your freshly painted walls, but fear not, there is a solution! WD-40 melts and cleans the crayon stains, making your walls look brand new. Phew.


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